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Friday, May 24, 2019

When did Life become Lonley?

So Much going on here. At times I feel so overwhelmed. Even when there is unforeseen events, Regular normal life goes on. Seldom does ones Normal everyday things halt, so one can just take care of one thing at a time.During these times we really see folks concerns. Knowing life is really busy for folks however, this really shows how much we have lost in these generations. Folks have no time to help their friends.Thinking It is time to Move on, seen it more and more in the last year. Feeling like it is easier for one to pass away in their home and no one would know.

We have had In our household Ambulances come, Stokes, Falls, Storm  damages and no one came to see what was going on. Oh yeah weeks later it was mentioned  to neighbors and they said yeah we saw and wondered. So what happened to calling or coming over and supporting the family in crisis. Spent time trying to be two places at one time. Calling folks and getting answering machines. No return calls. Use social media to reach out. Received a lot of I'll Prayer for you!  As if prayer can make two of me!

Recently We had a Massive Maple tree come down  and destroy our fences and sheds. Of course it is up to us to get the help to remove it. But what about the help with emptying the sheds? With a husband sick and handicapped, An aging Father that needs full time assistance and being ,hate to admit this , in my mid 60's it is hard to do some things by myself. 

Just starting to realize how aging folks have had a hard time. If one comes from a large family there might be family help. If one is actively involved with a church there might be church help. However is life causes one to fall away from the church family. Or Move away from family. They are on their own. Hopefully they have a boatload of Money to hire help! Otherwise too bad.

Read a book about a lady, True story, who just could not get help. She prayed to God for help. Asking in full faith for assistance, None came. Oh folks talk to her and shared their concern, but no help for her. Her Trust in the Lord made it a little bearable. Most of the thought was this will get better. Later in life she attending a conference and met up with some of the same folks from her earlier life struggles. She shared her stories of how her faith in God was a struggle. One thing common in their response to her was, They thought she had the means to take care of it by herself. Yes  the thought came in their head to help, but their mind response was she can handle it herself.  I will always remember that book cause that is how it has been with me these past few years.

My believe is that folks miss read people. Thinking just because they appear to be strong and mighty. Able to leap tall building in a single bound, superman or superwoman. When in reality we all are weak and need each other to lift us up and support them,and help in  times of  despair.  Today perception is masked with Darkness, failure to see the real picture. Folks do not  listen to the peoples voices. Too busy with their own lives too see others needs.

 We have lost the outward compassion for people.Turning the compassion inwardly. Making it easier to live with ourselves when something really bad happens.  That way one can live with themselves later.

Always have been an outward compassionate person. Through out  life have helped folks in need. Still do as much as I can. Sometimes it is just by providing the means for assistance. Sometimes it is sitting a listening. sometimes it is a call and visit to that person. Harder for me Now a days due to my father and husbands needs. Both are not in good health. Death is waiting at their door. Trying to lift them up from the darkness is sometimes so hard. When Unforeseen event show up the burden becomes heavier. Tend to just want to runaway more and more.  To just have a time  not think about that 24/7 care or that never ending task. 

Learning  that unless one really scream, try to find the time to serve in a church, and call my friends out. There will be no Help.  Have stopped calling and asking cause can not take anymore excuses, whether legit or not. 

Decided to just voice feelings in this blog in hopes that one day someone will read it and change the way they look at things.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Grinding with Auntie E: Life as I See it!

I am seeing the difference between Close friends and Just friends. Close friend are very hard to come by in this time of life. In the Military Family it is even harder, cause of the moving around. I have lived in this area for 25 years! Longer then anywhere in my life. I feel more Alone here than anywhere else I have lived. This is a busy area for folks. As I grow Older I have seen how more folks are introverts. Hubby wants to relocate after retirement, I was not onboard with it. However these last few years have been an eye opening for me. So Now I can see a Move might be good.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Vacation Time: We fell in Love...

This year Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Virginia and Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

We have a house in the Hampton Roads area. Therefore we go there a lot. Working on it and updating the electric as well as some of the insides. flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms,  and fireplace. Evey time we go we have a project to do.
I have a gardener that works on the yard and a group of contractors that work on the insides.

This year I met my daughter there and we visited a few places, As well as went to an Escape Room. I really loved that experience. Plan on going to more at some point.
 this a bomb room, We did great defused it in about 30 minutes. We had an hour to do it.!

Next we went to Myrtle Beach, Met my sister in law there. Had a great time. She took me out to get a pedi and manicure.  I loved the time together.

this gel change color in the heat and cold. I really Loved it.
We did some swimming in the pool. saw King Kong and fell in Love with the fireplace in our condo! so much that we are thinking about putting one in the VB house .
Hubby and me, Chars' Feet

King Kong!

the fireplace in our condo!

Hubby and Sister.
We had so much fun this trip. We were gone longer than we thought but, did  a lot with my daughter.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Grinding With AuntieE: Talking coffee and Morning Chatting

Well, good day folks! So much going on in the household and family now.  My daughter just got a new job at a resort in Virginia. She is now  getting ready to move. We are so happy for her.

We are getting Ready to go to the Beach for vacation in the next week. Looking forward to spending some time with family at the beach. We also have some thing going on at the Virginia house. Repairing some fences and  spring clean up.

My dad is still having Physical therapy done. We are getting him ready for the vacation trip.

I have been working on transferring and downloading Photos from G+. since they are going away. Do not forget to follow me through Twitter or by email. So you will not miss out on my Posts. see the link up on the right hand sidebar.

We purchase some Coffee from Costco, Costa Rica. I am in love with it. So good! Love a stronger coffee, this one is strong and has a good flavor. Do not need much sweetener since it has a smooth taste. This  Costa Rica Coffee is a keeper for us. We get it in Beans so, grind is on Medium with about 3 tablespoons per 12 oz cup. What is you  favorite Coffee? Or are you a Tea drinker.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Let's Gab, Coffee Time: My Love Of Cooking

It's time for Morning Gab Over Coffee. Coffee time is one of my Favorite Posting Times. We gab about various things. Today I am enjoying a cup of Hazelnut coffee.  One of my favorite coffees is Tim Hortons Dark Roast. First time I had it was in Niagara Falls, Canada. So Of course I will drink it in my Niagara Fall Canada Coffee Mug!  With an oz of Torani Hazelnut Syrup and a splash of Half and Half.. Kitchen Gadgets are my favorite things to buy. We have several one them. A keurig coffee machine is used every morning in the house. so now that I have my coffee, let's talk Cooking.

I love to Cook! One thing that has aways been a passion is learning to Cook different Foods. Year ago I took Cooking classes in High school. Did some cooking at home as a little girl. Burnt a few things, If you asked my Brothers I wasn't good at it. After I left home, I started to learn how to make things from a can! You know that time when everything was good pre-made in the can. Chef Boyardee the 60's go to meals. Oh boy that was so convenient for us in that time of Mothers working and kids eating on their own. The after school snack/ meal. It wasn't until I got married in the late 70's that I started to think Cooking was a necessity. When you have no Money to eat out and Can food just does not cut it anymore. One has to make changes.

Decided to take some classes in college on Cooking.  Started to cook more at home. found out that  we could save money by cooking at home. Bless my hubby he had to put up with my Cooking. Try and error. He was a sport. When we moved to California I continue to  take classes on cooking on the post or anywhere I could. Took electives in College on Healthy, then called Organic Eating, the California Way of life. We started buying things from health food stores. Like Raw milk and Grain fed eggs.  I was determined to eat healthier. Learned about the amount of Salt in pre-made Food especially Can goods.  We eat too much Salt in those 60,70 and early 80's. the nutrition classes were a good thing for us. It changed out thought on Food we eat and how it affect our bodies.

We moved to Europe in the 80's.  There I continued taking classes on Cooking. European Cooking was fun! I love the flavors and the food was very wholesome. There was also a few neighbors who were great cooks. I learn a lot from them. From Baking pastries, cake and other international Foods. The learning bug was now in my mind make up.  Could not get enough of the classes and the learning bug was set in my mind. Oh yeah in case you where wondering, I gained a lot of weight! So, I understand the Chefs and their battle with weight.

We moved back to the states in the 90's. Continue to take cooking classes. Some in Asia, where we were stationed for a while. Where ever we went I signed up for local cooking classes. Also started to teach some classes on  Healthier cooking  at community centers. By this time I had figured out how to enjoy the foods and lose weight. Not only losing over 60 pounds, but enjoying the foods and keeping the pounds off!  In the 90's I also had recipes published in Southern Living Magazine as well as some community papers. My cooking had become good by then. Hubby loved all my recipes. I was hired to make food and sell it to folks. Specialty Cakes as well as some cooking for Large Crowds. I took a break for nursing and embraced cooking. I did have other hands in fires, but cooking was a passion.
In the 2000's I continue to take classes on regional dishes. Took classes in New Orleans, La., Baltimore Maryland,  and Still learning from International friends.

Today, I continue to learn and search for  new ways to  created recipes. My favorite thing to do is to crated a recipe from old to be more in Today's tastes. Diabetes has hit this home in that my 87 year old  Father lives here. He loves his sweets. I have had to find ways for him to enjoys them and not effect his A1C.  Hubby also wants a Low Carb diet. His has health issues with his Liver and Thyroid. therefore I have had to revamp some recipes to make them healthier for them.

Recently I made a Banana Bread that is low in sugars with no artificial sweeteners in them. Those are really bad for you. Instead I use Low Gylcemic choices and Natural Plant Base ones.  I have a cooking blog site,  Auntie E's Kitchen. there is a link on the side bar. There you can find Recipes  created for a healthier life styles. The joy of cooking is in me. I continue to love to eat different Foods and learn how to make them.

Now you know I little more of me. I love these Talks with you, comment as to your experiences with Cooking. Til next time.... "Enjoy a new dish every week."

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tuesday Morning Show: New Products and Family updates.

Yeah, it is winter in my Neck of the woods. Winter sports, Winter Driving and Winter Yard work. we haven't had a lot of Snow yet and the ice is just starting. My Dad Had a fall last September, He is doing good now. However we have Therapist coming to the house for him. So, I have to make sure  the walkway and steps are safe for them.  Clearing them off has been a priority. appointment to Doctors, have been trying also during the winter. Cold and Rain make slick roads. For some reason Folks around this Tri State area, do not know how to drive in this weather. A lot of accidents. Watching out for the other guys came be stressful driving. Being from NewYork State ,living in Colorado, and living in the BlackForest in Germany I have learned how to drive in this stuff.

Hubby is doing okay now. We have some Medical issues in 2018. However seems to be make a good recovery.  He is getting ready to retire next year. That means we a looking at our Financial portfolio Looking pretty good at this time.

I am doing good. trying to change some things to live a healthier life. Recently I received a Ninja Foodi Pot. It is so good. Besides being a great way to cook, It save us money on electricity. Not having to heat the oven up for just the three of us. You can see some recipes and find out more about this on my Kitchen Blog and Review blog. My Blood pressure was getting high! So, I started this new regiment. I take 120 Life. It is a drink that help in lowering the BP. so far it has worked. another thing I am doing is taking some supplements from our Business Melaluca. I have a 3 month trail to see if it help with Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure.  Been Walking which has help a lot with the Blood Sugar. I will be posting my progress on my fitness blog.

We have been doing well with our Green impact. Cleaning out the house and making sure our decision are based on the impact on Green Living. You can check out of progress on the Healthy Living blog.

Now that things have slow down some at home I am back to blogging. The past 3 years have been very trying. Between my Dad moving in and Weddings, deaths, illness and life changes, It has occupied my life.

Stay tune for more post in this new year 2019. This will be a great year for us!!

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