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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Summer Fun

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I put together a photo memory of the highlights of Our summer fun.
I really enjoyed my summer this year.

Being with Dad
Visiting the Hoover Dam

Disneyland fun

The Mall of America in Minnesota
Eating at Bubba Gumps. We ate there twice!

Family Reunion
together again, been over fourteen years

All of this took place from July 1 to the end of August. I have linked all the Post about some of the events in the titles. Some will take you to my other blogs. Happy Mostly Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Game Plan is What?

What a weekend! I started out learning I need to change my view on Solar Power (you can read about that Here). Then I visited the Entrecard blog to find out about the change on the changes. I got upset about not being allow to comment, that got ironed out. My daughter was not thinking right, what happened..Oh yeah she's a teen! I made a great dinner in the slow cooker. No one wanted to eat when dinner was ready, how frustrating is that. I did get the laundry done, listened to the sermon, play a couple games of Scrabble and Uno with the family and managed to put together a porch rocking chair and table. They have been setting in the Garage for only about 5 months! Cleaned out a bedroom for my daughter to have a sleep over, Aren't I a great Mom? Now here comes the game plan.
I need to paint the cleaned out bedroom, sort out the closet , get some thing together for Purple Heart and pay bills. One major thing on my list is to find out who is leaving Entrecard.....I am not sure if All my blogs will remain with them, still sorting that out. I do not want to loose the visitors I have. So If you are considering leaving Entrecard or just would like me to visit your blog, would you please leave your link below. That way I can still visit you and not have to search for hours to find your Blog.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Favorite Song Weekend-It's A Child's Song?

The song I chose for this weekend is "You Are My Sunshine". I loved singing it to my daughter when she was little. We still have the wormy pull down that plays this song. Looking for a video I came across this one. When I was younger I loved watching movies with Doris Day in them. She was so funny. I still love watching those old movies. The music has a little of a German fest feel to it so, I thought great for Bringing in the fall season. Although I still can't figure out why it's considered a Child's song. You can find it playing in most of the child's toys. Are we telling them something? Enjoy.

Doris Day singing "You Are My Sunshine"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Aloha Friday - Surfing Stops

When I am surfing the Blogs sometimes I will see something that will make me stop and visit awhile. It could be a Photo, the blogs' look, a title or a word or phrase in the article.

Your Question:
What makes you stop and read a Blog?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Venice Italy & The Venetian in Vegas

We went to Las Vegas this summer. In planning the trip Hubby was trying to find a place to stay. Knowing that I loved Venice he found the Venetian. I was so excited about staying there. The first photos were of the inside area of the Venetian.

We did take a gondola ride.

Here are some photos of the real Venice in Italy. We went there twice while living in Europe. I really loved it. These photo where taken in 1984.

This was our first Gondola ride

This is Piazza San Marco.
Known in English as
Saint Marks Square.

I just love this Photo!
The little old lady( in the green sweater)seems so mad, but in an Italian Mom Way.
I can just hear her" Come on take the picture already"
Yes that's me in the pink! Love the hair?

The Canals of Venice Italy

Here I thought I would show you how big the island of Venice really is. These were taken in the boat(water taxi) on the way to the island. There are no cars on the Island of Venice.
You can enlarge the photos by Clicking on them

The last photo in WW, is of the fountains display looking out from the Bellagio.
I liked that shot because it show the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Hotel. Oh yes we went to Paris also. That's for another day.

Wordless Wednesday-Water Every Where

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Easy to guess...Where am I?

Oh yeah there's a story to tell tomorrow. Come Back for "Tell me Thursday"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ramblings of My Thoughts

I have for some time visited Blogs who participate in this Meme. Today I just wanted to ramble so thought I would join in all the Randomness going on. If you need to read more random thoughts go to TheUnmom

What a weekend I had! daughter not felling well, invited to nieces for a meal, all the saga of that trip, cooking for Rosh Hashana. Attending a small festival, wanting to pick apples...and on and on.
I use to be able to talk to Mom about everything. We just rambled on about the happenings.
Friday started out good. I cooked and cooked. The food was great according to the family. We brought in the Jewish New Year like never before. Change is good and I really need that!
Saturday I was so excited to see my niece. I hadn't seen her new house so that was something I was looking forward to. When we arrived ,my nephew and his wife pulled up be hind us. I was so pleased. Hadn't seen them in a long time. He had some surgery and I was eager to find out about it. I really do not know his wife well,but I was eager to find out about her comings and goings. I thought what a great time I would have. My brother and his younger family arrived. I was not expecting them either. My thought was great I'll get to talk to him finally. I had been trying to talk to him for weeks, he never would return my calls. so I hugged him and said" You need to call me More" in a lighthearted way. He did not take it well and lashed out at me. My heart sunk and I really just wanted to leave. I stayed but did not get to talk with any one like I wanted to. All I really want is for my brother to give me some respect and show he loves me. I do not think I will ever see that.
Daughter was not felling well so no picking apples on Sunday. Hubby and I did go to the end of Summer jam. I got to see people I haven't seen for a year. That was great.
Daughter finally got into see a doctor. I really do not know why I bother to go. They did very little and say she just has a virus. Huh, I knew that! If it doesn't get any better in two week bring her back. Well now I know (the new government medicine rules) if she is sick for longer than two weeks, take her to the doctors.So no school for two days and then back to the books. I am keeping my distance, do not want that virus.
I spoke with Dad last night is was great! I Love talking to him. We could have talked all night. I use to have all nighters with him. Mom would say aren't you to going to bed. I would laugh. I still love talking to him.
Granny took a fall over the weekend. she is doing okay. Did not go to the doctors, I don't blame her.
My baby brother, well he's not a baby, as you can see. Is still struggling in the job market. He is in to every thing. trying New stuff all the time. Now he is looking into selling some kind a new heat pumps. I would like to see more of him but we live so far away.
Oh, my County Taxes are due and now I will have to go pay them. A new building they are now in. I was thinking about joining the indoor pools. since the association is in the same building. that way I can still do my water aerobics in the winter.
thanks for reading this rambling and pertaining to be my Mom. Have a nice day. Oh yeah you can comment,my Mom would.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Frustrated Day at Our Home.

On the weekend my daughter started not feeling so great. Oh yes yesterday I made Homemade cream of turkey soup, she wanted that. She started out with a Cough, then sore throat which turn into low grade fever and throwing up. Last night was the worst yet.
Today I have a very sick child. Oh the ordeal just to get a doctors appointment. Called our Clinic just to be told no appointments available. Oh come on they have several doctors there. This is government medicine! I do not think I want a another government option, the one I have sucks. Oh yeah the price is low and reasonable. However we can never get in to see the assigned doctor. I am always taking her to Urgent Care. Just for yearly physicals there is a three to four month wait! So here she sits waiting to be seen....We can not go to Urgent Care this time because the rules have changed for our HMO. I have to wait for a call from the Clinic saying they can not squeeze her in. Meanwhile she is very sick and can not swallow anything. Oh I am frustrated with this system. I really need to make sure she takes the antioxidants now with school in session.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Favorite Song Weekend.

This has become mine and my daughters favorite Vain song. do you remember Carly Simons'" You're so Vain"? Well now in this age there is one that has one up on that. Listen to it and the words.. ring so true!!!
I liked the video,It's cute and goes well with the song.For some reason it is taking awhile to load. please be patient. I had to go with AOL, their network is slow.
Toby Keith "I Wanna Talk About Me"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aloha Friday - Music

A lay back day of surfing blogs and answering easy Questions. I love this day! You to can join in, go to An Island life to find more surfer blogger friends.

My Question:

What type of music do you listen to most?

I like all kinds but I tend to listen to Oldies, 60 and 70's. Although my daughter loves Country, so I listen to that also. I do not want to forget Jazz, when I am in the Mood! Then there is Jewish and Irish folk music. Oh I just love all the holiday music. Daughter plays classical, that is wonderful! Musical themes, so good to the ears and memory. Well I guess all the music types are my favorites. So hard to choose just one. Can you?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tell Me Thursday-Mystery Photo Answer.

Wednesday photo contains communications towers located at Greenbury Point, Annaplois Maryland. they are part of the Annapolis Sky line. I took the photo while on the Annapolis Harbor Cruise.

Before and during the Cold war the towers were used for the communication of our submarine fleet. There were seven towers at one point, now these three are all that is left. The towers used very low Frequency signals allowing us to communicate with our submerged submarines. With the advancement of satellite communication, these towers are obsolete. They are marked to be destroyed in the next year. Changing the Annapolis skyline as we know it.

Interesting thing about these towers is, under them is an environmental treasure. It is the largest grassland habitat in Annapolis. Located at the month of the Severn River, it is a peninsula with 231 acres of Grassland. Greenbury Point has wooded coves, shallow wetlands ponds, forests and shrub areas.

BobWhite Quail

Wild life have made this area their home. It is the only place that the bobwhite quail lives in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Pair of Osprey
Right now nineteen Osprey pairs (also known as Sea Hawks) nest on the towers, Platforms will be made and they will be move before the towers are taken down.

Info provided by US fish and wild service

Photo courtesy of animal pictures archive

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Mystery Photo

Here is a Mystery Photo.
Try to guess. I'll tell you tomorrow

Don't forget to return for "Tell me Thursday about Wordless Wednesday".

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandparents Day

Sunday was Grandparents day. I have one Biological Grandparent living. She turned 92, according to Dad. on the 12th. We always thought her birthday was later in the month. Years back she needed a birth certificate and found out she had a different first name and birth date. It was her however, in the early 1900's birth records were not kept well. Even though she is 92 you won't know it. Granny does not look like she is that old. She is my Mom Mother and the one I have mentioned in a few of my post. Yes She is the one I borrowed the Hip huggers from in my high School years.

I have a step Grandfather. He is married to my Granny for 36 years now.

Happy Grandparents Day to you two.
( Photo taken in August 2009)
Happy birthday Granny.

I love you both

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favorite Song Weekend.

I thought since the Beatles released there Rockband DVD/Game I would feature their top ten Love songs.

Which one is your Favorite?
10. Michelle
9. Don't Let me Down
8. And I Love Her
7. Yesterday
6. She Loves You
5. In My Life
4. Norwegian Woods
3. All I Need Is Love
2. Real Love
1. Something

My favorites are Michelle and Something.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Aloha Friday -Three Questions

Some time back I read,on a blog I visited, that they did not like all the Word/Number Verifications. They didn't even like the log in or sign up one. All these are done to keep the spammers from their blogs.
so my Questions are:

1. Do you use a spam guard of some type in the comment section?
2. Do you like them or not?
3. Which one are not your favorite?

I disable mine for awhile.Having to approve the comments was a bit too much. So now it is back on. I disabled it for today so you can answer faster. Just in case you do not like them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If I Could blog Back Time-Back To School

So here we are Blogging back with with Lola at the Diner. The topic this week is
Back To School

I will choose high school. In the late 60's jeans were just making their way into the schools for girls to wear. I did not have any, so I wore hiphuggers. My granny lived with us and she had a pair I just loved. Had a panel front with 3 buttons on each side and pinstriped brown.I would borrow them from her. They were the greatest, with Bell bottoms, remember those? They are starting to make a come back now. Our school did not allow jeans to be worn by girls until I was in the eleventh grade..I do not know why, it was a city school. Maybe they thought of them as gang related. Mostly we wore plaids and vest. Our skirts were short and we sometimes wore hose with designs. Platform shoes were the rage.Let's not forget those Hot pants, worn every now and then. Most all the girls wore skirt or dresses, pants were not wore that often.. No wonder the boys were crazy in those day..All those legs exposed!
I was talking to my Dad this summer and we could not remember wearing any backpacks or Carrying books to and from school. We had lockers. Did our homework in school and put our books in the lockers. We had no back, knee and foot problem due to carrying weight on my back.
Homework...Well we just did not have that much. Most of it we did in class. Studying for test was also allowed in class.
Oh that time was so great, we got to be a kid . What's happening today? Thinking that the new schooling boards have forgotten how they learned. They must all have been the book worms from the past. One thing that truly bothers me today is all the Homework and Projects given doing the School Holiday's. Don't they think kids need a holiday too?

WW-Food Wars & the winner is.......

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Maryland Lighthouses

We spent our Labor Day/32nd Wedding Anniversary weekend In Maryland. Took a Bay Lighthouses Cruise, out of Annapolis Harbor. Here are the three lighthouses we saw.

Sandy Point Lighthouse

Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse

Thomas Point Lighthouse

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