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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to Travel- Off to Boston

Well the Vacation time begins. I am off to Boston tomorrow. I am chaperoning a high school band and orchestra trip. Our days are very planed. Going to a few place as well as the competition. As normal, I will be posting live photo feed on my Auntie E's On the Go blog. Be sure to check in, it will begin on Friday. Salem is our first stop.

As I mention vaction time has begun. In April we will be going to Virginia Beach. In May it's off to Florida. June to Pennsylvania for a class reunion. I really want to go back to Canada. So I think I will try to fit that in with my daughter some how. The Class reunion is really for Hubby. There will be a family one attached. However some down time also. July is still up in the air. Looking into Georgia, Tennessee area. August will be a surprise. I am working on it now, No Lyd I will not reveal! I love surprises.

Now to some explanations on my slow down in blogging. My daughter has been on me because I have not been blogging that much. I felt I needed a break. Sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to find things to write. Although live is still going on. I have been down a little and not feeling well. As must of you know trying to get back in the swing of things after a sickness can be hard. So Now I will be back with my Monday News and Wednesday photos and Friday questions. I took about a month off.

Now that the trips are starting, I will be active again. For all those who want to advertise on my blogs welcome back. I use Adgitize and CMF as well as Entrecard.

Looking forward to some new info on Vacations sites and our spring/ summer fun. Fresh new material to share. Well, have to go now and get ready for this Boston trip.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aloha Friday- Favorite Brand?

I have been sick this past week. My household has been down for over a month. So I have not been blogging much. Feeling a little better now. Still under the weather though I have this Spring Flu, I think.

Have been trying out different Chicken Pot Pies. I got a craving for them and sent hubby out for my favorite one. Marie Callender's . However he came back with three different ones. Is that a man for ya.

I still like my favorite. So now question to you is.....

What is your favorite Brand of Chicken Pot Pie? I would love to give it a try.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WW post- 17 years, Unbelievable

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Over the weekend we celebrated my Daughters 17th birthday. It is Unbelievable to me that we are here....I remember the day we first saw her . That tiny little baby, Red hair and blue eyes, so small and that smell of a new baby! We both where so blessed to be at that place in our lives.
She came to us after 17 years of marriage. A gift we thought we would never see ! Our whole family was excited. My daughter is Adopted, in case you did not know. So she really was a gift given to us and not of our doing.

Seventeen years, seems like a short time, yet there are so many memories. All the trips and fun time we had. Now she is going to be a young lady, soon to be college bound. Where did those years go, they seem to have flown by. At some point we looked up and there she is....A grown child!

I thought I would share a couple photos of her seventeenth birthday party.

She had four friends over, they played games like Twister and listened to music. Just hung out , as she would put it.

The Hat:
We found a hat that was prefect for the occasion. You will see more of it! We have deemed it as the "Birthday Hat". Everyone will have to wear it on their birthday.

She decided on an ice cream cake. I went to Maggie Moos and ordered a special cake. Her theme was a Bonfire. However the weather did not cooperate. So I had the Cake decorated as a bonfire.

It was so good...the best Ice cream cake I have ever had!

So there it is, Now she is one year older and heading into lady-hood.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

FlashBack Music Weekend- Mama and Papas

Listening to the flashback Weekend On the Radio now. I awoke to the Mamas and Papas. I remember hearing them as I was growing up. The song "California Dreamin" is a very familiar one. It was their second song and the most popular one in my opinion. This group was a short lived one. Started in 1965 and last only 3 years. Personal problem in the group lead to their break up. They return for a musical reunion in 1971. The group won one Grammy in 1967 for the song"Monday Monday". Later in 2001 this song "California Dreamin" was given the "Grammy Hall of Frame Award". With Winter leaving us and I thought I would reminisce a little, How did we make at through the Winter Months.....

"California Dreamin" of course

The group: photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Follow link for more info on the group.
From left to right, top to bottom:
Denny Doherty, John and Michelle Phillips, and Cass Elliot.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday News...It's looking like spring!

Well we had a great weekend. The weather was good. Friday my daughter went to a Soccer game and a concert. I went to a Purse party. It was the first time I had seen these Purses. They are the kind one can change the outside cover. I needed a new big bag for my travels. So I purchased a Big Bag with a Blue cover and a new neutral cover. Two different looks. I think I will love this one.

Daughters Birthday is coming up so she has been busy planning a party. It will be a bonfire one. However I hope the weather will hold up.

I can't believe it she will be 17! Oh It goes by so fast. Seems like only a few years ago she was in Middle school. Now she will be graduating Next Year! Oh I really cherish these times. I guess it will be time to get out the"It's your Life..Walk down the memories path" Photos. I will have to work on that for the next weeks post.

Saturday we went to the Mall. Hubby wanted to go to JCPenneys. Hubby bought Nothing! Lyd and I bought Purses. Lyd got a couple dresses. So much for Hubby's trip.... I need another small compact purse that will fit into the Big bag. Of course it is a lime green, Cause I feel like spring is beginning. The weather help out with that feeling.

Sunday we went to Church got to see Critter and the family. I really enjoying seeing them. We are planning a Disney Cruise trip some time this year. So I got a DVD of the cruise line. Need to work on that this week. I think it will be fun to go with the kids and family. Who doesn't Love Disney? I love it. We are all Kids at heart.

Well the rain hit us hard Sunday afternoon. You know spring Shower bring the flowers. So we put up with it. Oh yes It's Looking Like Spring Here!

So how was your weekend?

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WW....Fun in the snow!

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Last weekend Critter went to the mountains to snowboard. He is growing up so fast!