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Saturday, January 25, 2020

COFFEE TIME: What are you drinking?

What is your morning  drink?  I like Coffee, tea , milk or water. Read that an 8oz cup of water should be the first drink of the day. Our bodies need that water after a long fast through the night. It is said it wakes up the body.

One thing my household has been during is drinking that cup of water before any thing else. Have noticed a difference for sure. Still like the cup of coffee in the morning. However with High blood pressure, it is not a good choice to have the  caffeine in the morning. Thinking of trying some decaf coffees. Not a fan of them but I will give it a try for a while.

Green teas have been the drink of choice for the past couple years. Been trying to cut back on Coffee. The green tea mixes are getting better. It seems like the grocery stores are carrying more of a choice in the Green teas. Still like plain Green tea, once in a while I will try a new one with added flavors. Just tend to return to the plain Green tea. Do you have a favorite Green tea in your life?

Started drinking Whole Organic Milk this year. One cup in the morning. This was a suggestion to help control my Morning Blood Sugar Spikes.  Surprisingly it seems to be helping.  Who would have known. Supposedly  it is the fat that is the factor. The Milk fat help control the insulin spikes.

This is a New Year of first for us. What a wonderful time to be learning new things. Both for the health and lifestyle of us all.

What do you Drink in the mornings?

Monday, January 20, 2020

Coffee time: It's a Family Affair!

Death in Families can be hard to handle. It can change the way family think about people. Also bring out painful emotional responses in them. There are feelings that one is trying to understand. Most to all sometimes folks just try to find a blame are cause and put it on someone else.

Miss understanding of the love ones life. Trying to deal with the death by excluding Folks in their lives. Perhaps they are reminders of the love one. Or maybe it is because they feel that it is too hard to see them at this time.

The worst thing is to be told that they just do not think you are family. Or that the person is not Family worthy for them. Whatever this reasoning, it comes back to how one is dealing with the Death.

In my Family in the pass two years we have lost two family members. One a Brother and a Father. My brother had several children and a Wife. It is hard on them, the children, to loose a parent. I know this cause I have lost both my Parents. We often think back on them and wonder why or what impact they had. About their lives, Were they right in their thinking, the things they did  was it for the right reason. Parents are humans and make  good and not so good decisions.

When I was a teenager my parent and I were at odds. This is part of growing independent. Year passed and all was forgiven and a new relationship forged.They were wonderful years spent with my parents. The same goes for Sibling. We grow apart, from being separated by the service or miles. Each family member start a family and decided how they want to raise the family. Words are said, relationships change. However there comes a time when wisdom kicks in and family is reunited. Forgiveness is given and Family life is restored.

This is a circle of life, It happens to every family no matter what. All these things are growing pain for a family unity. We all want to find ourselves and decided how we should live. The one thing that is a certain is the influence of our upbringing  by our love ones impact on our lives.

I have learned a lot from my Parents and Grandparents. This is called Wisdom from the elders. We all receive this gift. It is how we use it that molds us.