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Monday, March 13, 2017


                                                             Heather and Lydia
                                                                   Alex and Lydia
                                                             Critter and Lydia
                                                                  Me and Lydia

These are the photos of my Daughter and her long time friends and family. Each one is  going to be in her wedding. From the Maid of Honor,  Bridesmaid and Groomsman.  It is hard to  believe she just had her 23rd Birthday and is getting married in a few months!

They grow up so Fast! sometimes I long for that time when she sat on my lap and I read books to her. Now that she is all grown up, graduated from college with her bachelors, starting her own married life and working in her field of study. Plus she is continuing on for her Masters. My how time flies by!!

This weekend we celebrated her birthday. Her fiance was with us and we had one of her favorite meals, Lemon Chicken and Rice. Plus I made a German Blackforest Pound Cake. We had a good time. Talking wedding stuff  and planning some things. I am looking forward to more wonderful times with her.