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Sunday, December 16, 2012

So, When It Rains it Pours.....

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer and Peace. Family together and enjoying the sounds and spirits of the seasons. Well my came to a screeching halt. It went like this........

Thanksgiving had my Dad and family here, it started out great. Family, Food and Fun. Then we packed the car to take my daughter back to college. All in the car ready to go, opened the garage door and then turned the key........ No starting up the car. Not sure what was going on. Had to change cars and take the four wheel drive, unpack and repack the cars. Now we ran into snow so we thought it was a blessing that the other Car had broke down.

Once we got back, found out it was the battery. We replaced it and then my headlights shorted out. I replaced them. Now we did some decorations and got ready to take Dad back to Virginia. I spent a week there.

While at Dad's Granny and Grandpa were to move to Arizona. Grandpa was trying to ship the Car. That was a nightmare. Meanwhile he lost his phone charger and we need to try to find one. However the are not available except thought the phone company and would take 7 days to get. So Dad and I figured out how to rig one up for him. Now Grandpa, five day late leaving and two airplanes cancelled, decided to drive the Car to Raleigh North Carolina to be shipped out, and catch a flight out there. Once there he found out it would cost more, so they decided to drive to Arizona. A 95 year old and 87 year old and a Cat, it took them  days to get there.

Now I stayed at Dad for over a week. Help him with something at the house. Hubby was not feeling well. He had started to have a therapy on his hand.  The pain in the hand was getting worst. Went to a couple doctors, all said he just needed some more therapy. By the time I got home it had gotten worst. We ended up going to the ER and he had emergency surgery. Turns out that the hand had a bacteria infection that was very rare. Called Nocardia, So now it is six days later and he is still in the hospital.

I had to go pick my daughter up from College and while there I had a card decline. When I return home the next day, there was a message that the card had been compromised. So the account was closed.

It has been one thing after another. Not sure why all this is happening now. I only know " When it Rains it Pours..."

However I am still planing to have a Disney Vacation Holiday. Hubby might have a pic-line but we will have a wheelchair and enjoy the time together. And I will be the Caretaker once more during the holidays! Oh Lord just take all this and solve all the things, so we can celebrate this time together.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday News- Family Holiday time

We got to see the Critter and Family yesterday. It is so great to see them. The last time we were together was Thanksgiving. Critter stated he wanted to Craving knife. The kind one uses for whittling. He also wanted a real tool kit. Guess the little boy is growing up. Can you believe he is almost nine! Oh how fast they grow up. Alex just wants a tree and  Disney buttons. So I will put up a tree in the condo for her. She was so happy about that. Love these little ones!

As many of you all know this year we are sharing our Hoilday time in Disney. Really looking forward to this time together. It will be the first time we are doing this kind of Destination Holiday. With my daughter in college and my Dad wanting to be alone at this time of the year. We decided now would be a great time for a change in how we celebrate the seasons. As many of the older followers know. My Mother passed away after this holiday. Actually  she was dieing just before Christmas, how ever the Cancer center was able to bring her back. We had a rough and sad time that holiday season. Not long after that Christmas day she died. Therefore this is a hard season for the Whole family, me especially.  Hoping this Destination holiday with the kids, Critter and Alex and my daughter will bring back the child in me. That part has been hard to get back to since Moms death.  Christmas was her favorite season. She had a special relationship with Santa. All my focus is on this  up coming trip and fun with the family in Disney. Disney seems to know how to bring the child out in all of us.

 I spent a week at Dad's. My 95 year old grandmother ( mothers side) and her husband are moving to Arizona. So we said our farewells to them as they drove off into the sun. It will take them a while to get there. Granny can not drive due to her going blind and age problem. But that did not come from me, she would deny  the getting old age problems. We will miss seeing them regularly.

Was able to see my Uncle (my Moms brother), He loss his wife to cancer in October. It was nice to see him. He has retired from two law enforcement agencies and now is working still in law enforcement with another organization.  I think continuing to work help with the loss. He also has his kids and their families close by.

This is the First Chanukah season apart for us. I sent a package to my daughter so she could still enjoy the season. We will be celebrating the last night at home together and yes with all the trimming. Lighting the candles, Latkes, jelly doughnuts, music, singing and dancing.  Traditions are  hard to keep going when we are apart. However I guess learning new ways to share together is a must.   She calls each night every time she opens the gift. So in one way we are still enjoying it together. Maybe we can skype tonight. Love the new technology!

How was your weekend? Are you planning anything special for the holidays, different or the same?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Stories- The Adoption Road- (revised)

Adoption is hard at first, just trying to adopt is not easy. We had our disappointment in the process. Once one gets though the heartaches and the little one is placed in your arms, all the heartaches go away. The next years are a blessing and we are over joyed with love. At a point we forget she is adopted and look at her as our own. Raise her to be a fine young person and send her off the college.

Never thinking she would start a search for the birth mother so soon. In today's technology it is very easy to do. Not sure how I feel about the Birth Mother and her family meeting our daughter at this early time frame.  A part of the child will be with them and was with them forever. Words are shared that are hard to handle for the Adopting family. Calling the families children her brother and sister, implying a family unit.  This is very hard to understand, therefore cause this feeling of loosing a part of her. As an adopted parent I have mixed feeling. Respecting the Birth mother for her sacrifice and trying to stay neutral in all of this process.

It is hard for people to understand the adopted parents view, sometimes. We have a desire to see our child happy and safe.  We have seen in our own family, reunions go bad and turn what should be a happy time into a nightmare. Changing the Lives of everyone forever. We know this reunion will take place and will totally support it. We Love our child greatly, but the fear of the unknown sometimes is overwhelming. Getting to know a person takes time. Moving too fast can cause emotions on all sides to flare up. Ending in a not so favorable  situation in both the adopted and birth parents life. This is the second hardest thing in our life. Feel like I am walking on fire and ice. I believe all the folks around her are trying to guide her in this situation, however she just can not heed their advice.

Was the adoption worth all this? Yes, Without the Child in our life, we would be a different person. The child would be a different person. This whole thing has affected me greatly, I am told by the child it shouldn't affect me at all. Why can't she see that I am part of her. Even though I did not give birth to her  we raising her from a baby. She became part of us in heart and mind. At times I wanted to hold her so tight she would adsorb into me.  Letting a child leave a go out on their own at eighteen is hard enough for a family.  The loneliness is hard. Yes dear I am affected by your decisions, even if you do not think I am.

Trying to find a support group to help me handling this phase of life. It is the holiday time and I just want to do nothing, to just not give anything out to family. Just roll up in a ball and hide away. That is my inter feeling. Need more time to process all of this. Trying to handle whats down the line in Life.
With a husband and father all not in good health. A daughter meeting her Birth Mother. The job market closing down and the stress of what should be a good season, I am on a downward slope.

Remembering my teen years and some of the choices I made, makes me realize life could be spinning out of control for my daughter also. If one can just wait a little things can work out better. When we try to fix thing ourselves it just makes thing harder. I am counting on the Lords help with this issue and praying for his Holy Spirit to give the knowledge and guidance we need. Let us take a deep breathe and listen in the quietness of our thoughts.   

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday News- Holiday Times

It has been an emotional few weeks for us. However we are doing better now. The election is over, decisions have been made in my family and I think I am doing better with the upcoming changes.

It is now time to get ready for the holidays. Decorating and cooking are on top of my list. I also have a few gifts to make. We have a new Baby in the family on the way and I am looking forward to Meeting him. Thanksgiving is the holiday I am preparing for now.

Going to get my Dad and looking forward to having him with us. I wish he would live closer. However I love the time I have with him. We will be having my daughter back from college for the holiday. Loving that! Then we are going to have Critter and his family with us. Oh I am so excited about all of this. Even though, I am cooking the time will be great with them.

 I will be sharing the recipes on my Kitchen Blog and family moments on this one. The Review blog will have some new additions. And I will be sharing the healthier side of things on the Living Healthy with Auntie E site. For those following my garden blog.. we will be sharing the yard decorations. I will still be blogging in my  Health Journal , although that one is like a diary of my weight journey. So I think the time is back to blogging. As the time becomes colder and the winter storms are great, Blogging will be my outlet.

So, Hope you will be able to stop by and sit awhile, Let's share  our Holiday and Winter times.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Voting Day= a Party vote or not

So this is the Day that one gets to put their two cents in. I love that we are able to vote on items in our nation and state. As a young girl in the 1960, the thought of voting did not mean too much. Guess the thought that one could change something just wasn't in the teen mind. I think times have changed. In this century it seems that the younger voters are realizing they can put their ideas and thought out there.

This is a season of changes in the voters mind. Just think we are a nation of are you Democrat or Republican. However that mind set is changing. One might be one party affiliate but vote another. This is what I feel is the right of the people. We are starting to look at the person and not the party. A good thing in my opinion. The Right the Left are not assured in the century. One can not predict the outcome based on the voters registration affiliate.

So, I have a question for you all..... Did you vote your Party Affiliate? Please do  not post who you voted for or what your Party affiliate is, just if you stayed true to party or voted outside of the party.

As you me I did not vote my party, I voted based on the people and issues that were important to me and seem to be important to the candidate.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Special Day - Birthday Greetings Galore

Well, I do not feel older....Stopped counting years ago. However this year I am without my daughter and that is harder. Hubby and I went out last evening. Olive Garden and we did the dinner special, eat there and take one home. Because I really did not want to go out on Friday.
So, we will stay in and watch Grim.  Eat our dinner, I do not have to cook.
I received my coffee syrup order this morning, that was great cause I ordered it yesterday and only paid for a 7 to 8 day delivery. Therefore I  was surprised to see it arrive today....had my Pumpkin Pie Latte today.. the best. The recipe is posted on my Kitchen site today.
Yesterday I got my hair done, now I feel younger.  What a difference the hairdresser can make. What....50 what... no it can't be.. you don't look a day over 40!!!! Thank you to all!

Today I received flowers from my daughter.... some Pumpkin bread mix and a William Simona gift card. Now if you all visit my Kitchen site one would know how I love that place. Just look at the gadgets I get there.

Received a Birthday card from my Dad and Daughter. They both know how to get to me. The cards were right on the Mark!! Miss you two so much.

Okay I need to go out to get my Coconut cake...That is my favorite Cake. It will be a special delight for me today. Love this time of year, Great weather and the smells of Fall make me feel special.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Death in the Family

My Aunt Linda passed away this morning. She had cancer and had been battering with it for over 5 years. A few months ago the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.  Linda was at home and on Hopis at the time of death.
Even though we knew her time was close it is still hard to part for the family. We pray her children and husband will be given the spirit of peace and comfort.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday..A Wish?

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      So here it is...The wish of every Women...
                               If only......                   

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday News- Weekend with Daughter

So, this weekend we went to see our daughter at the University. It was Parent and Friend weekend. She has been at the University since the end of August. Never knew I would miss her so much.

You know how the teens go... when it is time for them to leave for college, we parents are eager to have the house quiet again. Then the silence isn't as golden as we thought. However they have to grow up.

She is having a hard time with her Room mate. However being an only child and not having to ever share a room with some one can make it  rough when you have to at her age. If your value system is not the same it can be a really hard time. I hope and pray she will be able to work out an  agreement with her room mate. But perhaps a third party will have to assist them in an agreement.

I remember having to share a  room and house with another girl. Being the only girl in my family it was a  difficult task.  Had to just work it out until I could get a place of my own. That was the light in the tunnel for me.

We did get to meet some parents of one of her floor friends. They seemed very nice, We hope to work out a car pool for the girls to go to and from school on the breaks. The drive is about 5 hours for us both.

There was a Pet parade in the town. I posted some photos on my On the Go  blog. We saw some really strange things. The town center is a very small place, about three blocks long. The university and town is very hilly so we walked a lot. Hubby had a hard time. We really should have taken the wheelchair. He just can not take the walking.

So how was your weekend? Anything interesting in your neck of the woods?

Here's a blue note for you. My daughter and her friends all in blue at the University.
For more Blue Monday photo check out Smiling Sally Blue Monday


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never too Late....

It is never too late to learn something new. With all this hype on staying young and keeping our minds sharp, it is always good to stretch our comfort zone. I am doing that. Love to learn new things so, started  learning Chinese. I am taking a Rosetta Stone Course.

Have to say it is not that easy. However, the learning is going well. I can speak a couple languages already but this Chinese is challenging. The Rosetta Stone teaching is very different. One thing that is hard for me is the way it is taught.  There is no English used. That means I just have to figure out what I am saying by sight. This is done by association and photos. Kind of like a small child learns.

Find at my age this is a hard way. Mostly because my brain is not a clean slate. With all the knowledge I have in there, the association method is confusing. Trying to figure out with I am saying is frustrating. Do not get me wrong I am doing well on it. With testing scores of 90 and above. However this feeling of unsureness of the structure of the sentence is bothersome.

Even though I feel lost in the learning, the continuation will remain. Determination is a good thing. The only way to think is determination. Otherwise one whould just give up.  That is not in the equation for me.

Have you ever wanted to learn something out of you comfort zone?

Friday, September 7, 2012

An Unexpected Find= Secret Fears Confirmed

want to know a secret
Guess my fears all started when I was young. My Dad was working on a wall switch when a garden snake appeared.  Never really thought about it.. but now looking back I had always had this fear of snakes or other animals coming up the drains or walls.

Not too long ago I came across a live snake in the basement storage room( the old sewing room). We had an earthquake and I assumed it came in when the house lifted. Allowing the door to lift and the snake to enter. Quickly I partitioned the neighbor boy to catch it. We released it in the outside.

Now I seldom take a bath due to my fear. Showers are my option of choose. Never thought too much about the toilets. Although after my term in the Military and the outdoor latrines, the fears of critters biting my but was present in my thoughts.

Indoor systems only had me weary of snake and rats. After all with the movies like "Ben" and "snakes on the plane" how does one not think about it. Now here comes the reality of it all.....

Yesterday started out pretty good. I had made  coffee and while it was brewing took a look out side. It was misting a bit and I notice a squirrel tearing at the canvas gazebo netting.  Shoo it away and it ran on the roof. Hubby was upstairs getting ready for work. Got a cup of coffee and a magazine and headed for the bathroom. Now you know what that meant. So, lifted the toilet seat and saw something looking back at me. Could not believe it, My Fear had come to reality. Put the seat down quickly but, just couldn't comprehend what a saw. Lifting the seat again, Yes it was a dead squirrel. I calmly yelled screamed up the stairs to hubby. He came a little bit too slowly for me! Anyway I told him to get it out.

He was shocked to see it. Assumed is came in through the vent pipe. Although he said it had been in the vent/ sewer system for a while. He felt it was forced up by the pressure of all the other water waste. You know the other flushing toilets, the shower, dish washer and washing machine.

Now I know it was not there the night before. We use that toilet more than the rest in the house. I have four bathrooms. So there you have it... My fears came true...Now I will always keep the toilet seats down and haven't used that toilet room since the incident. I know the possibility of it happening again is slim.  The only thing is I can not get the thought of it all out of my head. I keep all the toilet seat down and look before using any now.

I did some research to see if this is common and to understand how a squirrel can get into a closed toilet. Found that this can happen but is rare. Found the vents on the roof can make some curious squirrels  investigate and once they are in the system it is hard for them to get out. They get trapped and end up drowning.  Make their bodies needing to exit and that can be in the toilet since it has the largest pipes.

Thinking back we had some problems with stopped up toilets.  Used a plunger  to clear them. We also had been on vacation for a couple weeks. Notice a dead squirrel under the front bushes earlier in the week. The Squirrels were running on the roof a lot. Therefore we are pretty sure it went in the vent pipes. Guess I will check into getting some type of vent cover to prevent this from happening again.

Hubby wants to trap the squirrels and remove them from our area. We did this before and it worked out well. Relocating them to a park further away. Daughter says we should put Bear mace out to deter  them. I have use this before and it seem to work as well. Maybe I will do all of these.

Now my Fears have no gone away. Even with the explanation of how it got there, I still have this feeling of  the unexpected happening again. Fears confirmed  and now that a reality is associated with them. My Fears are more real.  Will have to work on calming them down, so I can use the main toilet again.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome? What's that in this century....

We delivered our daughter to the university a week ago now. Everyone is asking if I am having a hard time without her here. Well, I am not. Why....Let's see.....In today's world we have Skype, e-mail, instant texting, facebook and Chat rooms. I have seen her, chatted with her, facebooked her and texted her. She has requested items from home, help us find them here. She has asked where things are in her dorm room and I have help her find them. We have talked about things going on here and there. So as you can see she really is not gone. Only her body is, the mind is still with us.

Twenty some years ago I went to EPCOT (a place in Disney world,Orlando Florida) with my parents. There was a futuristic ride in which it showed a family sitting around and having a birthday party.  There was a Large TV screen in which they were talking to the other family members in other places and the interactions where great. Well...we are there now! I remember thinking what a strange thing. Now I think What a great thing.

This kind of technology is wonderful for the Empty Nest Syndrome. With it we tend to not have that lost feeling. I love this technology, Who knew I would be alive to see it!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daughter- Off to College

We are getting closer to sending Lyd off to college. As a Mom my feelings are on and off. I think this is the hardest part to being a parent. We have 18 years with a child and then they leave the home and head off to start a new chapter in their lives.

The memories start to follow back in my mind of my College years and leaving home. Even though I know in my heart my daughter is not me. The thought of the things she will face scares me.  I went to college in the early 70's and that  was a hard time for me.  In a way I think this time is somewhat harder than back then.

One thing I am glad about is the Internet. We will be able to Skype and the ability to text  in real time allows me to have some peace of mind. Also my blogging will help Lyd know what is going on at home. I just hope she finds time to post on her blog so I can be up on her activities.

Lyd's 18th birthday celebration.
Two more weeks, then it will be time to head out. We have one last vacation planed. Going to a family reunion and then to Canada. We have planed our winter vacation already. Things will be changing for our family. We are truly going to be a empty nest home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Summer Fun Has Started.......

For my Blogger friends. We have been busy here. My Daughter Lyd Graduated from High school and on her way to college. So we have been busy getting her ready.  We had a graduating party plus My Dad turned 80 and we had another party for him. Then we went to North and South Carolina for some family time.  Shopping and trying to get our time together has been a juggling act.

Hubby has had three surgery and one more on the schedule.  Plus we went on  a vacation to get some down time between surgery. Now we are in the college mode.  This week we are off to the college for orientation. Then back for surgery and then off to some fourth of July celebration somewhere in this nation. Still not sure where, I am looking for a true celebration  destination.  Still  keeping in mind  that hubby  is recouping from the surgery. However I am decking out our house.

In the Carolinias' we went on a dinner cruise, visited a true 1900 town( Southport),  visited the beaches and the family went para-sailing. Visited an alligator habitat, that was a thrill. Never saw so many in my life! We went to a festival in Carolina beach and had the most delicious hot doughnuts. Oh and I did not gain any weight on the trip. I managed to retain my weight and enjoy the food.

We went to see the Tall ships, they are traveling around the nation for our 200th anniversary of the 1812 war. So find out where they are going to be and give them a visit. It is well worth the visit. It was the OPSAIL in Norfolk,VA and the  Star Spangled Celebration in Baltimore. I will be posting more photos soon. We took a tour of one of the ships and a cruise out to see the Fireworks. it was a two and half hour cruise and the fireworks where great!

 The Summer months are usually busy for me here. So many thing to do and I love being out doors. After all I have to get the photos for the Fall and winter months. Of did I mention that I held a baby tiger and a Monkey? Oh yeah that was a trip. My daughter is interested in Animal science and plans on majoring in Biology in order to work with all types of animals, marine and land.
Now what are your plans for this summer? We still have some things up our sleeves.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Changes...Just hold on.....

It has been so busy around this home. We went to visit the college my daughter wishes to attend in the Fall. I can not believe she will be graduating  in less than a month. There is some family that will attend the graduation as well as a party to give. Last night was her last school concert, as many of you know she plays Cello. They where very good. This year the orchestra and band went to nationals and brought home all first place as well as Grand place over all! We are so proud of them.

Hubby will be having kidney surgery in a couple weeks. It has been a rough time with the doctors. They would not do perform the first kind the sonic one. Stating there are too many stones and due to the blood thinners it would not be safe to perform. So after seeing more doctors about his Blood situation, the doctors finally agreed that the more invasive one would be the right choice. So the date was set.

As you can see it has been so crazy around the home. My emotions have been taking me down. I am working on getting back to a normalcy  self. During the first of spring I did some planting in the gardens. Cleared out one and made a rose garden. Planted some annual flowers as well. Still losing weight with the Sensa. Felling good about that.  I haven't been emotional eating which is a great deal.

Life seems to go through season as well. I just hope this season I am in will be a short one. So many changes is very hard on me. Still I have things to help me through. Oh, and of course I will have the blogs and internet to keep my mind challenged.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Into Change....

CHANGE...... This is the most feared word in Any language. We all like to stay in our comfort zone and just mosey along. For me this a word that I like in some ways and completely fear in other ways.

Let's look at change in clothing. Losing weight opens up a fear of changing the types of clothing one wears. We hide our bodies for years and then there is a more curvy one emerging. What to do, What do we buy , What do we show. These questions all weighing hard on me. For I am a late 50 year old. However do not feel that, maybe around 30.So, do you think dressing 30ish is right?

Next we look at Family Changes. Hubby's health is going down hill. Daughter is looking at a new college life. Driving and moving out of state. Ya the empty nest has arrived. Do I go back to school? Perhaps to update my education. Do I look into going back to work. Then there is my Father...I really want to be with him and support him in his life. Looks like I have a lot to consider.

Right now I am working on Changing the color hue of the Home. Painting the kitchen and then the dinning room. Looking at flooring to change the look. Still deciding what to do with all these rooms. Soon to be empty. Do I get rid of furniture , or just downsize. Hubby wants to buy a new house where ever daughter decides to go to school. Am I ready for that Change?

On to the yard.....A new Rose garden to put in. So many changes to make outside. The porch needs a new color, the driveway needs to be resurfaced, and our Spa house needs painting. Now to decide on the color.

As you can see Change is all around me. And some time I am overwhelmed with it! I need to start this blogging thing again so I can have an outlet to this madness. So, How do you Handle Change?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday News.. A Busy Household.

Our household has been very busy with Medical issues. Hubby had Surgery last week and is not having a great time. I do not think he realized how much it would effect his life. I have been very busy being a caregiver. I do not mind it however, It is time consuming.
I realized how much he does for our daughter and around the house. He Helps out a lot. I am bless to have a husband like him. So, to say the least I have been very busy no time to blog.

Since last blogged, we have had time with family. Went out to dinner a couple weeks ago with Critter and family. Critter is so funny. I really have fallen in Love with that Boy! Eat at Olive Garden in DC and he was so talkative. We were sharing making a banana dessert. It was a very easy recipe. Take bananas and slice in half longways and then again in half crossways. making four pieces, roll then in brownsugar and brown in a little butter. Melt some dark chocolate in a double boiler. place cooked banana on a plate and then drizzle melted chocolate over then. Sprinkle with some sliced almonds. After given the recipe Critter said " I haven't a clue what you said". We all chuckled and Mike said It sound easy we will try it. Kids really say the darnedest things.

On Tuesday hubby had his surgery. I have been very busy. Can not leave him alone. He still wants to do things he just should not do. I have to run out daily to get ice for the ice machine given to us by the surgery clinic. We need to keep it on must of the time. with the pain meds and the ice, his pain seem to be under control. He can not drive, that means I have to take daughter to work and him to appointments. He has a lot of them. One today with a pulmonary doctor and two on Wednesday (both out of town).

He still needs kidney surgery and possible knee surgery. Now we are just praying that the kidneys do not get in distress before she can schedule surgery.

so that is what has been going on in this household. What been going on with you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WW- Crazy Candle Caper.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Aloha Friday-The Question#2

I posted a question on my Kitchen site this morning. Now I will post the second one here.

Part 2.....

Do you worship on every Sunday, or are you a special occasion worshiper, just maybe you are a daily worshiper?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday News..Game Stuff and a BD.

Critter turns 8 today, so we had a BD celebration Sunday plus we watched the game.

Family was over for the Game. Wasn't that an exciting Game! I even like some of the commercials. My favorite was the Vampire one. Did you see it. ....The Cars headlight were being featured as Daylight brite. However I loved it when the driver was vanquished. Now I want that car, since the driver is no longer available,he he he.
Here is the video......

What did you that of that one?

So Critter wanted an Oreo cake. I made one for him. The recipe will be on my Kitchen Site Tuesday.
Critter now 8!

The candle was a lotus one that had a sparkling candle in the middle and opened up to 8 candles burning. We had so much fun seeing it.

I add this post to Blue Monday this week, you can see more Blue Photos at Smiling Sally

Friday, February 3, 2012

Aloha Friday-Game Time

Oh yeah it's Game time this weekend.

Do you get together with friends and family or, do you just hang out at home?

I am not a game person and neither is the family. However we are having family over and going to have Chili, hot wings and dips/snacks. All the things game people love to have. We have a birthday to celebrate. Critter will be 8, can you believe it! Time goes by so fast. He wants a Oreo cookie Cake. So I am making one for him.
Last year Photo
{ I will post this years on Monday}

Some will watch the Game on the big TV in Surround game sound, Some will watch movies and just maybe play outside. Thinking of having a fire going if the weather is not warm. Our weather has been so warm lately.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Aloha Friday-What's in your Medicine cabinet?

Let's talk the medicine Cabinet. What to have in it for the flu and cold season
Zinc in you , ginseng, camphor oil. Zinc is a good one to take during the season. Ginseng make a good tea and boost your immune system. Camphor oil is a soothing oil for your nose as well as in the humidifier. All will help you out.

So what is your Cold and flu prevention plan?
Do you have anything tools in your Medicine Cabinet.?
Are you even preventing it?

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday News..Family Update

Another Monday had arrived. I have been listening to my new MP3 player. It had Golden Oldies on it, 1000 songs already loaded into it. Enjoying the memories back in my mind. Had forgotten some of the song, however the memories of the season flooded back. Oh those were the days my friend.... Oh a song title, hehehe. Do you remember that one? Do you have a favorite oldie song?

My weekend was a good one. First off we have a first snow fall. Not that great but it is the sign of Winter being here. Love the snow, want more of it. We were planning to go to Charlottesville this past weekend. With the ice and snow storm the decision to not go was made.

I made Creamed potatoes and Sweinbraten for dinner on Saturday. Had lots of potatoes in my pantry. Will put the recipe on my kitchen site. it was very good and easy to make. We watched some TV and enjoyed the day.

Sunday was church day. Hubby and I started a Christianity 201 class. This one is on Living a Christ filled life. It is at McLean University, a six week class. We were studying the Holy Spirit. I think the class will be good for our growth.

Once home on Sunday we watch a program about Gator handlers. They are folks that collect the Gators that make their way into the Property of folks in Florida. A Very Interesting show. One of the handlers turn over their overflow gators to a rescue for gators. He told the folks that George was a good friends of his. Now George is a gator. He told the Rescue folks that when he comes back he could call for George and he will come to him from out of the water, No matter where George it at. Now the Folk really teased the handler about this. Saying things like George wrote a farewell letter and had moved on....

The day came to go call for George at the Rescue. The Handler rode his bike to the rescue. Stood on the Shoreline and called for George. The Rescuers laughed and continued to tease the Handler. Low and Behold the Gator started coming. You could see it making its' way though all the other gators. George came all the way and out of the water to greet the handler. All the Rescuers where taken back. How could this be!? Well we saw it and my Husband was shocked also. As for Me I was not. If the Gator had been with the Handler for years and he took care of him, Why would he not recognize his voice. I think this was a great show of Gods Animals and How a Godly caretaker can be. He did profess to be a Believer in God. The Handlers remove all the gators alive and unhurt from properties. They put them in their facilities until the can move them to the rescue habitat.

Sometimes we find a great TV show to watch!

So, How was your weekend? Anything you want to share?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Aloha Friday-Home Crafting

Home crafting is one thing I have enjoyed through my Life. Whether it be Quilting, Knitting, Painting or anything that my hands can do it was very interesting to me. this year I want to get back in the Vintage Sewing Room to start all those items awaiting me.

My question to you....

Do you have projects awaiting for you from years gone by? What is your enjoyment besides the Computer and blogging to do? Are you the Crafty kind or the Designer person?

Oh I know more then one question. Hope you can find one to answer for me.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WW- Family Fun

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There are only Three of us in my immediate family...But we know how to have fun!

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK DAY......School out.

Today is Martin Luther Kings Day. I just do not know about this one. Some People still believe that they are not equal. As well as some folks believe they are better off. Mix thoughts make it so hard to understand this holiday. I tend to look at it as a Day for School to be out. The Kids are not all sure what this means to them. As like in History, it will be lost in the history books at some point and he will just be one of the great speakers of old. As it is now it is referred to as MLK Day! One has to know what that stands for. All I am hear across the wave is MLK DAY.

As a child I never knew there was a segregation problem. My school always had a mixture of people and ethnics. My parent never made a big deal about it, we had many friends of all colors. I was raised mostly in the North and we all got along. The only problem we had was with the Bikers at school. They caused a few riots. I always had a array of friends and never knew anyone who was prejudice. In Gods eyes we are all the same, Created by Him to do a good work. I think We all do good works. And if you study Slavery you will see it involve many ethnics not just one Clan.

Now I do believe MLK was a great man and caused a group of folks to start thinking differently. He did start a change to trickle down, and we the world, are moving forward. There are more opportunities for all people than ever before. We had an array of material to read, written by all kinds of folks. We have the ability to have speakers to talk about almost anything. Now this all sound like Americas Freedoms. Even Lincoln was for equal rights.

So back to the thought of this day out of school. I really do not agree with it. Perhaps they should be in school and learning about the Great Speakers of our Nation. Instead of rejoicing for a day off. Just to be able to sleep in and hang out with friends. So maybe today we could ask a couple of kids, across the age group, " Why are you out of school today?".
Will we hear from them about Martin Luther King?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Aloha Friday-The Plan versus Resolution

So, how many of you have continued with Your New Plan for the year?

As for me.... I really am just continuing on the road to a healthier me. This week I have done well on the Meat twice a week Plan. Having Soup and Veggies mostly. Still on the Sensa Plan. Loosing slowly but I am loosing!

I really do not call these thing resolutions. That is because my feeling is resolutions seem to rarely make it to the third month of the year. However a Plan can be modified as needed, making it easier to get done or achieved. This months plan is working well so far.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday News..Say What!!!!

The weekend was an interesting one. With a teen in the home life can be trying. I think it is hard to be parent to a young person who thinks they have become overnight an Adult. Now at 17, and might I say always adding one extra year on, She thinks we have ceased being Parents.

Remembering back when I was a teen helps me stay grounded. However today's teens have this different view on things. Asking in a statement form instead of a question form. A more demanding tone instead of a kinder one. I think she will work on those Forms and tones.

So on Friday we were told about her plans for the weekend. Movies, Mall, Exercise, overnight stay possibilities among other places to take her. Yep We have become a Taxi service. Taking a back seat to being a parent. Maybe we should start charging taxi prices..... when the taxi service is demanded instead of the asking method.

Anyway, on Friday evening took her to a friends house. Didn't turn out well for her there.. A girlfriends boyfriend competition . Saturday travel to exercise class, drop off and then pick up in a couple hours. Back home, she went back to bed. Awoke, Not happy, wanted to go to a movie. Found someone to go with her. Back in the Car to the Movies, drop off. Come back home.... a couple hours back to pick her up.

Sunday to Church... spend time with family. Had a nice lunch. It was great to see the kids. I haven't seen them since Christmas Eve.
As for my daughter, she went back to bed after we came home... It must be nice to be a teen and be able to just sleep, eat and have a taxi service at her beckon call.

So that was my weekend, nothing really exciting. Well unless you call taking down some holiday lighting and cleaning exciting. I did manage to do some of that work.

Also on Friday hubby surgery was cancelled for this Tuesday. Still not cleared on the Blood clots issue. We are still working through some health issues in the household. Lord willing we will get through these in a healthy way.

How was your weekend, Bland, Kid filled or just too exciting to handle?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Aloha Friday-Favorite Tech tools.

Here we are in a new year 2012. When I was in my teens ( 1960's) the thought of being alive in the year 2012 was unheard of. Guess the mind just didn't conceive it. My grandmothers were in their late 40's, parents in the 30's and I had only a couple great grandparents alive, They were in their 70's. Therefore at the age of 16 the thought of the year 2000 and being here was not applicable.

do you remember the year 2000? everyone thought the world would end as we knew it. It did not, In fact we have made great progress in technology. Smaller cell phones, No longer distant fees, Internet that go all over other the world and new ways to cook food. Music at the drop of a hat, any time you want it. Paying one carrier for TV, Internet and Phone. Games to play with folks from far away and Cars that run on Solar and re chargeable Batteries. I am still waiting for the ones the Fly!

And my hubby just asked me if a "Googled it"! Let's add that to the mix. We can find out anything from car symptoms to health problems. Boy that can keep the doctors and auto mechanics on their toes.
Oh and one more thing shopping. We can get anything delivered to our door and pay just as much or maybe less for it online.

Technology in this century as so great. I am happy that I am here to see it and share in it.

Now to your questions.......

What is you favorite Technology tool in this year? What are you hoping to see this year in a new tech tool?

My answers.... I love the internet and the ability to interface with so many folks from around the world.
I am hoping that they will discover how to clean my whole house in 10 minutes. Now that I think I will work on. Start timing it folks and let's get those patent in. Think of the millions we could make. Beware "Shark Tank" we are coming your way.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday News.. A Look back on the week

Boy this was a great week. We went to The Gaylord National on the National Harbor for a few days. Saw some great things there.
This is a show of all ice sculptures. The Temps was 5 degrees. Every thing was made from ice. They handed out parkas to keep one warm as we walked through.

This was a slide made out of Ice.
Hubby and daughter went down it.
We had breakfast with some Characters from Shrek

Then we bumped into some friends and they told us to walk into the town. There we saw big tree.

On Friday we took a boat to Old Alexandra. Had not been there before. I really like it. The was a free King Street trolley. So we hopped on and got to see a lot. Now we know how to get there by the Metro. We will surely go back there for a day.

Next we drove home, traffic was not bad.

Saturday went out to the Mall to return a few things. Not presents just some items I purchased. The mall closed early due to New Years Eve. We came home and rang in the New year There. I can never seem to stay awake on that day. It seems like I can on other days but the New Years Eve. Anyway I did wake up to firecrackers going off in the neighborhood. It is against the law here, but the folks do not care about Laws! I always thank the Lord the homes do not catch fire.

One thing I missed this year was the Rose Parade and game. It was moved to Monday,today, I did not like that! I feel It is an American tradition to watch it on News Years Day. Yesterday felt like a regular day. Now the Kids here will not get to enjoy the parade or game. Because they had to go to school! No Holiday for them only for the Nation! What a mistake our county made.

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