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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Grinding With AuntieE: Talking coffee and Morning Chatting

Well, good day folks! So much going on in the household and family now.  My daughter just got a new job at a resort in Virginia. She is now  getting ready to move. We are so happy for her.

We are getting Ready to go to the Beach for vacation in the next week. Looking forward to spending some time with family at the beach. We also have some thing going on at the Virginia house. Repairing some fences and  spring clean up.

My dad is still having Physical therapy done. We are getting him ready for the vacation trip.

I have been working on transferring and downloading Photos from G+. since they are going away. Do not forget to follow me through Twitter or by email. So you will not miss out on my Posts. see the link up on the right hand sidebar.

We purchase some Coffee from Costco, Costa Rica. I am in love with it. So good! Love a stronger coffee, this one is strong and has a good flavor. Do not need much sweetener since it has a smooth taste. This  Costa Rica Coffee is a keeper for us. We get it in Beans so, grind is on Medium with about 3 tablespoons per 12 oz cup. What is you  favorite Coffee? Or are you a Tea drinker.