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Friday, January 30, 2009

2 hard 2 handle

Ever have a dream that upset you. To the point that you can not seem to shake it off. Since My Mothers' death I have had some dreams that are like that. Most of them are just spending time with her. However some times they are of an abandon type, ie: she does not come home, I can not talk to her. My Mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer a year ago. It has been hard on me because we were close. My family went on vacations with my parents. We played cards together. Even in the last 2 years with her cancer, now and then, we lived together. During her cancer treatments I nursed her. Medicare did not cover home care. I took her to philly for treatments, administered meds,drained chest tube, and intravenous feeding. I enjoyed all the time a had with her. In the last week she was on Hospice care. even then I stay with her. Caring for her needs. When she went to be with Jesus,as she put it, I was there in the house. I miss her greatly. It Seems that I can not get a feeling of peace. Every time I think I am making progress, I slide back. Why is it hard to accept that death. I know that parents will pass on. That one does not live forever. However It seems to me that the lost is greater then one expects. I thought if I blogged this it would in some way release the overwhelming sadness. I feel the need to put something in the place of this loss. I just do not know what.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Much Fun!!

We went to Wisp for some snow fun. Did you now they have a Snow Coaster? It is a roller coaster, bobsled like ride. You get in a one man sled which takes you up the mountain. Then you ride down on a coaster rail track. Curves, banks, tunnels, down hills. You control your own speed. There are lights, red and yellow,that tells you if you need to slow down or stop. The family flew down the track. I travel at a slower speed to take in the sites. Tubing was the next activity. The slopes were slick and fast. I flew down the slope. In the air a few times. What a thrill. to go back up the hill there is a flat esscalator . Snow shoeing was the peaceful part. Wisp uses the Golf Course for the cross country skiing, Snow shoeing, and snow mobile activities. Called the Nordic Trails. We went shoe shoeing along the frozen lake. My family went snow mobileing . Not something I like to do. So I went Shoe Shoeing through the trees. Thought it would be nice to cross country ski there. Maybe Next time. Of course the snowmoble ended up in bruised bones and torn ligs and tens . The main reason I did not partake in this sport. The trip ended earlier due to the accident. However we had fun.
Rented an apartment in Wisp. That was great. I brought the crock pot, and food. We never had to eat out. Packed our lunches and dinner was waiting when we returned. All had our own rooms. was just like home. The only way to go now. We could see to slopes from the apartment. Only two minutes from Wisp.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 make life easy

Today is the Day of a New Administration in America. I have heard all kinds of opinions on what the President should and should not do. Why is it that people think they can give advice on how to go forward in the land. Do we think we can do better? I am amazed at peoples thought processes. Most of Americans are having a hard time making ends meet. Or they are okay right now because they are being frugal with they funds. Taking less trips, eating out less, buying more off brand items , working at home more and anything that seems to help them through this time. What are you doing 2 make life easier?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 today 2 good?

I was on the hunt for old friends this week. It was amazing that I found three of them. They all seemed busy in their own worlds. Children in School, married, in and out of services, and some were grandmas. In my 50+ years of age I am realizing that today life is too good. It only took me one day, approx.3 hours to find these people. Do you think that was too easy? Trying to keep ones identity could be hard. just think of how hard to was a few year back to find someone. I know because I tried to find these same people then. Yet in this wonderful age to computers and info world, peoples info are out there to view. Do not get me wrong I am glad I found my friends without the help of a PI. However, I am concerned about too much info being out there. What do you think?