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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in a Nutshell???

It has been a while since I posted here. So much has been going on in the Household. Between the small trips,work, car and school it seems to be a balancing act to find time to post an update. So Here I go to catch you all up on the Month.

February started out with in end of January taking our daughter back up to the college. Once back we tried to unpack from all of January trips.  If I haven't told you all,  January we went to West Virginia, Saint Louis Missouri . There we met Our daughters Birth Mother and we all enjoyed the sights of the city for one week. It seems like we never unpacked from the December trips or the January trips. And here we are in February still traveling....

Now into the first week of February and the Super Bowl was playing. Our team here in Baltimore were playing. Me and Hubby watched it with excitement, What a game indeed. So proud of the Ravens.

 The second week was Critters ninth Birthday. Can you believe that. We wanted to get to see him however it did  not work out. the schedules would not work and we had some weather issues here. He will be having a big party in the next few weeks.

The third week Hubby and I had a great time together. it was Valentine week.  Deciding we need to change some things so we do not just get lost in work and miss out being with each other in mind and body. Our daughter was homesick and begged us to come up to visit. So we pack up and drove to Pennsylvania for a  long weekend visit. We went to Pittsburgh where we spent the weekend visiting the Museums. I will share some of that later with you. It snowed the whole time we were there in Pittsburgh.

I was reminded of the years ago when I was visiting my parents there. They lived in a suburb  of Pittsburgh. Hubby has a family member who lives there. We were able to see her while there. That was enjoyable. The hills of the city are so steep, remembering the clutch and trying  not to roll back on a car. Oh that was such a take back for me.

We went to the Andy Warhol Museum. What a strange place.. He was really a missed up person. Had a strange view on things. However I did learn a lot about his life. It really makes it easier to understand his life. I think I was the only one that did get anything out of that visit.

Had to go to another Museum because the family was so disturb after the Andy Warhol one. So off to the Carnegie History and Art Museum. The family is not to much in the arts like I am so we spent our time in the History side. They had the largest rock collection I have ever seen. Might I add I have been to the Smithsonian as well as Chicago and France  and many more museums through out the world. This collection seem to be the most complete collection we have ever seen. I would have been glad to spent many more hours in that room. Now I will have to revisit the Smithsonian to compare again. And for sure go back to  the Carnegie History museum.

One item the museum claims is they have the largest display of Dinosaurs bones. Well I think they are right. There were two rooms of bones and one more for the younger ones to explore. The layout was impressive. I will be sharing photos later in March.

The weekend with our daughter was a good one. We spent two and a half days with her and visited our place of Marriage, Pittsburgh. We staying on Neville island with was surrounded with water on both sides and it snowed those beautiful flakes I remember seeing in Upstate New York as a child.  It brought back so many great memories. I look forward to going again.  Which brings me to telling you we are heading there again in two weeks.

Having a Child in college and her being the only child is hard. We miss each other greatly. However with the Phones, Skype and means to travel we see each other a lot.

The fourth week of February which we are just now finishing. Hubby and I had a great time together. Upon decided on that spending more time together we are spending more time together.  This week hubby took me to a winery to have a wine tasting. This place makes their own wines with imported and some California grapes. The companies send their grape juices to them and they produce there own wine. It was very interesting seeing the process and they will let you make wine and put your own label on it. Their Wines were very good. They do not use Sulfides or preservatives in the wines, due to they sell it fast and usually it does not stay on the shelves.

I tried one from Australia and it was so good. That was the first time I had had one from Australia. The next was from Italy and of course that one was fantastic. Reminded me of our visits to Italy.  Tasted a Chilean Merlot that was out of this world. So of course we purchased three bottles of Reds. Hubby is taking me to a cooking with Wine event there this weekend. They are in the process of making a Rose wine, which they will be using in the cooking as well as some other ones. Making new memories with hubby, loving it. A great start for March.