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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Summer So Far

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Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

Daughter,Lyd at VaBeach
Next right: BMX bike

bottom left: Tall ship at
Norfolk Haborfest
Bottom right: Car fire at toll booth.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday News...busy weekend indeed.

Opening the pool was a challenge. After vacuuming it out on Thursday, Friday I noticed that I need to vacuuming again. There has been so many raining storms lately that it has put a lot of debris in the pool. Hubby was helping me when he broke the pump switch. We had to go to the pool store to get a new pump. It was late, almost closing time. Purchase a new one and got it home. It was the wrong one. So back to the store before it closes to return it. Found out that I could get the switch repair. The sales guy showed me how to remove the switch plate, Also told us where to go to get it repaired. Looked at a 2 speed pump, it would save us money on energy. thinking about get one later. After this one goes.

Saturday I took the switch plate off and we went to the place the sales guy told us. They informed us they no longer keep the part in store. Would have to order the whole part, cost about 70.00. Problem is that we have order from them before and it takes a long time, weeks to get parts in. They order out of the west coast. So we went to a parts place I knew of. The manager told us they can not find out about the part until Monday and would not be able to just get the switch.

So I took the switch out, fixed it to run continuously and plugged the pump into a switch control box I had a home. The now it works for me! I was able to finish the pool and hubby and I put the ladder in. Had to do some adjustments to the ladder. Now it is the best it has ever been, very sturdy. Finished around 12:20pm. Wanted to jump in cloth and all. However daughter had a recital at 3 and needed to be there by 2 to run through with the pianist.The recital went well.

After the recital we came home and into the pool! It was nice, first time in it for the season. My sprained foot felt okay in to pool. However it has been sore lately. Need to wear the brace more. swelling is down now. A photo for Blue Monday, It's our pool!

We decided to order out since daughter report card can in. Good grades, three A's, three B's and one C. Over all she did well, received a 3.29 grade point average. The C was in a class she struggled with the teacher. Even the girl from the country of language struggled with the teacher! Just seemed strange Lyd would get an honor award for the language with in the school district and receive a C in the class. Most students didn't even get above that. Well she will not be taking it again next year. Due to the same teacher.

I am glad school is out. It will mean some done time for her and the family. We do have some things planed. However it should be a relaxing summer for us.

Sunday we got to see the Critter and family. It has been awhile due to our schedules. We had lunch together and planned out the fourth activities. Next week end should be a lot of fun.

Critter and Lyd

So how was your weekend?

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday News...Our weekend update.

What a eventful weekend. Friday we drove 7 hours to a town in Pennsylvania near Erie. We had a family reunion to attend, hubby had his school reunion and there was a 150th anniversary for the town.

We stayed at one of the Bed & Breakfast in town. The Victorian Inn. It was a long trip. However that evening we got to see the towns queen crowned and the fireworks. Loved the fireworks. I think the screamers are one of my favorites. I haven't heard them in a long time, it was amazing! Sounded like spirits going up in the sky.Here are some shots of the fireworks.....

On Saturday, we had our family reunion. It was nice to see some new folks. I met Anne, the sister of my Father-in law. It was great because I didn't know that much about her. Learned that when she was born she was given to another family to raise. So they called her Anne, however the brothers and sister called her Betty. Also she had a different take on the families history. This was according to her brother Alex's letters she received. He was writing her about the family as he saw it. I very interesting talk. I will have to start a family history log on my Family site. I am working on the Families Blog, writing as a learn new things. So I will start one on my husbands side.Later that evening hubby went to his school reunion. Lyd and I went to the park for the towns activities.

We also saw a parade on Saturday. I posted some via phone on my On the go blog. Here are some Blue beauties.

Now this was the 150th year anniversary for the town. Founded in 1861, Corry was a industrial town. Known for it's manufacturing of Climax Locomotive engines.
It also had a factory that made springs, Associated Springs/Raymond. There were other business in the town, some even dealing in Iron. However the Associated Springs/Raymond was what hubby's family was vested in.

On Sunday we were return home and got caught in a traffic stop on the Pa Toll road. A truck had overturned with one death. Our portion of highway shut down for over 4 hours. We sat on the Interstate. Some folks played games like chess and badminton, dogs had a great time running and chasing balls. Bikers took their bike off their car and road up and down the highway. Even Mobile vacation trailers, got out their chairs and sat out. There was folks playing guitar. It was like a giant party. You got to meet folks. what a experience. Here's a photo of the Truck.

We arrived home at 9:30 pm. today daughter is taking her finals and hubby is back at work. things are getting back to normal, At least for the next week, until the next trip!

So how was your weekend?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Scam Received

I received a message from a friend yesterday. I do not just believe everything I read. In my " Got Evidence" blog series, The proof is in researching the message or thought.

So when I got a message that a friend was mugged in Spain and needed some money to pay the hotel bill, it was alarming to me. First of all the message context did not sound like her. Second, I just didn't understand why she would ask me. We haven't talked in over 6 years. These two alarms should have settled the thought of, this is not true. However, still not sure. What if it was and I did not help them.

So, I began my quest. First I called a mutual friend. She knew nothing. But suggested that I forward the message to the persons real e-mail. I did. Then I got a message back stating that it was true. Still not convinced. I placed a call to another close friend of ours. He stated the they were seen the previous evening. Said he would check into it and that maybe it was probably an identity theft. Suggested I do nothing. I tried to send I message that would let me know if it was truly them. But that message would not go through. I went to her Facebook and sent a personal message. This morning I got back a message that stated it was true. Once again I was not convinced. Since no one else received this message for help.

One final thing I did was call a neighbor of theirs. Who stated that she has seen them for two days in their yard talking to the neighbors. Now there is just no way they could have been in Madrid, Spain Yesterday at 5pm and at their house at 7pm.

So, there it is.... this was a Scam. I pretty good one. I did some checking into this type of Scam and found out this is going on now. Some folks have had their informational contacts hacked and a help send money message has gone out. I was just taken back of how using three different type of communications could yield the same message.

What can we learn from this? First be sure you tell someone if you are planning to go on vacation. Second, set up a code phrase or word to use if you are in trouble. Never ever put all your money and credit cards in the same place. That way if you do get attacked, they will not get everything. Thirdly and Must Important is keep phone numbers and contacts in a secure place. Do not send e-mails for help. Rely on the phones, if you need to send an e-mail make sure the person know it is you. Tell them something only they would know and give them a contact number for you. Even a Hotel number would do. Most have toll free numbers.

This Girl is a skeptic and it will take a lot of info before I will help out. Since this event I have locked down my sites and added some security measures. I have removed my FB friend, because her site has been hacked. I really haven't even spoke with them for years. We all move on.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday News...A Harborfest Weekend

I have been at the Harborfest in Norfolk Virginia all Weekend. It has been a great time.
On Friday I arrived there to help feed the on duty Officers. Seeing some folks I haven't seen in many years and meeting some new ones. Dad and I made chicken wraps and chatted with some of the workers. We viewed the BMX bike show and saw the Tall Ships come in. Very impressive those ships are. It was a long day, we were there from 11:30 til about 8pm.

On Saturday Dad and I went to the Chrysler Museum. Curious George exhibit was there and it was a family free day. We were able to see all the museums exhibits. Here are some Blue Monday beauties.

That evening we went to visit my 94 year old Granny. I took her over some makeup that I sell, she wanted some colors. Still a very active lady. After that we went to pick up some milk and get gas then came home to watch some tellie. We had a big storm move through and the electricity went out a couple of times.

Sunday was church time. After church I went back to the Harborfest to help out again. We were very busy. I took a fall and injured my ankle. However I continued to work and when I got back to Dads, ice was applied and some Motrin taken. Today it is doing better, think it is only a tissue sprain. At least a hope it is. Next weekend we head out to Erie Pa and I do not need a cast on it!

I will be heading back to Maryland tomorrow. just to pack and get ready for the family reunion next week. Already making plans for the fourth of July and my calender is getting full for the summer months.

So how was your weekend?

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Winding Down just to Speed Up!

Know how it is, when things go from one pattern to another? That is what it going on here. School is on it's last two weeks and then Summer break comes. I thought this photos looks like me when I was little and love the expression on her face. So lets Talk!

Let's talk end of school. Daughter is in Highschool. These last weeks are end of year exams and of course the kids are in the summer mode. Getting her to study is not going well. When she is faced with a test she forgot about, It is stress city. I think all their minds are on is, planning for the summer break. Planning parties, get togethers and trying to arrange how to stay in touch with each other.

Now on to Summer time. The weather has been summer like with temps in the high 80's,low 90's and into the 100's (with heat index added). I am looking forward to the pool time. Planning to work on it this weekend. We have been so busy with travels to Florida and Virginia Beach. Our Florida trip included a swim with the dolphins. You can see some photos of that trip on my daughters blog ( link below). Then we had the trip to V.B.. We surprised my Dad for his Birthday. Had a great time. Now Planning my trip next week back to Dad, By myself.

For the summer we are planning a few trip with in a 4 hour drive. This month we will be going to Erie PA for a family reunion and hubby's 40 year High School reunion. A trip to Longwood gardens, Amish area and The big Apple City( NYC). We will also go Ocean City to enjoy the local beaches. So I will have to balance everything with my daughters Plans.

So there you go Winding down the School days and Speeding up into Summertime.
What are your plans for the up coming three months?

Link to daughter's blog with Swim with the dolphins photos.