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Monday, October 19, 2009

She Growing Up!

My daughter decided to go to Homecoming dance at her school. I was really surprised she wanted to go. She is in the tenth grade and Last year we would not let her go. Thinking back to our Days and School dances, and our memories did not approve of a fourteen year old at one. So this year she did not mention it until a few weeks ago. Her Boyfriend is a great guy,he watches out for her, kind of like her protector. Oh yes, I wonder if he has super powers.

So in today's school there are guide lines. I do not recall any in the 60's. However I really like these:

Homecoming Dance Ticket Sales and Dance Guidelines Policy

Homecoming Dance Ticket Sales Policy

  1. Tickets sold in all lunch shifts,High school students only.
  2. Tickets sold on a first come basis. One ticket per student.

Guest Tickets, if available, one ticket per student presenting a time stamped guest form.
In Addition:

  1. All tickets are non transferable.
  2. There are a limited number of tickets.
  3. Photo ID is required to purchase tickets.
  4. Photo ID's are required for all students, including guests, to enter the dance.

I do not recall the dances being limited. and none of us had Photo ID's back then.

A committee composed of students, School parents, teachers and administrators established these guidelines three years ago. The guidelines are very similar to what is in place for the other high schools in our County.

Students are expected to dance in a manner that is appropriate for a school activity. This includes:

  1. Wearing and keeping on clothing appropriate to the occasion which meets administration approval.
  2. No moshing, crowd surfing or similar moves.
  3. Maintain an upright, vertical position.
  4. Avoid any dancing that suggests a sexual act and/or involves inappropriate touching.

Anything described as "club dancing." (We are a high school.)
Chaperons(both staff and parents) are the final judges of what is appropriate dancing. If a student is asked to stop inappropriate dancing and refuses to comply, he or she may be asked to leave the dance and the premises. Students should have a phone number of a parent that can be reached on Saturday night so that parents/guardians can be informed that the student is leaving the dance and/or needs to be picked up.

Boy this is what we needed in my day... I especially like the parts "...keeping on clothing...." and " Maintain an upright and vertical position." although I did not see anything on leaving the punch bowl alone, Do they even have punch anymore?

Students and their guests are to be picked up promptly at 11 p.m. from the dance. No loitering. There will be a lot of traffic so it is advisable to get here early to pick up your child. Students and their guests must have a photo ID to enter the dance.

Picking up? I don't even remember how people got home, did they even go home?

We would like the Homecoming Dance to fun and safe. We also want students to behave appropriately. Thanks for your help and support.

Well After reading these guidelines, we decided it had change and she could go. Here comes the real story. Received a text message from daughter... Can you pick us up now?... About 1 hour before closing of dance. the kids were club (dirty) dancing and the chaperons were doing nothing about it. The dance was too much for them. She said next year they will just go out to dinner and a Movie.

Here they are


  1. It's so completely different now. All of those rules...it's amazing how it all has to be spelled out now.

  2. LOL @ "Maintain an upright, vertical position" - I'm going to assume they were not talking about break dancing then? ;-)

  3. Things are different now but it seems as if you have raised a wonderful daughter especially if she didn't even approve of the 'dirty dancing'. Good job Mom!


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