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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Special Day - Birthday Greetings Galore

Well, I do not feel older....Stopped counting years ago. However this year I am without my daughter and that is harder. Hubby and I went out last evening. Olive Garden and we did the dinner special, eat there and take one home. Because I really did not want to go out on Friday.
So, we will stay in and watch Grim.  Eat our dinner, I do not have to cook.
I received my coffee syrup order this morning, that was great cause I ordered it yesterday and only paid for a 7 to 8 day delivery. Therefore I  was surprised to see it arrive today....had my Pumpkin Pie Latte today.. the best. The recipe is posted on my Kitchen site today.
Yesterday I got my hair done, now I feel younger.  What a difference the hairdresser can make. What....50 what... no it can't be.. you don't look a day over 40!!!! Thank you to all!

Today I received flowers from my daughter.... some Pumpkin bread mix and a William Simona gift card. Now if you all visit my Kitchen site one would know how I love that place. Just look at the gadgets I get there.

Received a Birthday card from my Dad and Daughter. They both know how to get to me. The cards were right on the Mark!! Miss you two so much.

Okay I need to go out to get my Coconut cake...That is my favorite Cake. It will be a special delight for me today. Love this time of year, Great weather and the smells of Fall make me feel special.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Death in the Family

My Aunt Linda passed away this morning. She had cancer and had been battering with it for over 5 years. A few months ago the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.  Linda was at home and on Hopis at the time of death.
Even though we knew her time was close it is still hard to part for the family. We pray her children and husband will be given the spirit of peace and comfort.