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Friday, April 30, 2010

Aloha fridays & Friday follow- Projects.

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If you visit my Living Healthy- Green blog, you know that I'm working on my Vintage sewing room. The room is to be a totally green space from floor to ceiling. check it out and follow along as the project evolves.
Your question;
Do you have a project coming up, or what would you like to have done?

We are still deciding on the vacation name. Will Post the winner soon. Sorry about the delay.. Our bird died...I took a fall and broke my arm ... My daughter is having some health issue (going for ultrasound and blood work,doctors and specialist)...and the sewing room project is in full swing. Phew.. It's just a zoo here!
Don't forget to leave your answer.. Off to the Othropedic surgeon now.. I get all your comments on my BB.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

While Visiting my Home Remember....

Once in a while a commenter will leave some language. Some time the Spam will be inappropriate on this site. This is my Family blog, I do not use foul language in my home. I know not all folks realize their words can be looked at as inappropriate to others. I love this sign as a reminder to keep it clean. I will delete comments that are not clean or family friendly. As a reminder I will post this sign on this blog sidebar. Please in my Home no Language.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's News- Sad mixed with New

If you stopped by over the weekend, thank you for your condolences. We lost our bird on Saturday to death(see post "Saying goodbye"). I really miss him this morning, he would be chirping and singing alone with the radio. Loved Classical and Golden Oldies, "B" would just get louder as to say "I sing them best and I can mimic that instrument". At Christmas time He loved "Jingle Bells" as well as any sound with bells in it. It has hit me more than the others, I think. I was at home with him all day. He was great company. My daughter wants to get another one, I just can't do it. We had a another bird in Germany in the 80's, when he died we didn't get another until over 15 years later. Lyd there is just no hope for you while living in this house.

Hubby and I went out Saturday to look at floors and doors. I was surprised that I actually found a flooring I adore. Looking on the web before we went helped in know what kind to look for. We want to be very Green in our decision. Hubby likes the cork flooring, not a fan of it. Although I did like some of what I saw. Now Bamboo flooring hasn't been in my choices ,I just did not like the looks of it. We bought the samples of the cork and bamboo home with us to see in all the lighting.
After the stores, went out to eat at "The Green Turtle". It is a sports bar and eatery. Televisions are right at your table and one can dial up what game to watch. The food was okay, but I loved watching the Washington Nationals and LosAngeles Dodgers teams play baseball. It was a good game, went into extra ending and Washington Nationals won! I really loved baseball, we need to go to some games this season. We have the Orioles and Nationals arenas close to us.

Sunday it rained most of the day. Didn't go out. I was up at 3 am could not go back to sleep. Watched a Knitting program on the TV. Lyd wants to learn how the Knit so, I stated teaching her. I'm knitting a pillow cover at the present time. Lyd is just learning to knit with the needles, casting on and Knitting the first row. Knitting takes some time to grasp. She has a Yearly physical today and ask me to bring the needles so she can work on casting and knitting.
How was your weekend?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saying Good bye.

Yesterday our bird died. We had him for about eight years, he was nine years old. Loved to sing and mimic other bird sounds. It always sounded like we had more than one bird. Earlier in the week he fell from his perch. I went over and called his name, he peered up as to say, I'm okay. Then Saturday hubby and I went out, daughter was home. We called to tell her we where going to take her out to lunch, be ready when we get home. Arriving home we came into the house, Hubby went out to the solarium to say hi to our bird. I was in the kitchen, when hubby came in and whispered "B" is dead. I don't know what happened. He was singing earlier that morning.
His death has not hit us yet, but I know it will when in the morning hours there is no singing or chirping. I am used to him chiming in as I listen to music while work on my blogs.
I thought I would share with you, how our life together started out. "B" had a type of Bird Cancer when we first got him. A few weeks after bringing him home, I noticed his beak was getting holes in it. Took him to the Vet where I was told he had an internal Cancer like disease. Where the cells of his body attack his organs. There was a Chemo like treatment that they give to cattle with this same Cancer and it is effective. The only thing is that in Birds, the amount to give is a guess and sometimes they make it and sometimes the treatment will kill them. Knowing now about Cancer, I know how the treatments works. Well I opt for the treatments, they were four series of shots. With each one he got sicker, at times we had to hold him up because he was too weak to stand on the bar. The last shot was the worst, we really thought he would not make it. He made it though and his beak repaired its' self.
He lived seven more years after that ordeal. We laid him a rest yesterday in a garden site . Will make a head stone soon.
May his body Rest in Peace as His spirit soars in the sky

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

W&W. Wednesday-Neptune Park

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While at Virginia Beach Virginia spending Easter with Dad, we went out to Easter Brunch. The Brunch was at 31st and Atlantic on the beach side at the Hilton. We hadn't been down that far in a long time. The Neptune park is there.

During the Neptune Festival in 2005 the Neptune statue was commissioned. This was the first time we all had seen it. Our lives were very busy during the time 2005-2008. My Mom being diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments during that time,then dealing with her final days on earth, We miss all the hoopla about it. With all the movies out on the Methodological gods, it was perfect timing.

this is taken from the Hilton

Here are some stats on the statue.

Neptune and close ups.

My daughter

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's News- New things.

We had a busy weekend. Having the sun beating down on the Deck has caused is hard to sit on the new furniture. We decided to purchase a Gazebo, it will help with the sun as well as the bugs. Since I have a lot of flowering plants around the bees are busy. It took us all day Saturday to put it up. I have a complaint about the instructions, maybe someone will read this a take heart to change it. It seems that most things are made in China, and the instruction are not written with the common American Person in mind. I had to read, reread and them try to decipher them. Now IKA's has really good one, take a look at them. Okay I posted my complaint.
Back to the weekend.We found some termites flying, cannot figure where they are coming from. We treated and will call the Termite folks to retreat the house. It looks like they are from the neighbor way, however we do live in what they call" termite hill". We have our house treated yearly, and around this time they start their flying again.
Sunday we went to church. Our minister is held up in Turkey due to the ash cloud, he cannot fly out. We had another minister give the sermon. I have heard of a lot of people stranded due to the Volcano eruption. We lived is Colorado when MT. St. Helen's erupted in the 80's and I remember the ash all over the cars and ground. Quite nasty!

Critter and Alex have that coughing Virus and were not able to be a church.I did get to see Vicky however. Hubby took daughter and me to IHOP for lunch. I haven't been there in a long time. It was nice.

When we got home we continued on the backyard, Today we will be putting a screened lattice up. Our deck has an opening and all the critters in the neighborhood love to use it for shelter. We will put a stop to that. We saw the Groundhogs again, I covered all the holes again and will be keeping my eyes opened. They loves the front stairs and under the deck .Although if I could find a termite and ant eater animal I would let him/her live under there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

FF, AF and UBP= A Question / Giveaway

I thought I would ask A very simple question this time. With Tax time finally behind us, we can now look forward to the summer Plans. This year we are going to Florida, Minnesota,and Canada. Florida is already planed and on the books for May. We are now going to start looking at the other places. I haven't thought of a name to call this summers vacation. Last year we went out west, so it was called "Go West My Friend".

Here's your Question:

What should we call this summers Trip?

For the question , My family will have a vote and the winner will get a 25 dollar Visa gift card. be sure to leave your link in the comments or use the Linkytools for your answer. Oh and if there are duplicates I will give the first one the credit (all the answers are time stamped). I will leave it opened for the week. One more thing.... Family is excluded! that's so hubby and daughter don't think they will get the 25 dollar visa card.Next Friday the winner will be announced.
Hey it's still Ultimate Block Party time at 5Minutes4 Moms. and I'm in the Party mood.It's not to late to join in check it out.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

W&W. Wednesday-Jellies at Baltimore

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Jellies Invasions (Oceans out of Balance) are at the National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland. We went over the Spring break. Here are some videos and photos of them. For those who Played Fridays Question on the Auntie E's On the Go blog, the Answer is the Ballast of the ships. Water is taken in the jellies come with the water and breed while the ships are moving from Ocean to Ocean. when the ships arrive they blow out their Ballast and release the Jellies with the water. That is why there is an Invasion of more types of Jelly fish in our Waters. I would suggest turning the sound off when viewing the videos, I will work on the sounds later. Just wanted you to see them in motion.
This is the Northern Sea Nettle

This is the Black Sea Nettle

these are Upside Down Jellies

This one is the Spotted Lagoon Jelly

Align Center

There are over 1,700 different species of Jellyfish worldwide.
We saw more however I could not put all of them on this site.
May I suggest, if you get a change, go see the Jellies Invasion it is well worth it.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's News- Fun Times

Back to a Normal Week now. Daughter is back to school, we get to start taxes and I am back to my daily routines. Our Spring Break was a Lot of fun.

I showed Daddy how to make the Artisan Bread while in Virginia Beach. It will be good for him to make his own. We went out to shop at Kohls, Hubby and daughter are Kohlaholics. I wonder if there's a Kohls Anonymous Association.... anyhow they must hit one everywhere we go. While on our GoWestMyFriend Vacation I was dragged to a few.

Saw a Movie in 3D "Clash of the Titans". I did a review of it on Auntie E's Reviews (see the side board for the link). Went to the Beach in the evening, to view the sun set, got a lot of photos for showing later this week and next. The beach looked great, they fixed the fishing pier from the damage of last years storms. Looks like our Favorite restaurant "Ocean Eddies" will be opening on time for the summer crowd. We arrived back home from the Beach on Wednesday and then we rested a bit.
On Thursday we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Saw the Jellies Invasion, it was fabulous. I posted some photos on Auntie E's On The Go blog( see the side board for the link). In case you didn't know, I started that blog to send in realtime photos as we are out and about visiting places. On that blog I will send in Photos via Balckberry to post for all to enjoy the sights as I see them. You will know when I am out and about before hand, that way you can tune into my blog. Now Hubby says we need to figure out how to have live video feed....Maybe some day that will happen, however for now the On The Go blog will have to do.
On Saturday the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade was taking place in Washington DC. Off we went to see the Parade. Took some videos and photos. Then to the largest Japanese Street festival. Oh, yes I Realtimed some photos to the On The Go blog.
We really did enjoy this years spring break. Being with Dad was great and visiting the aquariums was so much fun.
I will be posting the photos and video for the next few weeks. Be on the look out. Some will be here and some will be on My garden site. [Hint: Wednesdays are photo days around here. Going into the weekend could be video days.]

Links to: Artisan Bread

Friday, April 9, 2010

Aloha Friday-Spring Travels

We have been on Spring break. Went to my Dads for Easter and while there we visited the beach and aquarium. Returned home on Wednesday and Thursday went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I started a New blog called "Auntie E's On The Go". It was so easy to blog from my phone and send photo to post. I think I will like that a lot while on vacation. Oh don't worry I have taking a lot of photos and will be posting them in the next weeks. You can see some previews on the on the go blog. Since it's Friday it is question time.

What did you do on your spring break or Easter Vacation?

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's News- On Spring Break

Friday we made our way down to Virginia Beach along with thousands of others. The roads were packed with cars. What usually takes 3.5 hours took 8 hours! I thought everyone would be at home or church on Good Friday, well they all were going to Virginia Beach for spring break. On the road as I drove, I managed to miss a Pitch Fork, Garden rake, shovel,Chair, dead dog, the glass bottles. Sometimes the highway can be an obstacle course, good thing people are learning to drive with cones on the obstacle course.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat. We really love that place. I had fish, hubby have a fish fry and daughter had French toast. All that for around 25.00, not bad huh? We arrived at Dad's, it was great to see him. I made dinner, we talked awhile and then went to bed around 1 am.

On Saturday Hubby wanted to go to Kohls (He's a Kohls-aholic).We went out to the Texas Roadhouse, all four of us ate for 25.00 petty good. The men had steak and the ladies Pork, then off to Kohls. There my daughter got some summer clothes, as the weather here is in the upper 70's. For our Easter Basket this year we opt to eat a Edibles Fruit one.

Ours had a yellow tin basket.
I will use it again,
so you will probably see it at some point

Ever watch "Undercover Boss" it is a series on CBS. I love that show, so I dialed it up on the tube and showed it to Dad, we all had a great time.

Easter Sunday we went to church, met up with my 92 year old grandmother. She is still going strong. The service was great and at the end the stone rolled away, a Man dressed as Jesus came out and walked about as we sang. After church we went out to an Easter Buffet at Oceanside Hilton. The Easter bunny was there and the music and food was great. I got to eat my Lamb which is a favorite of mine to make on Easter. Hubby and daughter said it was great just like I cook it. I wondered how they got my recipe... Maybe from my cookbook site. After the meal we went down to the beach to walk some of the food off. I took some pictures, and saw all the folks who traveled down with us on the roads. They were on the beach enjoying the sun.

We went to see Granny and Grandpa and their cat Tiger. Then talked to Critter and family on the phone. Once back at Dad's we play Monopoly, daughter and hubby had the most money and won the game. Dad and I are not good investors and did not seems to reel and deal that well. But then again it is always the Luck of the Rolled Dice.

Photo of Fruit Basket courtesy of Edible Arrangements

Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Time

It's Good Friday, this is a special time for my family. You see a few things happened around this time of year. In ninety-four we brought my daughter home for this first time. Her first Sunday in church was Easter. Then Last year she was adopted into Gods Kingdom on the 5 th of April. A small family ceremony, but all the angels were there for sure. This year we are heading to Dads to share Easter with him. I sure I will have some great photos to share.
It is spring break here so, we are going to be in and out. The cherry festival is in full swing here. We will be attending some of the events. This week has a lot of surprises in store.

Have a great Easter with your friends and family. Easter is a time for New Beginnings, It's not too late to think about your direction in life, Where are you headed? Is it time to get off that thorny road and on the better one? The direction one is headed can change everything. And I know sometime change is for the better in the end. As my Mother said it, in her last days on Earth "Follow the Lord Jesus".
In the Lords Resurrection comes Hope for a Better Way. A Hope for No death, but Life everlasting. Hope for a world of perfection with no more sadness or fear. All this awaits those who believes in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
"As For Me and My Home We will Serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

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