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Friday, May 24, 2019

When did Life become Lonley?

So Much going on here. At times I feel so overwhelmed. Even when there is unforeseen events, Regular normal life goes on. Seldom does ones Normal everyday things halt, so one can just take care of one thing at a time.During these times we really see folks concerns. Knowing life is really busy for folks however, this really shows how much we have lost in these generations. Folks have no time to help their friends.Thinking It is time to Move on, seen it more and more in the last year. Feeling like it is easier for one to pass away in their home and no one would know.

We have had In our household Ambulances come, Stokes, Falls, Storm  damages and no one came to see what was going on. Oh yeah weeks later it was mentioned  to neighbors and they said yeah we saw and wondered. So what happened to calling or coming over and supporting the family in crisis. Spent time trying to be two places at one time. Calling folks and getting answering machines. No return calls. Use social media to reach out. Received a lot of I'll Prayer for you!  As if prayer can make two of me!

Recently We had a Massive Maple tree come down  and destroy our fences and sheds. Of course it is up to us to get the help to remove it. But what about the help with emptying the sheds? With a husband sick and handicapped, An aging Father that needs full time assistance and being ,hate to admit this , in my mid 60's it is hard to do some things by myself. 

Just starting to realize how aging folks have had a hard time. If one comes from a large family there might be family help. If one is actively involved with a church there might be church help. However is life causes one to fall away from the church family. Or Move away from family. They are on their own. Hopefully they have a boatload of Money to hire help! Otherwise too bad.

Read a book about a lady, True story, who just could not get help. She prayed to God for help. Asking in full faith for assistance, None came. Oh folks talk to her and shared their concern, but no help for her. Her Trust in the Lord made it a little bearable. Most of the thought was this will get better. Later in life she attending a conference and met up with some of the same folks from her earlier life struggles. She shared her stories of how her faith in God was a struggle. One thing common in their response to her was, They thought she had the means to take care of it by herself. Yes  the thought came in their head to help, but their mind response was she can handle it herself.  I will always remember that book cause that is how it has been with me these past few years.

My believe is that folks miss read people. Thinking just because they appear to be strong and mighty. Able to leap tall building in a single bound, superman or superwoman. When in reality we all are weak and need each other to lift us up and support them,and help in  times of  despair.  Today perception is masked with Darkness, failure to see the real picture. Folks do not  listen to the peoples voices. Too busy with their own lives too see others needs.

 We have lost the outward compassion for people.Turning the compassion inwardly. Making it easier to live with ourselves when something really bad happens.  That way one can live with themselves later.

Always have been an outward compassionate person. Through out  life have helped folks in need. Still do as much as I can. Sometimes it is just by providing the means for assistance. Sometimes it is sitting a listening. sometimes it is a call and visit to that person. Harder for me Now a days due to my father and husbands needs. Both are not in good health. Death is waiting at their door. Trying to lift them up from the darkness is sometimes so hard. When Unforeseen event show up the burden becomes heavier. Tend to just want to runaway more and more.  To just have a time  not think about that 24/7 care or that never ending task. 

Learning  that unless one really scream, try to find the time to serve in a church, and call my friends out. There will be no Help.  Have stopped calling and asking cause can not take anymore excuses, whether legit or not. 

Decided to just voice feelings in this blog in hopes that one day someone will read it and change the way they look at things.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Grinding with Auntie E: Life as I See it!

I am seeing the difference between Close friends and Just friends. Close friend are very hard to come by in this time of life. In the Military Family it is even harder, cause of the moving around. I have lived in this area for 25 years! Longer then anywhere in my life. I feel more Alone here than anywhere else I have lived. This is a busy area for folks. As I grow Older I have seen how more folks are introverts. Hubby wants to relocate after retirement, I was not onboard with it. However these last few years have been an eye opening for me. So Now I can see a Move might be good.