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Thursday, August 13, 2009

If I Could blog Back Time-College Years

Today's topic is: College Days.
I went to college in the early 70's. I was sixteen and entering college. I had taken some College courses while in High school.
We lived in Upstate New York and I went to my first college in Ohio. At the same College my parents went to. So all the Professor knew me since I was 5 years old. I played with their grand kids or kids. You can imagine how my first year and only year at the college went with all the professors saying things like...I remember when.....Last time I saw you.... your Mom was my favorite... How embarrassing when one is trying to be Hip (a Word used back then to imply one is with the times )and grown up. Now I will tell you how I tried to be different and make a name for my self.
The college had an old fashion dress code. After about the first month...or was it the first week..... The Deans Daughter and I decided we would change the dress code. We knew we could show the school board how tastefully it could be. So we started wearing dresses with slits in them, only to our knees, didn't want to get the shock factor yet. That seemed okay no complaints from the board yet. So, we added hot pants (these were like today's short shorts or Daisy's Duke's shorts on The Dukes of Hazzard ) under the dresses and the slits went up a little higher, oh I would say about one inch....or was it more... above the knee. Now my grandmother wore hot pants, so I thought they were okay to wear. Well this really got the board attention. We were called in and told we could not wear the hot pants under our skirts, now they must have been looking! After all they were UNDER THE SKIRT!, We had to comply with the current dress code. We tried to tell them it was just too old fashion and they needed to re look at their code. This did not fly. We had our warning and now had to go back to the original dress code and was on probation. Probation I must have been in Jail for sure I thought. I called my folks and said get me out of here, or something like that....I'm sure I was crying and carrying on, after all I was just 16! Teen hormones you know and they weren't listening to my wisdom on Dress Codes.
Oh I just hated that dress code, I fought it and when I was not attending classes I wore mini shirts and hot pants out. Today they have changed, every one wears today's styles. I like to say That the Deans daughter and I started the change in the dress code..But some how I don't think so. It is more likely they had to change in order to get more students to attend. The school has a new name, new Board and a broader educational degree's.
So, by the end of the 80's,I did go on to get my LPN and A.A.S. in Social Work. I attended five different colleges. However the first one had more impact on me than the others. Perhaps because it was my first time away from home and I was so Young.

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  1. It is amazing how times have changed.I use to drive a city bus and saw some of the strangest things.

  2. I love how you tried to push the limits a bit. Hopefully, it all did get modified over time!

  3. LOL...fun story. I remember hot pants, had one outfit I wore on my honeymoon. 16! Lordy, you were young. Did you skip a couple of grades? My daughter also took some college classes in HS, and attending college the summer before her senior year in HS; but the credits didn't count, as she ended up in other fields.

    I remember when we were allowed to wear slacks for the time at work. Not slacks, not even dress slacks; a cmplete pant suit. And now people where cargo pants, all different length capri's (some I think are really more shorts).

    Sometimes I think we've come to far from some of those standards. Surely there must be some middle ground?


  4. Great story. I like reading this meme for posts like yours. It reminds me of how much time changes.

  5. My college days, back in the 60`s are mostly a haze. I think I did more partying than studying but somehow managed to get through it!

    I can remember the gals wearing the hot pants as well - funny how times have changed - they wouldn`t exactly be called ``hot`` today!


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