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Monday, April 15, 2019

Vacation Time: We fell in Love...

This year Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Virginia and Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

We have a house in the Hampton Roads area. Therefore we go there a lot. Working on it and updating the electric as well as some of the insides. flooring, Kitchen, Bathrooms,  and fireplace. Evey time we go we have a project to do.
I have a gardener that works on the yard and a group of contractors that work on the insides.

This year I met my daughter there and we visited a few places, As well as went to an Escape Room. I really loved that experience. Plan on going to more at some point.
 this a bomb room, We did great defused it in about 30 minutes. We had an hour to do it.!

Next we went to Myrtle Beach, Met my sister in law there. Had a great time. She took me out to get a pedi and manicure.  I loved the time together.

this gel change color in the heat and cold. I really Loved it.
We did some swimming in the pool. saw King Kong and fell in Love with the fireplace in our condo! so much that we are thinking about putting one in the VB house .
Hubby and me, Chars' Feet

King Kong!

the fireplace in our condo!

Hubby and Sister.
We had so much fun this trip. We were gone longer than we thought but, did  a lot with my daughter.