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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GoWestMyFriend..It's here!!

Here's the Scoop. We are leaving in 1 day=See count down. We were unable to secure G3 plug in so, I will be limited on my posting. I will try to at least check in every 3 days. There is no Wifi in the desert, so that time I'll be out. Please continue to drop by to check daily, we are still working on getting the Plug in, who know maybe God will drop it down to earth at my home.
Update: It wasn't dropped down, but we did get a blackberry with wifi and internet and GPS. So now we will not get lost and I will be able to get online. Although Remember I am on Vacation.. I need to remember that also...Family will want to have time with me. So you will need to share me,lol. I love all who stop and comment on all my blogs. You are all my extended family. Can't wait to share Life through my eyes with you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alhoa Friday#14- The City?

This week on my blog the two last post were about a City visited. I posted Photos and information about Philadelphia Pennsylvania. If you have time view them, there is even a photo of a ghost. (Post are below)
Here is your Question: Have you gone to a City for a vacation, if so which one? If not which one would you like to visit?

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

WW-Reveal-A City with a Long History

The answer is The City of Brotherly Love.....Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I spent a lot of time there a couple years ago. My Mom was being treated for Ovarian Cancer there. I made the trip every ten days . During that time I learn a lot about the city. Fountains are everywhere and Parks are not too far from them.Did you know Philadelphia was Our First Nations Capital, Our constitution was signed there, Betsy Ross made Our flag there, and anyone who was someone lived there.

The above Photo was taken in the Nation Constitution Center. This is one of the placed you should visit when your go. It is filled with History Of The Birth of Our Nation. so many Interactive things there. I Learned things I did not know. Recognize any of these People?

Yes, It's The Liberty bell, The real one. It is housed at the Liberty Bell Center in the Historical section. Even in that area there were lots of Sights to see.

The First Bank. Oh yes all the money was keep at this bank back in the time.

This one should give you the chills. We went on a Ghost tour. Now this is an turn of the century cemetery. I took a photo, it was said that some people who take photos with no flash can capture ghost. Okay I fell for it, took this photo. Can you see the figure..She on your right next to the Light ball (you might have to click on the photo to see her)? IT MUST BE A GHOST!!! NO ONE WAS IN THE CEMETERY AT THE TIME! I do not know what that light ball is, there was no lights near the place. Maybe it is the light source of the ghost, Or another Ghost. Anyhow that was a great tour with lots of Ghost History.

Finally I thought I would post a fun Picture. This is Our Room at the Rittenhouse. We had Breakfast brought up ( It was our Wedding Anniversary). Hubby was pretending to be Sophisticated while drinking his coffee. He just cracked our daughter up.

We had a lot of fun in Philly, there was so much to see. If you go there buy an all day ticket for the sightseeing buses. you can get off and on all day and be entertained and educated at the same time.They stop at all the attractions. So you can get off visit which one you like them catch another one later. We really liked that option. Have fun in Philadelphia this summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WW#14---Where Am I?

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Can you guess where I was? I will reveal it in tomorrows post. Happy Guessing.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

End Of School Year Party

My daughter wanted to have a Schools Out Party. Friday was the last day so, it was the day chosen. The Chocolate Fountain was the main attraction. They spent time in the Pool, Spa, on the Swing Set,Talking and Eating.

Dad was here so some sat around talking

Not an Item!
I'm told He just Loves Girls, does this with all of them!
I'll call Him Romeo,hehe

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day With Louie, the Chimp

Hey Bloggers.. the Chimpanzee featured yesterday on Wordless Wednesday was brought to my child 13th Birthday party back in 2007. It was part of a Safari Birthday plan. I went on the internet and found this group. All their Chimps are used in Movies and trained, raised from infants. When watching TV if they see themselves or one of the family they seem to recognized each other. Some even have security blankets they carry around.
What was I thinking! Something different for sure... Each year birthday Parties just kept getting harder to out do. I must of lost my mind in that year.
The Chimpanzee name was Louie. He was 3 years old and acted just like a three year old! While in the kitchen, he opened the oven and the light came on, that intrigued him. He kept opening and closing the door. He was told by his trainer not to open the oven anymore. So, Louie checked to see if trainer was looking and when sure he wasn't..open the oven again. Isn't that like a three year old! I had a chair close to him, he found out it rocked. So he wanted to sit in it, eventually he did and just rocked and rocked. We were told that they have to put his clothes on backwards because he will take them off and run around, I think all three year old have done that once. Here are some more photos of our day with Louie. The kids had a lot of fun with him.
A little trivia; Monkeys' have tails and chimpanzee do not.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WW#12 Memories

Memories of Days Gone By: A Birthday Celebration,
What was I thinking!!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Go West My Friend...

We have been busy making all those finally arrangement for the Go West My Friend Trip. First Stop will be Colorado. Hubby and I met in Colorado. I lived there for six years, the longest I'd lived anywhere until now! I have a lot of memories from there. Most of my good friendship were made in Colorado. Daughter wants to go Water Water Rafting, guess I will attempt that, never have been. Then there is jet skiing ,haven't done that either. We will be visiting Cripple Creek, oh the memories of that place. When I was in my twenties I was very daring, to say the least. People thought I was this sweet young thing unable to do anything out of the Norm. Oh well, they were wrong!(hehehe). Here's a short story as I recall it. My girlfriend and I wanted to go out to Cripple Creek (hey Deb remember this). I believe we where driving my car, a Datson B210. So.. on the highway there was a couple of guys driving their car. They pulled up beside us and started shouting. wanting to know what was up we rolled down the window. The guys wanted to know where we were going! Okay here we lost our minds, we told them!! They said they needed to do something first but would like to meet us there. Can you Believe this!! Well I had been to Cripple Creek Several times so knew a saloon there called, Are you ready for this (hehehe) The Gilded Garter. All this conversation took place while driving the car on the interstate!! It was Crazy indeed. Yes we did meet those guys, turns out they lived close to us. We dated for a while after that, and No those guys are not our Hubby's. I looked at the map but did not see the Gilded Garter saloon, one thing for sure, if I find it I will post the photo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Aloha Friday#12- Not That Job?

In my Thursday post, I blogged about getting a Job on a bet (If you have time read about it below). Maybe you were told you couldn't possibly get that Job or someone said you wouldn't qualify for a certain job.
My question For today is :

Have you ever made a bet or been dared to get a certain Job?

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Landing A Job on a Bet

It's Thursday, time for If I could Blog back time. I really like this Meme because it makes me dig back in my old memories. In this Fast paced time it is so easy to forget the past. To not allow myself the luxury of dementia ,which is nice when you have teens, I need to keep the mind filled and working. SO, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN IN? Go over to THE DINER and Sign in.
Today's topic: First time I stood up for myself.

I truly can not remember the first time. I am a Strong willed person and in my younger years did not let anyone push me around. In High School I hung out with the tallest and most popular Boys, that help me in my School peers eyes. But as I started reached my twenties, my thought pattern changed. So now this is a story of an incident with some friends.

I was about 18, I lived with some friends in a Community House. For those who have no idea what that is and thinks it is a correctional facility...I am glad to tell you I was not that kind of child. The House I am talking about was common in the late 60's and early 70's. It is where 4 or more people lived together in a house and shared expenses. The ages varied from 20's to 40's,I was the youngest ever. Sometimes couples lived there also.

We were sitting around one evening talking about Kodak and People who work there. It was mentioned that only people who had family or knew someone there was hired. I challenged that, Just could not believe a company would do that! Everyone laughed and told me I was too young to understand the work force. Me, being Strong willed and all, said "I do not know anyone who works at Kodak, and I'm sure I can get a job there". Oh, they all laughed (what you need to know here is that I worked in the Medical field and had no other experiences). So, a bet was placed.. I had two weeks to land a job at the Eastman Kodak Plant.

The Plant had long lines at their employment site. I stood in line, signed in and filled out the forms. .Then waited to be called. Every day my friends asked "get that job yet" and laughed. Stated" you're wasting your time".. It took my one week of Standing in line and signing in.. to be called.

When I was hired it was to work in the Vault area. Where they kept and filed the Architectures Blueprints. I won the bet and my friends were truly impressed. What I did not tell them was once inside the company I learned they were right! Almost all the people I met asked me who I knew! How I got the Job, the interviewer told me because I was there every day when they opened the doors..the staff wanted to find me a job..so they made an opening. Now that is funny!

I am still that kind a person, Strong willed. I can not stand for anyone to tell me "You can not do .....". I will surely find out how and do it! I would not change anything from the past when it comes to this Topic. Learned so much being this way!
Can't wait to read yours!! Go sign in and Blog back time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Click on each photo to Enlarge

We usually go to Williamsburg Virginia once a year. These were taking on 2007. Daughter was learning how to work the Ship. I just Love the Tall Ships!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday with Family...What a joy!

Had a great weekend. Got to see Critter and Alex as well as my SIL(Vicky) and her husband. We go to a very large church, over 10,000 attenders. We try to call on the cell phones to find out where we can meet, it doesn't always work out. Vicky teaches Sunday School. Her husband gets the kids to their destinations. Sometimes we are already seated and it is hard to find us in the auditorium. We try to see each other once a month, the kids grow so fast! The church building has a cafe. We met there and had some food. Every body showed up at various times but, we all ended up eating and visiting.
First Alex...she is in second grade, such a nice girl and very Beautiful,in my eyes. She was concerned about her weight...at that young of an age! Well, after talking to her it was because she is out growing her favorite clothes. I told her I could alter them for her so she can still wear them. Alex is looking forward to visiting and swimming in the pool. We are just getting to know her. Looking forward to learning more about her. I have adopted her as my G-Niece.
Now to Critter, I talk about him much. He is on the widget for this Blog. Critter is Vicky's Grandson, she was married to my Brother in the 90's. My niece (her older daughter) is Bi-Polar and could not care of Critter. When Critter was about 4 weeks old he came to live with Hubby, Daughter and I. He was with us for some time, we were in our 50's and to have a baby in the house was rough. Plus there were other Factors to why we could not raise him. I really wanted to be his Auntie only! Vicky and her Husband agreed to take him. Now they have custody and getting ready to adopt him. I am fortunate that they live so close. We really fell in love with him! Critter is such a joy to be around, Funny as all get out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aloha Friday#11- It's Music Time

If I Could Blog Back Time Thursday Post was on remembering a Favorite TV Show, who featured a favorite group or musician. I watched the Ed Sullivan Show with my parents and I liked the Monkees. You might want to hear them, they are playing below in Thursday Post.

So, here is your Question

On what TV show did you see your favorite Group or Singer/Musician?

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog back to 1960's Music

I remember Watching The Ed Sullivan Show in the 60's. He had all the up and coming Bands and Musicians on his show. Lets See if I can list a few from Memory(in no order); Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones, The Dreamweavers, The Doors, Janis Joplin,the Bee Gees,The Turtles, Mama and Papas, The Supremes, the Fifth Dimension, and the list goes on. Here is a link to seasons Nine-Twentythree performance list. His show ran from June 30 1948- March 28 1971. Okay a little about me here, I graduated from High School in 1971. The Ed Sullivan Show was the Longest running Variety show in Television History. Ed Sullivan was not afraid of having controversial issues and People on his program. The Censoring was very high back then so some Musician were ask to change lyric and not move their body in a sensual way. Elvis Show received a lot of flack,so they say...I was too young to remember that! However Bob Dylan walked off because he was asked to change his lyrics to "Talkin". One of my favorites is below. The Monkeys preformed in 1966.


I have to say I really miss the Variety show from years pass. The new Censorship really sucks. I do not think we have improved on this subject at all. Most of the time I do not like watching them or listening to the Songs.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WW#9-Virginia Beach

Check out Ruby Tuesday Post Below.
More Photos of Virginia Beach on the Boardwalk.
Click on collage to enlarge

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-Virginia Beach Shoreline

This was taken from the beach

This was taking in the evening. We were on the fishing pier.
I really love this time of Day.

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