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Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's News-Weekend Update.

We had a great Christmas and weekend. First of all Santa brought me a Large Picture of himself. He is Checking the list, Checking it twice.... Oh I just love that song! Well it will go up in the Santa room.
I Love the smell of Lavender, so hubby and daughter got me a set of lavender products. After opening the gift hubby says "Now you can smell like an old lady". I just laughed at him, because he has to smell it and if it reminds him I'm an old lady , then he must be an old man.

Now if you have been to my Kitchen you know my joy of cooking. My Daughter gave my a new Apron, I collect them. Have a collection from all over the world. Even places I haven't been but want to go. Some of my Holiday aprons I have made. One of my aprons I have had for forty years! Oh yeah I still wear it in the summer.

A new laptop was given by my hubby. That was a surprise because Hubby usually gives me refurbish ones. He being a computer geek and all. My old laptop was on its' last breath, it was also on its' second life after death! I will have plenty to do the next week,transferring files.

Went to my dad's on Saturday. Arrived rather late the traffic was very bad! What normally takes us 3 to 4 hrs took 0ver 7 hour. We watched Polar Express on an old DVD player I brought along, It helped us stay awake when the sun went down . Love the movie and haven't seen it for a few years. Still a Great show!

Went to Church and saw Granny, she is 92 and still going strong. We will go over to their house today. So Tell me something You received for your Holiday.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

3D sidewalk art.

I found this photo at Lemon Tree kids I was just so taking with it. I had to check this guy Julian Beever out.
This is so amazing to me. I have only seen it in videos and photos. Would love to see one in person. Could you imagine walking down the street and bumping into this.
This one was published in The Daily Mail on Christmas Eve 2007.

Watch this collection of his work. A special note on the illusion created.

Here is one of his works from 2007, Just amazing!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Seasons Favorite Song Weekend

"Believe" is a 2004 song from the movie "The Polar Express". It was released in 2004 in theaters and Made a big hit. In following years Believe was preformed in School Orchestras and Adult Orchestra around the country. My daughter played at in Middle school with the Symphonic Orchestra, I loved it. Many fond memories flow back each time I here Josh Groban sing it. We have the movie and watch it each Christmas season.
A Little Information on the song;The words and music were written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri, and the song was performed by Josh Groban. The song is included on the film soundtrack. The songwriters received a Grammy for Best song written for a Motion Picture, Television or other Visual Media.
If you haven't seen the Movie, grab a copy at a library, store or rent it. It is worth the time and money. This video are made up of clips from the movie. Josh Groban is singing it as in the original version.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Santa's Visit

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You can enlarge all the photos for a closer view.

So, we are going to look through the window........
Oh, It's Santa.......

Who's that eying him....
Well, it's Little Jimmy!
What that you ask?

Oh, you want to know what that note said...
Take a peek...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Stockings Hung with Care.

These are some of the stockings we cherish. Not all of them are on the mantel. However they all have sentimental value.

1. This one was made by my daughter when she was 2 years old.
Every year I bring it out a hang it on the basement door.

2. A musical one, from the Grinch who stole Christmas.
I love the song "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch".
That is what it plays, every year this one is placed on my Pantry door.
It is played each time we go into the pantry.
Oh, yes that is a snowman in side.

3. This was Hubby's first stocking for his Hanukkah bush.
That is what I call the Tree. He only wanted lights on it.
This one comes out each Chanukah and then is placed on the mantel.
It reminds us of Peace to all.

4. I made this one in 1990. The pattern can be found in the
Christmas with Southern Living 1990
Book on page 91.
Each year I put this one on the mantel.
It reminds me of childhood things and Granny.
I used the lace from my Granny's sewing things.
She passed away in 1989. As a Seamstress she had a lot things.
I always remember her when I see the stocking.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday's News

So here we are at another Monday. I had a busy Weekend. Look at my New Winter Header, It's my front porch. I thought I would invite you to sit-a-spell, but as you can see the Rockers are filled with snow. Critter loves sitting on the front porch watching the trains go by with Auntie E. We had a nice Snow storm here on the east coast. I highlighted some of it on my Garden site. So It was a baking day for us. You can take a look over at my Kitchen for the recipes of the things we baked (each day one will be posted). Now for today, No work... No school..That means Shopping, decorating and Cooking.
No one liked the Weekend Music I posted? No comments on it, Oh well. Maybe you will like the one for Christmas Eve I chose.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Seasons Favorite Song Weekend

Love this version of "What child is This". This song was one of my Mothers favorite. I remember her singing it during the christmas season. Her voice was wonderful. I really miss her. Enjoy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Aloha Friday - Memory Lane

The question:
Is there a certain song that reminds you of your younger years?
I have two: "Buttercup" and "Brand New Key". The latter I posted the video in Thursdays special post. Both songs seem to bring back nice memories.

Aloha Friday back link is in the Button or Here

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday's Special - Rollerskating Down MemoryLane

When I was a little girl, I had a pair of roller skates, the kind with a key. Kathy over at JunkDrawer asked the question "What was your first memory?". Mine was those Roller skates. I found the Original song with the video. It reminds me of my youth. Every word so true of my youth time. Hey maybe Santa will get a pair of those Roller skates.....Go Down Memory Lane with me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-5 &10 Store

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All photos are in their original format
You can enlarge them all for the up front closer view.

Hubby and Daughter ...

This is The National Christmas Center in Lancaster,Pa. It was a great place. If you live close enough you should visit it. It's open year round.

Oh so many things...

The Register

Frank himself!

Hubby remembering Childhood

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Home Dressed of the Holidays.

This is part of a Decorating for the holiday Blog hop hosted by The Frugal Housewife. Today you can travel from blog to blog to check out their decorating and get some ideas. Getting our home ready for the holiday season is sometimes hard. However, it is a joy when it's done. This is how the Blog hop works. At the End of my post will be a link to the Next one to visit. Each blog you visit will have a different one to visit. There are 23 different blog participating. come along with us and have a wonderful Holiday Viewing Day.

I got into the home decorating while in Germany. A friend of mine did her home up and I really liked it. She would wrap her pictures in Christmas paper and put big bows on them, scatter a few Christmas books around and her tree would be decked out. It has now been over 25 years. I have collected a lot of things since then, winter pictures, houses, and other items. Each of my rooms has a theme, which makes it very easy to decorate. Also it makes it nice to shop because I know which room the item goes in.
Here are a little peek at some rooms.

Dinning room is Reindeer.

My Kitchen is snowmen.

This year My new item is a Refrigerator Snowman. It's A hoot, when You open the frig door he talks and sings!

Santa is in the Solarium .

On the Coffee table I have books all about The Santa Man.

In the Laundry room is my Village.
I love the villages and I tend to scatter them all around the home. They stay up all winter. This is so I can see the snow.... even if we don't get enough. I Love To be snowed IN!!!

The Living room is.....
Victorian Christmas and Poinsettias.

In this room I put out my Southern Living Christmas book Collection. As well as the angels and Angel tree.
Our Family room is...
An All American Christmas.

Each year we collect ornaments from all our travels. This year we had a lot because of our "GoWestMyFriend Trip". Saturday we decorated the tree and watch the The Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen. I just love that movie. We have a fireplace in the Family room so of course the Mantel get done. I also have a ski village in the room. I'll post More village pictures later.
I wanted to show you the whole house but there is so much and not enough space on this blog. You would probably have to spend all day with me, that would be fine.... but I want you to see twenty three other blogger friends Holiday decoration. So you can leave you comment and then hop over to Laane on theWorld to see what she has done.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Seasons Favorite Song Weekend

I heard this song for the first time yesterday. I absolutely love it, and I think it will be my favorite for this year. "The Christmas Can Can" by Straight no Chaser. Enjoy.
I fixed the feed problem,it should run smoother.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Aloha Friday -Decorating

Welcome to Aloha Friday. Kailani over at An Island Life thinks one should take it easy and prepare for the weekend fun. So on this day we just ask an easy simply question for our visitors to answer.
I have been busy decorating the house. Putting the village up and donning each room with its special theme.I"m getting ready for the "Decorating for the holidays blog hop" on the 14th,It should be fun.
Here's my Question:

Do you decorate your home for the holidays?If you do, does each room get some?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Rudolph?

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Be sure to check out the Gingerbread House.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's News-Weekend Update.

Well the snow came on Saturday. What a beautiful snow fall during the light hours. I baked cookies and enjoyed the day. I think the first snow is so exciting for everyone. Because it was on a weekend, no school was missed. My daughter took a walk in it and then decided to make snow angels. Now there was not enough for that, however it is a memory she like to repeat. So her clothes were soaked when she came in. Then the hot cocoa to warm up by the fireplace. Oh yes it was a nice day.
Here's a video of the falling snow as seen it from my computer station.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Seasons Favorite Song Weekend

We are expecting our first Snow fall this weekend. I love the Snow, thought this song would be appropriate for this time. I really love the photos in the video. If it doesn't snow, I'll have the video to dream of it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Aloha Friday -Celebrations

Welcome to Aloha Friday. Kailani over at An Island Life thinks one should take it easy and prepare for the weekend fun. So on this day we just ask an easy simply question for our visitors to answer.
My question:

Do you celebrate one of the holidays in December, tell me which one is it?

My household celebrates Chanukah and Christmas. We really love Chanukah, all the food, games and dancing. Hubby ancestries are Russian Jews, His Grandfather and Grandmother came to America via Ellis Island during the oppression of the Jews. When we got married I fell in love with Chanukah and have celebrated it ever since. I love the way is teaches us not to forget what the Lord God has done for us. We keep all the traditions of it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tell Me Thursday-And The Winner Is......

Wednesday post was photos from this years "Festival of Trees" in Baltimore. There were hundreds of trees to view. All the trees were Designed by groups , each one with a theme. Some depicted Places, some fantasy and some items. We really enjoyed the trees.
So, here is the winner(s) of the vote on this blog. It was a tie! Charlie Brown and Cactus Tree. Let it snow took second place by one vote. Here are some close up views of the winners.
Oh and Yes Mary the Teacher would love the Lighthouse ones, I thought of her when I took them. So I will post them on my Garden site Just for her and my lighthouse friends.

My "Charlie Brown" trees' real name is:

"Snoopy and Friends Christmas"

sponsored and designed by
CoreSource, Inc

the ornaments

The bottom view.


The Cactus Tree

The Top

this is the must interesting tree at the Festival. Shaped like a cactus and decorated with Hot spices. Whomever bought this one will have a...
Hot New Years Eve party

The bottom of the tree.
The tree was in a planter filled with brush looking material

I hope you enjoyed the trees I have brought to you these two days. Next weeks WW will be the Gingerbread houses.