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Monday, November 23, 2020

My Fall Update - Life Happens

Good Day! Well It's been a while Since I have Written. As with everyone in the world. We have had to Curtailed our traveling. For  six months we stayed at home.  So.... what did we do?

First off we had new floors put in our entire first floor. Hickory Hardwood flooring. We included the stairs to the second floor also. Hubby has been saving up to do this for some time. Since we were stuck at home Now was  the time to do it. So glad we did. I do like them.

 I had been saving up for an Updated Master bathroom. Looked around at different companies and decided  on one of them. Had that done and I did put in a  bluetooth speaker. Love the new look.

Our Lower deck in the back  needed repair. Decided on just updating it  to match the one we had put in a couple years ago. Went with the same company. It really looks good. All the photos will be on the Yard and  Garden Blog.

Hubby retired as I stated in the last post in January. We were saving up to take a long vacation mimicking our 70's Honeymoon. Traveling through  several states. Because of Covid we could not do that. Took those funds and did the updates on the house. It was well worth it!! Have enjoyed just staying home all that time.

In October and Early November we took a small vacation to The Carolina's. Visited Family and had a great time. Hope to do some more traveling in the near future. Have to wait until all this Covid thing is fixed. Our lives and times will be forever changed. Things will not go back to as we knew it. Change is not a bad thing, just an adjustment. Being in the military has taught us to  deal with Changes. That is a Good thing for us. I look forward to the changes as well as this new Retirement life!!