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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday News..Family Update

Another Monday had arrived. I have been listening to my new MP3 player. It had Golden Oldies on it, 1000 songs already loaded into it. Enjoying the memories back in my mind. Had forgotten some of the song, however the memories of the season flooded back. Oh those were the days my friend.... Oh a song title, hehehe. Do you remember that one? Do you have a favorite oldie song?

My weekend was a good one. First off we have a first snow fall. Not that great but it is the sign of Winter being here. Love the snow, want more of it. We were planning to go to Charlottesville this past weekend. With the ice and snow storm the decision to not go was made.

I made Creamed potatoes and Sweinbraten for dinner on Saturday. Had lots of potatoes in my pantry. Will put the recipe on my kitchen site. it was very good and easy to make. We watched some TV and enjoyed the day.

Sunday was church day. Hubby and I started a Christianity 201 class. This one is on Living a Christ filled life. It is at McLean University, a six week class. We were studying the Holy Spirit. I think the class will be good for our growth.

Once home on Sunday we watch a program about Gator handlers. They are folks that collect the Gators that make their way into the Property of folks in Florida. A Very Interesting show. One of the handlers turn over their overflow gators to a rescue for gators. He told the folks that George was a good friends of his. Now George is a gator. He told the Rescue folks that when he comes back he could call for George and he will come to him from out of the water, No matter where George it at. Now the Folk really teased the handler about this. Saying things like George wrote a farewell letter and had moved on....

The day came to go call for George at the Rescue. The Handler rode his bike to the rescue. Stood on the Shoreline and called for George. The Rescuers laughed and continued to tease the Handler. Low and Behold the Gator started coming. You could see it making its' way though all the other gators. George came all the way and out of the water to greet the handler. All the Rescuers where taken back. How could this be!? Well we saw it and my Husband was shocked also. As for Me I was not. If the Gator had been with the Handler for years and he took care of him, Why would he not recognize his voice. I think this was a great show of Gods Animals and How a Godly caretaker can be. He did profess to be a Believer in God. The Handlers remove all the gators alive and unhurt from properties. They put them in their facilities until the can move them to the rescue habitat.

Sometimes we find a great TV show to watch!

So, How was your weekend? Anything you want to share?

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