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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Summer Fun Has Started.......

For my Blogger friends. We have been busy here. My Daughter Lyd Graduated from High school and on her way to college. So we have been busy getting her ready.  We had a graduating party plus My Dad turned 80 and we had another party for him. Then we went to North and South Carolina for some family time.  Shopping and trying to get our time together has been a juggling act.

Hubby has had three surgery and one more on the schedule.  Plus we went on  a vacation to get some down time between surgery. Now we are in the college mode.  This week we are off to the college for orientation. Then back for surgery and then off to some fourth of July celebration somewhere in this nation. Still not sure where, I am looking for a true celebration  destination.  Still  keeping in mind  that hubby  is recouping from the surgery. However I am decking out our house.

In the Carolinias' we went on a dinner cruise, visited a true 1900 town( Southport),  visited the beaches and the family went para-sailing. Visited an alligator habitat, that was a thrill. Never saw so many in my life! We went to a festival in Carolina beach and had the most delicious hot doughnuts. Oh and I did not gain any weight on the trip. I managed to retain my weight and enjoy the food.

We went to see the Tall ships, they are traveling around the nation for our 200th anniversary of the 1812 war. So find out where they are going to be and give them a visit. It is well worth the visit. It was the OPSAIL in Norfolk,VA and the  Star Spangled Celebration in Baltimore. I will be posting more photos soon. We took a tour of one of the ships and a cruise out to see the Fireworks. it was a two and half hour cruise and the fireworks where great!

 The Summer months are usually busy for me here. So many thing to do and I love being out doors. After all I have to get the photos for the Fall and winter months. Of did I mention that I held a baby tiger and a Monkey? Oh yeah that was a trip. My daughter is interested in Animal science and plans on majoring in Biology in order to work with all types of animals, marine and land.
Now what are your plans for this summer? We still have some things up our sleeves.