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Monday, November 23, 2020

My Fall Update - Life Happens

Good Day! Well It's been a while Since I have Written. As with everyone in the world. We have had to Curtailed our traveling. For  six months we stayed at home.  So.... what did we do?

First off we had new floors put in our entire first floor. Hickory Hardwood flooring. We included the stairs to the second floor also. Hubby has been saving up to do this for some time. Since we were stuck at home Now was  the time to do it. So glad we did. I do like them.

 I had been saving up for an Updated Master bathroom. Looked around at different companies and decided  on one of them. Had that done and I did put in a  bluetooth speaker. Love the new look.

Our Lower deck in the back  needed repair. Decided on just updating it  to match the one we had put in a couple years ago. Went with the same company. It really looks good. All the photos will be on the Yard and  Garden Blog.

Hubby retired as I stated in the last post in January. We were saving up to take a long vacation mimicking our 70's Honeymoon. Traveling through  several states. Because of Covid we could not do that. Took those funds and did the updates on the house. It was well worth it!! Have enjoyed just staying home all that time.

In October and Early November we took a small vacation to The Carolina's. Visited Family and had a great time. Hope to do some more traveling in the near future. Have to wait until all this Covid thing is fixed. Our lives and times will be forever changed. Things will not go back to as we knew it. Change is not a bad thing, just an adjustment. Being in the military has taught us to  deal with Changes. That is a Good thing for us. I look forward to the changes as well as this new Retirement life!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Grinding with Auntie E: In this time of Covid 19.

This is a most Trying Time for us. In February went went to Tennessee for a vacation. Plus we were celebrating Hubby's retirement. Had a great time. Then we traveled to Virginia to the Beach House. We stayed there worked with the FOP Aux on a St Patti's Party. That was a lot of fun. We spent time with our Daughter in Virginia, did some work around the House. We were just enjoying our time of retirement. Planing our across the states Tour Vacation for May through July. Looking forward to spending the 4th of July in Colorado! Then a Screeching halt!!!!

End of March Covid 19 entered.  House Bound, We are in our mid 60's and they say that age is vulnerable!! Okay Now we are at a house with two folks how a working in a Public venue.  So, What to do. We can not travel back to Maryland. Due to the Virus. The decision was made in end of March. Did some calling to see how it was in our town. Decided to  drive straight through, no stopping to get home. All our shopping was done for TP,  and all the things we would need at the main house to last 14 days. Quarantined for 14 days  Since we were in areas of Covid 19 cases.

We arrived to the Main house and there we stayed til today. Travel plans put on  hold for now. I try to stay outside in the yard as much as possible. We have Online concerts and live music for our Dinner time. Trying to make the best of Living this way. We have ventured out a few times. It is always I little uncomfortable. Mostly because not all folks are wearing masks. We ate out two times and decided not a good idea right now. Although the tent dining was nice.

Hubby has had some Medical issues. Most of his appointment have been Video and Tellie appointments. He has had a couple office visits. I took him and waited in the Car  for him.  Meds are sent to the House for him and Doctors call to follow up. Not a bad thing. What a change this Covid Pandemic has made.


Monday, June 15, 2020

Let's STOP!!!!!

I am so upset with our Americans and society. What are they thinking? Our police force is our protectors!. If you remove them because of a few bad apples and see everything as a bad thing... How can they do their job? When a person grabs an officers weapon and runs with it, Turning to shot the officer... What do you think will happen???? How can the media say the officer did wrong??? We have a big problem with Media and folks. On top of everything This Black Lives Matter and Now Blue Lives Matter is not helping at all. I support all our Police officers. We should not have to fight back as if we are two separate groups. All Lives Matter!!! However if a person breaks the law of the land.. They will be punished and it could lead to Death. Many Officers die in the line of duty. Everyday leaving their home to protect the People. Many people die in Gang warfare, innocent kills in the line of everyday fire, by Civilians, criminals, or someone hunting, cleaning a weapon. Do we hear the things about them as we are being told in the news about Officers. Please let's just stop this Race card. Which is only being caused by a few folks. Most Americans do not play the Race card. However, if this card is continue to be played... It may Cause a reverse in some folks mind. Sending us back into the 50's and 60's. Cause unnecessary divisions.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Grinding with Auntie E: How's it Going, You asked ???

 Going to tell you a secret...... I am having a Moonshine Java coffee this morning! Yeah you heard it right. We are on Quarantine  here. It is driving me crazy not being able to travel.

We just retired in January and was looking forward to traveling for 6 months. However now we  have had to cut our trip short. We were in Tennessee When all of this hit. Went to Virginia Beach and then every thing shut down. We were able to go to a Saint Patti's party. after that we had to go in quarantine for 14 days. once that was done. We traveled back home to quarantine for another 15 days According to our town We are now to stay home  for a long time. The amount of corona-virus 19  victims  has increased in our area.

Our plans was to travel our Wedding Honeymoon route. Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Nevada and Colorado.  However you know now why we can not do that. We are all in our late 60's. It would be a risk for us to do that. For now it has been postponed. We will do the trip once this  virus has a cure.

We do have a lot of things around the house and yard to keep us busy. We have a Wi  plus other tools to help with exercising. Plus I can do some more online writing on a book. Still learning Chinese and Farsi, will be able to spend more time with those. also practicing on my Piano.   As you can  see there is a lot to keep us busy.

How are you fairing the quarantine?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

COFFEE TIME: What are you drinking?

What is your morning  drink?  I like Coffee, tea , milk or water. Read that an 8oz cup of water should be the first drink of the day. Our bodies need that water after a long fast through the night. It is said it wakes up the body.

One thing my household has been during is drinking that cup of water before any thing else. Have noticed a difference for sure. Still like the cup of coffee in the morning. However with High blood pressure, it is not a good choice to have the  caffeine in the morning. Thinking of trying some decaf coffees. Not a fan of them but I will give it a try for a while.

Green teas have been the drink of choice for the past couple years. Been trying to cut back on Coffee. The green tea mixes are getting better. It seems like the grocery stores are carrying more of a choice in the Green teas. Still like plain Green tea, once in a while I will try a new one with added flavors. Just tend to return to the plain Green tea. Do you have a favorite Green tea in your life?

Started drinking Whole Organic Milk this year. One cup in the morning. This was a suggestion to help control my Morning Blood Sugar Spikes.  Surprisingly it seems to be helping.  Who would have known. Supposedly  it is the fat that is the factor. The Milk fat help control the insulin spikes.

This is a New Year of first for us. What a wonderful time to be learning new things. Both for the health and lifestyle of us all.

What do you Drink in the mornings?

Monday, January 20, 2020

Coffee time: It's a Family Affair!

Death in Families can be hard to handle. It can change the way family think about people. Also bring out painful emotional responses in them. There are feelings that one is trying to understand. Most to all sometimes folks just try to find a blame are cause and put it on someone else.

Miss understanding of the love ones life. Trying to deal with the death by excluding Folks in their lives. Perhaps they are reminders of the love one. Or maybe it is because they feel that it is too hard to see them at this time.

The worst thing is to be told that they just do not think you are family. Or that the person is not Family worthy for them. Whatever this reasoning, it comes back to how one is dealing with the Death.

In my Family in the pass two years we have lost two family members. One a Brother and a Father. My brother had several children and a Wife. It is hard on them, the children, to loose a parent. I know this cause I have lost both my Parents. We often think back on them and wonder why or what impact they had. About their lives, Were they right in their thinking, the things they did  was it for the right reason. Parents are humans and make  good and not so good decisions.

When I was a teenager my parent and I were at odds. This is part of growing independent. Year passed and all was forgiven and a new relationship forged.They were wonderful years spent with my parents. The same goes for Sibling. We grow apart, from being separated by the service or miles. Each family member start a family and decided how they want to raise the family. Words are said, relationships change. However there comes a time when wisdom kicks in and family is reunited. Forgiveness is given and Family life is restored.

This is a circle of life, It happens to every family no matter what. All these things are growing pain for a family unity. We all want to find ourselves and decided how we should live. The one thing that is a certain is the influence of our upbringing  by our love ones impact on our lives.

I have learned a lot from my Parents and Grandparents. This is called Wisdom from the elders. We all receive this gift. It is how we use it that molds us.