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Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading in Two Languages

Liz over at a Simply Life awarded this blog, the following:

I love collecting stamps, So when I saw this one I thought what a great looking Award. Then I read "J'Adore tien Blog" it says" I love your blog" In French! My French from High School years is rough, but this was petty easy to read. Then the words under "Eu Adoro o teu Blog" is Portuguese for " I love your Blog". Two languages to say she loves my blog!Thank you Liz for the wonderful Stamp Award.
I will be passing it on to a few blogs that I really love visiting. I do have a few that I hate going even one day with out visiting.
Now all who visit me and read this will be able to say in two different languages, "I love your Blog"! Have a wonderful day.

I am passing this on to Jude. Lola and Lisa.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Favorite Song Weekend.

Here is my Hubby's favorite from 1971.. the good times remembered..His Passage into Manhood, so he says. Graduated from High School headed for College.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Aloha Friday - Old Treasures

It's that time again. When we all take it easy on Friday and answer a simple question posted on our blog. Kailani of An Island Life started this wonderful Meme to bring us together for a short time. We all post a question on our blogs not to hard to answer then we hop from blog to blog and answer them. You can leave your link on MckLinky to make it easier to Blog Hop.

Here is My Question to you:

Do you have a piece of your past that you have held on to?

I have a Pet rock. I have had it since Christmas of 1975. It has been everywhere I have. Now it sits proudly in my glass cabinet.

Isn't it nice?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time- First Apartments

This is a great Meme, I love recalling my history. My daughter loves reading it (hi Lydie). My Family and friends learn I little more about what makes me tick. However most of all it keeps my brain working. Lola over at Lola's Diner is the host. Today's topic is First Apartment.

My first real apartment was in 1973. Oh before that I lived at College in a dorm, had a room at a boarding house in Cincinnati. Lived in a Commune house, I already blogged about that. But my first Apartment was in Rochester. I had moved in with a girl friend from my Eastman Kodak employment days. It was a two bedroom apartment in a old house. We went out and got some second hand furniture and wah-lah instant home!
I think that is when I found out living with someone else was not a good choice for me. It seemed that I paid all the bills and cleaned all the time. Did not have a steady boyfriend so I guess one would think I had all the time to do the cleaning. Well No, Left my current boyfriend to find out if I was ready for marriage. Learned I was not, there was a lot of living yet to be done. So went out a lot and had gobs of fun!
I remember One thing purchased for the Apartment, a Kitchen table. Paid 75.00 for it in 1973. It was Round with a steel base and 4 wicker back chairs with Orange seat cushions, the top resembled dark oak wood. We have often referred to that table as "the one that would never die". I believed if there was a fire it would be the only thing that would not burn up. If a Tornado hit every thing would be gone but that table would be standing alone in its' place.
When I moved from that apartment the table went with me, heck it went to my parents while I was in the military and then back to me in Colorado and moved around the world with Hubby and me. Was in a flood, lost on a ship and dropped a lot, but still survived. No dents,burn marks or chips. Oh we replaced the chairs several times. Hubby tried to get me to part with it, but no I could not.
Well in 2005 I fell in love with a Granite top table and hubby said yes if I would part with the "Would never die" table. I agreed... but then, after ordering the granite table, I tried to talk him into letting me keep it as a puzzle/ game table. No he would not budge.
The table went to the Salvation Army to continue its' live with some one else. I am sure it is still alive out there. Maybe in your House!

Here is the" Would Never Die" Table.
My Friend Kathy and I were viewing Honeymoon pictures.
See the chairs? These are the Original ones.
I was living in Colorado at this time

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorite Song Weekend.

When I was younger I would visit Granny. There was a girl across the street that had a phonograph player. One song we played was "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the foundations on a 45 record and bellowed out the words. I loved picking buttercup flowers also. Granny had plenty of them. So many memories with this song. It just drives my family crazy when I listen to it..really... I Bellow out the song and regress a lot.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aloha Friday#21 - Vacation Spots?

It's that time again...And I'm on a vacation again. This has been the most vacation-est summer I have ever had.

My Question to you:

How many vacations/trips have you had this Summer?

My answer is six. yes that's right.
1.Cocoa Beach Fla
2.Go west my Friend, covered 4 states, CO. NV. AZ.& CA
3.Bloomington Minnesota-Mall of America
4. Family Reunion, Pennsylvania
5.Virginia Beach
6. Great Wolf Lodge-Williamsburg,Va
Oh and I have one more in a couple weeks...The Renaissance Farie, PA

Please leave your comment and link your blog. Click on the You are next. It will make blog hopping easier.

This meme is sponsored by kailani over at An Island Life, you can Hop over to join in-backLink in the photo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oldies but Goodies-Days Gone By

This meme is hosted by Tim at Fort Thompson. Each week we look at our older post and re-post one that we think is a keeper. However for this week Tim thought he would post some photo of Days Gone By. I though I would join him and give you a scrapbook look at My Days of Old.
Memory Lane.
My older brother and me, I think this was around 1955. My older brother really loved me and he consider himself my protector.
Above photo, Yes my 4th birthday. I know from the hat. See the cake I really loved it! One brother very excited about the cake and one about the present. It was probably from him.

Photo Below: Christmas time 1957 Older Brother and I with Mom. Oh yeah there's that look of surprise! I just wish I knew why. I really cherish this photo. It comes out every Christmas. We were living in Virginia at this time.

Another brother added to the picture. This one likes to tease me a lot. He was very competitive and still is. Remember the Bowling post on my Living Healthy site? This is him, the little one! I believe we were living in Ohio during this time around summer 1960.

I was 6 years old here. This was a school photo. First grade, before I got my hair cut in the previous photo.

Remember the post about the Family's trip out west in the late 1960. Here I am diving in the pool at Las Vegas. Yes here is when I got way too much sun. My brothers on the side of the pool hanging on and watching.
Another brother added to our photo. This is of my family taken 1968 in New York.
This now complete the family. All six of us.

1971 Graduation Party in New York. I was 16 and feeling great. College bound, Remember that post? Yes I did advance 2 grades. So Young yet I thought old enough to be on my own! What did I know I was only a teen.
Oh yeah my Army years. Time 1974 at Basic training. Boy was I crazy. Short hair because it could not be on the collar. Can't remember what the pose was for, but that was my crazy side.
Now that complete my photo album down Memory Lane. Mom is the only one not here today and I miss her greatly. My brothers still like to tease me and my Dad is now full of wisdom, which I might add I love to listen to. I'm still a little....okay a lot crazy, but I really enjoyed my early years.

Links to the stories already told: Family trip out west, fun times out west, Brother and bowling, ,College years,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dad Called- I Learned Something.

I will be going to visit Dad this week. He called yesterday to find out my plans. I always enjoy my time with him. On the Phone he asked if I was still blogging. Oh yes I answered.Then we started talking about my blogs and what was on them.... Oh by the way Did any of you see
"Julie&Julia" the movie? I just have to laugh, her Mom calls her to find out if she is still blogging and it plays out in the course of the Movie..so funny.... Back to Dad...We started talking about People not being able to afford Health insurance..Lost of job or Job doesn't offer it. He said"I don't know if you know this but, when your Mom and I got married the first thing I did was get Health Insurance, and even though my jobs changed through the years I never missed a payment" Wow, We were by no means Wealthy or Middle class , we were Lower class( poor). Yet Dad thought it was important to carry health insurance. Even when his Ministry Job put him on theirs he continued to pay the private one. He Never let it go. Now one can say it cost too much nowadays, But Dad would say it Cost way too much thenadays. So one can see, we are talking Priorities. I love talking to Dad and learning how they managed with four kids and a foster kid every now a then. I never felt we were poor, heck I didn't even know we were. Our family always had and we even went on vacations! Dad said Mom would look for Lower cost and Free things (we didn't even have internet then or home/ Public computers). I do not think times have changed all that much when it comes to Lower cost or Free things. Now we have the computer to search out the offers. When Mom was alive she still looked for things to do, I will tell you we did a lot together that did not cost much and she knew all the Free things out there. Once computers came into the home 1993. Mom and dad learn how to use it, Then in the late 90's internet was in the home. Mom used the computer a lot to find things and she managed the money will enough to afford the necessary things with enough left to enjoy the Low cost activities. A lesson to learn from Mom is; have a budget. I want to teach the kids to manage money for their future life. Thanks Mom for the lesson you left here for us. I Love you and Miss you Greatly.P.S. I'm Taking Care of Dad

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good News Comes Today

They slowly bought my Aunt out of the coma and started to get her back on the eating track earlier last week. Also they put her on continuous oxygen.My Aunt was released from the hospital today. She did not want to stay even though the doctors wanted her to.My Aunt felt it would be better at home then to be going through the halls to therapy. She will be having therapy in her home for the time being. I will be leaving to visit her this week so, I will know more later. Thank you for your concerns and prayers. We hope she will have more time with us.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aloha Friday - Favorite Blogs?

Today is Aloha Friday A day to take it easy a visit blogs.
I thought I would do something compelety different with MckLinky (the link up system). It is different than MisterLinky. In MckLinky when you click to enter it takes you to a window where you can put a title in and then a URL.
Today I would like you to Put one of our favorite blog on it and the URL so we all can visit it.
After you are done click on return to page and leave your name and the name of the Blog you linked and what you like about it in my comments. Oh Boy I can't wait to visit some New Places and You.

The question:
Will you link one of your favorite blog so we all can visit it?

Mine is Lola's Diner(I have linked her blog below). I really love her blog. It is setup like a diner and she has a Jukebox that I love to drop virtual coins in(using a click of the mouse).There is always a laugh or two to pick up and joining in the conversations are great!

Click on the You are next to enter your info. Once finished click on "click here to return to blog and see your link.".Come back to leave your comment. Let the fun begin!
Don't forget link up your favorite Blog in MckLinky and put your link in my comments.

The link back info to An Island life is in the comment section.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If I Could blog Back Time-College Years

Today's topic is: College Days.
I went to college in the early 70's. I was sixteen and entering college. I had taken some College courses while in High school.
We lived in Upstate New York and I went to my first college in Ohio. At the same College my parents went to. So all the Professor knew me since I was 5 years old. I played with their grand kids or kids. You can imagine how my first year and only year at the college went with all the professors saying things like...I remember when.....Last time I saw you.... your Mom was my favorite... How embarrassing when one is trying to be Hip (a Word used back then to imply one is with the times )and grown up. Now I will tell you how I tried to be different and make a name for my self.
The college had an old fashion dress code. After about the first month...or was it the first week..... The Deans Daughter and I decided we would change the dress code. We knew we could show the school board how tastefully it could be. So we started wearing dresses with slits in them, only to our knees, didn't want to get the shock factor yet. That seemed okay no complaints from the board yet. So, we added hot pants (these were like today's short shorts or Daisy's Duke's shorts on The Dukes of Hazzard ) under the dresses and the slits went up a little higher, oh I would say about one inch....or was it more... above the knee. Now my grandmother wore hot pants, so I thought they were okay to wear. Well this really got the board attention. We were called in and told we could not wear the hot pants under our skirts, now they must have been looking! After all they were UNDER THE SKIRT!, We had to comply with the current dress code. We tried to tell them it was just too old fashion and they needed to re look at their code. This did not fly. We had our warning and now had to go back to the original dress code and was on probation. Probation I must have been in Jail for sure I thought. I called my folks and said get me out of here, or something like that....I'm sure I was crying and carrying on, after all I was just 16! Teen hormones you know and they weren't listening to my wisdom on Dress Codes.
Oh I just hated that dress code, I fought it and when I was not attending classes I wore mini shirts and hot pants out. Today they have changed, every one wears today's styles. I like to say That the Deans daughter and I started the change in the dress code..But some how I don't think so. It is more likely they had to change in order to get more students to attend. The school has a new name, new Board and a broader educational degree's.
So, by the end of the 80's,I did go on to get my LPN and A.A.S. in Social Work. I attended five different colleges. However the first one had more impact on me than the others. Perhaps because it was my first time away from home and I was so Young.

Want to read more our join in. Here's how....
Over at Lola's Diner Every Thursday there is a topic spoke of in the Diner, Grab a cup of Joe and a Seat and come on in..Join the conversation. Link up at Lola's Diner. This is a fun Meme I enjoy remembering the past and it keeps my mind Young!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WW#19-Caught on Film.

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Hubby & Friend
Colorado Reunion- $10,000
Sports Car-$25,000
Out for a Spin-$20.00(gas cost)

Photos of Mid 50's Men Reliving 20's- Priceless

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Reunion

I have not been to a true family reunion in oh... it must be at least 30 years. Yes we have had deaths and been together for those but not a joyous reunion.
The reunion was at hubby's brothers place. Our Niece organized the whole thing. there was more food then we all could eat... heck we eat the food the three days. I saw kids I haven't seen in moons and they had kids...some teens, boy did I feel old. We just kept saying who's that and How old is she. then the denial "No, that can't be". There are seven siblings, who had seventeen children, and then they have children.So the family is pretty big to me (my size is pretty small).
We laughed so much that our stomachs ached, our eyes watered and we were just in too much pain.
I heard stories I have never heard before. The family ages dated back to the 1930's, so the stories were great. I need to write some of them down. We talked about the 1920's and what about the ones gone, Playing pinochle, playing ball, the neighbor hood kids, Nick names and how they came to be and looked at old photos.
It was a nice time and we want to do this every year. May be we can get some of the long lost and found Cousins to attend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aloha Friday#19 -Memes

I am learning there are a lot of Memes out in blogger land. Trying to find the right one for me to join is sometimes over whelming. Have tried a few in my blogger history. I really like Aloha Friday, because it is a day to just visit and answer questions I know something about or that interest me. I also love learning about People in my site. Always thinking of what to ask. In my visits I sometimes see other Memes on their pages, Yes I look at your page. So I thought I would ask;

Do you participate in more than one Meme? If you do have another one you like to use other than Aloha Friday, will you share it and leave your link so we can visit you on that day?
I do "Wordless Wednesday" on this site," Ruby Tuesday" on my Garden Site, and" If I Could Blog Back Time-Thursday" on this and sometimes Living healthy with Auntie E. sites. I have a list of Memes Here if you would like to view some.

If you would like to participate here's your link to An Island Life, Friday's a great day for surfing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

So Here It Is.

While At the Mall of America we ate at Bubba Gump's. The signs are on the table. The waiter told us he would come to the table often if we wanted to be left alone flip the sign to Run Forest Run. If we wanted service flip it to Stop Forest Stop. Crazy huh? I want one of those sign for my house! So the Family will know when to Run! Great Mood sign.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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Where were these signs?
What are you used for?

Stay tune for TomorrowPost. Will you be right?

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's All at the Mall!

On our Go West My Friend trip our Mystery stop was Up North. Yes the Go West trip ended in the Northern most part of the U.S.A.. I have to say I really liked Minnesota . Love the way they talked, it took me days to lose the accent, Don't cha know. I picked up a new phrase..Ubetcha... Yes I could live there for sure. Just to think they have the largest Mall in America! and I love to shop!!!
So, while we were shopping at the Mall of America we found an Aquarium, Amusement park, Night Clubs, a Wedding Chapel, theaters, heck QVC was there and I ordered on a direct line to be delivered at my home( trying to lighten the suitcases) and they are in the process of building a Hotel and Water park in the mall. Now I tell you , one could just vacation in that Mall. Something for the whole family. A Mother's Paradise indeed.
I thought today I would share with you the videos from the Aquarium. It is a 300 foot glass underground tunnel, and it was Awesome.

1.This is of the Tunnel. There was a moving floor as a well as you could just walk though on a regular floor. We were surrounded by the sea life. This is a 3minute video. I got carried away.

The next ones are short.
2.When I was little we use to buy the seahorse kits, Do some of you remember those? I was so surprised when I saw the Sea Horses, just had to do a video. Wanted you to know I really saw a lot of them. I loved them as a child and will say the thrill is still with me.

3. Have you ever seen a shark pod? The egg that sharks grow in. Here is is.

4.Finally this is a coral reef, one day I will go the Australia and see the real thing but, for now the Video.

Some stills to enjoy, Click on them for a larger view.

So, I say let's all repack our bags and go back! We all can meet and do the Mall thing. Oh yeah We will need a week for sure. I didn't even get to go to all 520 stores. We only ate at 2 of the 50 restaurants,and the Night clubs, well let's say we were too tired to go! We were there for 4 days. No Sales Tax for Clothing or Shoes, now that's my kind of shopping!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good News comes with Sad New

My niece gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday. All doing well so far. she is still in the hospital but to return home with baby and husband soon. Then on Thursday my Aunt, who has COPD, failed to keep breathing and is now on Life Support and an induced Coma. They hope to bring her out of the coma tomorrow Sunday. If she can still breathe on her own she will have to be on the Oxygen 24/7. So we are praying she will be able to hold her own. COPD is a terrible Disease to have, the body get so stressed trying to breathe that the heart can suffer. It seems that she had Congestive Heart Failure. However the heart does not look damaged at this time. So the Hope is she will be able to continue life once out of the coma. The Family just hope that her will is to continue.