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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Changes...Just hold on.....

It has been so busy around this home. We went to visit the college my daughter wishes to attend in the Fall. I can not believe she will be graduating  in less than a month. There is some family that will attend the graduation as well as a party to give. Last night was her last school concert, as many of you know she plays Cello. They where very good. This year the orchestra and band went to nationals and brought home all first place as well as Grand place over all! We are so proud of them.

Hubby will be having kidney surgery in a couple weeks. It has been a rough time with the doctors. They would not do perform the first kind the sonic one. Stating there are too many stones and due to the blood thinners it would not be safe to perform. So after seeing more doctors about his Blood situation, the doctors finally agreed that the more invasive one would be the right choice. So the date was set.

As you can see it has been so crazy around the home. My emotions have been taking me down. I am working on getting back to a normalcy  self. During the first of spring I did some planting in the gardens. Cleared out one and made a rose garden. Planted some annual flowers as well. Still losing weight with the Sensa. Felling good about that.  I haven't been emotional eating which is a great deal.

Life seems to go through season as well. I just hope this season I am in will be a short one. So many changes is very hard on me. Still I have things to help me through. Oh, and of course I will have the blogs and internet to keep my mind challenged.