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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday and Wow What a Week!

It's Friday, no question today. I'm going to take a break from Aloha Friday. What a week I had. The Week began with my birthday celebration and what a great a day that was. Oh here is the Opal bracelet,(Picture above)it was the only thing I asked for.
This week was filled with more emotions than I needed. I went out shopping and saw a mother and daughter. The daughter was helping her mother, who was feeble. That made me want to hug her, you see I really miss my Mom, it has been 22 months. She would call on my birthday every year. Sometimes Mom and Dad would just show up.
Heard back from the solar installers. They are starting today and on Monday plan to do the electrical work. Heard back from BGE they are on board,just waiting for the say so to do their part.
Daughter had a German Fest at her school. I cooked Swchabisher Zwiebelkuchen and posted the recipe on my Kitchen site. There was a lot of German food there. Frau only accepted German type foods, what a good layout.

Bought some movies for the 31st. We like to Watch scary movies and eat candy, popcorn and Pizza in our Theater. I do look forward to that each year. Just the family and lots of fun. I found the DVD "Rocky Horror Picture Show",haven't seen that one in years.
Now tomorrow for "My Favorite Song Weekend", I will have an old song that brought back good times...Stop by and enjoy Listening to it.


  1. The bracelet is gorgeous and the food looked delicious, have a great weekend.

  2. I love your plans for Halloween with the family.

    The dishes at the school event look so fancy!!!

  3. The bracelet is stunning. May this new year in your life be your best so far!


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