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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Let's Gab, Coffee Time: My Love Of Cooking

It's time for Morning Gab Over Coffee. Coffee time is one of my Favorite Posting Times. We gab about various things. Today I am enjoying a cup of Hazelnut coffee.  One of my favorite coffees is Tim Hortons Dark Roast. First time I had it was in Niagara Falls, Canada. So Of course I will drink it in my Niagara Fall Canada Coffee Mug!  With an oz of Torani Hazelnut Syrup and a splash of Half and Half.. Kitchen Gadgets are my favorite things to buy. We have several one them. A keurig coffee machine is used every morning in the house. so now that I have my coffee, let's talk Cooking.

I love to Cook! One thing that has aways been a passion is learning to Cook different Foods. Year ago I took Cooking classes in High school. Did some cooking at home as a little girl. Burnt a few things, If you asked my Brothers I wasn't good at it. After I left home, I started to learn how to make things from a can! You know that time when everything was good pre-made in the can. Chef Boyardee the 60's go to meals. Oh boy that was so convenient for us in that time of Mothers working and kids eating on their own. The after school snack/ meal. It wasn't until I got married in the late 70's that I started to think Cooking was a necessity. When you have no Money to eat out and Can food just does not cut it anymore. One has to make changes.

Decided to take some classes in college on Cooking.  Started to cook more at home. found out that  we could save money by cooking at home. Bless my hubby he had to put up with my Cooking. Try and error. He was a sport. When we moved to California I continue to  take classes on cooking on the post or anywhere I could. Took electives in College on Healthy, then called Organic Eating, the California Way of life. We started buying things from health food stores. Like Raw milk and Grain fed eggs.  I was determined to eat healthier. Learned about the amount of Salt in pre-made Food especially Can goods.  We eat too much Salt in those 60,70 and early 80's. the nutrition classes were a good thing for us. It changed out thought on Food we eat and how it affect our bodies.

We moved to Europe in the 80's.  There I continued taking classes on Cooking. European Cooking was fun! I love the flavors and the food was very wholesome. There was also a few neighbors who were great cooks. I learn a lot from them. From Baking pastries, cake and other international Foods. The learning bug was now in my mind make up.  Could not get enough of the classes and the learning bug was set in my mind. Oh yeah in case you where wondering, I gained a lot of weight! So, I understand the Chefs and their battle with weight.

We moved back to the states in the 90's. Continue to take cooking classes. Some in Asia, where we were stationed for a while. Where ever we went I signed up for local cooking classes. Also started to teach some classes on  Healthier cooking  at community centers. By this time I had figured out how to enjoy the foods and lose weight. Not only losing over 60 pounds, but enjoying the foods and keeping the pounds off!  In the 90's I also had recipes published in Southern Living Magazine as well as some community papers. My cooking had become good by then. Hubby loved all my recipes. I was hired to make food and sell it to folks. Specialty Cakes as well as some cooking for Large Crowds. I took a break for nursing and embraced cooking. I did have other hands in fires, but cooking was a passion.
In the 2000's I continue to take classes on regional dishes. Took classes in New Orleans, La., Baltimore Maryland,  and Still learning from International friends.

Today, I continue to learn and search for  new ways to  created recipes. My favorite thing to do is to crated a recipe from old to be more in Today's tastes. Diabetes has hit this home in that my 87 year old  Father lives here. He loves his sweets. I have had to find ways for him to enjoys them and not effect his A1C.  Hubby also wants a Low Carb diet. His has health issues with his Liver and Thyroid. therefore I have had to revamp some recipes to make them healthier for them.

Recently I made a Banana Bread that is low in sugars with no artificial sweeteners in them. Those are really bad for you. Instead I use Low Gylcemic choices and Natural Plant Base ones.  I have a cooking blog site,  Auntie E's Kitchen. there is a link on the side bar. There you can find Recipes  created for a healthier life styles. The joy of cooking is in me. I continue to love to eat different Foods and learn how to make them.

Now you know I little more of me. I love these Talks with you, comment as to your experiences with Cooking. Til next time.... "Enjoy a new dish every week."

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