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Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK DAY......School out.

Today is Martin Luther Kings Day. I just do not know about this one. Some People still believe that they are not equal. As well as some folks believe they are better off. Mix thoughts make it so hard to understand this holiday. I tend to look at it as a Day for School to be out. The Kids are not all sure what this means to them. As like in History, it will be lost in the history books at some point and he will just be one of the great speakers of old. As it is now it is referred to as MLK Day! One has to know what that stands for. All I am hear across the wave is MLK DAY.

As a child I never knew there was a segregation problem. My school always had a mixture of people and ethnics. My parent never made a big deal about it, we had many friends of all colors. I was raised mostly in the North and we all got along. The only problem we had was with the Bikers at school. They caused a few riots. I always had a array of friends and never knew anyone who was prejudice. In Gods eyes we are all the same, Created by Him to do a good work. I think We all do good works. And if you study Slavery you will see it involve many ethnics not just one Clan.

Now I do believe MLK was a great man and caused a group of folks to start thinking differently. He did start a change to trickle down, and we the world, are moving forward. There are more opportunities for all people than ever before. We had an array of material to read, written by all kinds of folks. We have the ability to have speakers to talk about almost anything. Now this all sound like Americas Freedoms. Even Lincoln was for equal rights.

So back to the thought of this day out of school. I really do not agree with it. Perhaps they should be in school and learning about the Great Speakers of our Nation. Instead of rejoicing for a day off. Just to be able to sleep in and hang out with friends. So maybe today we could ask a couple of kids, across the age group, " Why are you out of school today?".
Will we hear from them about Martin Luther King?

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