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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Weekend Time.- Buck Rodgers Series.

This is the last of the Buck Rodgers series. I hope you have enjoyed this months family Movie time. Next month I will be featuring My Favorite Music Weekend.
For this weekend I chose one from the first season called "Cruise Ship to the Stars". Can you imagine a space ship cruise space. Now that's a vacation in the future. Running time 48:38.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Aloha Friday-Fellow Bloggers

Kailani over it An Island Life is the original host of Aloha Friday, A day to take it easy a surf the air waves answering question. Because there are so many linked on her site I have a Mcklinky so I can visit those who visit me.I try to visit all links on her site however I found that some do not like to visit others. Therefore I visit those who have visited me in the past and those who leave their link.

Today's question:

Do you know any bloggers who live around you and have you met them?

I have been blogging now for just over one year. I have met many bloggers from all over the nations. Just recently I have come across some that live close by. I never thought I would say this but, my friends are not bloggers. They just do not get why I love blogging. They joke about it or just make a comment like: "Are you going to blog about this?". I have on occasion said to them I think I'll blog about this so be careful,hehehe.
The real story is I just love to blog and read other blogs. There seems to be a common thread with bloggers. Kind of like a job and being friends with the workers. Blogging has been a God send to me. After losing my Mother a void was there. Blogging helped filled that void and now it has become a joy for me. /some bloggers are planning a meet and greet. I am looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers and growing a friendship.
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This Post is also a Friday Follow blog hop
to link up for Fridays Follow go to, One 2 Try, Hearts Make Family or Midday Escapades . Go each week to link up you Friday Follow Post. This is my first time with them ,I'm looking forward to many Fridays and meeting new blogger Friends.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Words-Visitors

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"All photos can be enlarged for a closer view"

I heard a sound,looked out my door....Guess who's here?
Look closely there are two of them.

So what are they doing in front of my house.....
Talking with their engines on?
Moving the snow off the sides of the street. This was a first for my eyes. Bucket loaders used to remove snow. They went up and down the Streets in my neighborhood widening the street and relocating the snow left from our Blizzards.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Favorite of Mine.

Over the weekend hubby had more flowers sent to me.
They arrived late at night by UPS.

I like all the different colors of these.
The yellow with burgundy tips, is just gorgeous in my opinion.

I put these lovely assortment in my favorite Vase. I got the vase in Europe when there was a West Germany.I really love the gold birds against the white, It reminds me of Spring.....it will be here soon.
Kaiser (W Germany)
Pattern "Melodie",
designed by k Nossek.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday News-Our weekend update.

Hubby and I went to see Lightning Thief. It was a great movie, check out my review of it on Auntie E's Reviews. We want to see The Tooth Fairy sometime this week. I want to see the Rock as the Tooth Fairy. We watched Meet the Fockers on the TV. That movie is so funny each time I watch it.
The US curling team won Saturday and lost Sunday. I still enjoy watching it, now I will be watching the other teams. since we will not be in the finals.
Sunday we went out to Olive Garden, I love the restaurant. Daughter found out that she will be going to school for the two day that they were going to have off. No, she is not happy. the snow is almost going from the backyard, but the sides of the streets are still mountains of snow. We are expecting some weather, snow or ice rain sometime today. If she misses school they will forgive those days. So will this winter be over soon. I think we have til mid march according the Mr Groundhog.

If you were here yesterday you probably saw the post-"You be the Judge". I removed it by request of the e-mail sender. She felt that it Painted her in a bad light. I never intended for it to come across as that. I am truly sorry if you the reader thought that also.
The e-mail had to do with a graphic I was using. I thought I had asked the right person for the permission to use it. They give me the permission to use it. Come to find out that person did not have the authority to give it to me. They did not own the graphics, so I was asked to take it off my site. Which I did, however it is still in the cache. It will take some time for it to be off the cache. I did try to get it off cache, just was unsuccessful.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Weekend Time.- Buck Rodgers Series.

This Buck Rodgers in the 25st Century episode is one where Buck, Hawkman and Wilma survey a planet and has an adventure of intrigue and mystery.
"The Hand of the Goral" from season 2 episode 9, running time 48:48

Friday, February 19, 2010

Aloha Friday-ICONS

Your question:
When you go to a blog page do you like seeing a Icon before the post?
My Answer:
For sometime I have been creating Icons to put before my post. My view is that it sets the contents of that post. Allows visitors to know if it is a Series, Meme or just what the contents will be. I have visited blogs who just have writings with no Icons or pictures. I think I prefer the Icons.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Valentine Bear

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On Valentine's Day I received a Bear. Oh not just any bear..This one sang my favorite Song. I was really surprise because Hubby can not stand the song. I have in a previous post "My favorite song weekend " release the song. So now for the Valentine Bear video.
The screen is black now, just hit play and it will start right away. Kind of like opening a present.

Oh yes I received chocolate and flowers.
Some Chocolates eaten before camera time and were gone by the end of the day. The flowers arrived Valentine's Eve. I am still enjoying them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday News-We're on the road again.

We had a pretty good weekend. First off No Snow! So we were able to dig out more. Daughter and I got out of the house and went shopping, yes shopping. With Valentine's Day on Sunday I needed to go to the stores. It really wasn't bad at the stores, but the Traffic was a nightmare. With all the snow road lanes just disappeared and then there were all those folks who had cabin fever getting out.
Our Church was out for two weeks, yesterday was the first day back. It felt good. We got to see Critter and the family. The sermon was great and the minister was glad to see everyone back. I think the numbers were down a bit still, because some roads are still not dug out. But then again with a church of over 10,000 member it's hard to tell. Although there were some empty seats around us. Hopefully the absentees were able to join by Live Internet Service. I really love that service since sometimes we are not able to get there due to sick or vacation. They also rebroadcast on Monday nights for those who are working Sundays.
Valentine's Day was Great. I received flowers from hubby and a singing bear. One of the gift from hubby is snowed in at the Shed. We will get it when it thaws or we dig it out of 4+feet of packed heavyweight snow. My daughters present to me in still in the UPS hub, due to the storm. She told me it's an engraved box. Can't wait to get it. We had a great dinner at home. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Link to McLean Bible Church

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Weekend Time.- Buck Rodgers Series.

Continuing with the Buck Rodgers in the 25st Century series. Here is one for this valentine's day weekend."A Dream of Jennifer" Buck Rodgers girlfriend appears in new Chicago. Buck is on Earth and tracking down his old girlfriend through new states. This is one from Season 1 aired Feb 14 1980.
Running time 48.27 minutes. Enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Aloha Friday-FlashBack

We have had quite a week Weather wise. Our state ended up officially with about 80 inches of snow already this winter! We are still digging out. It had cause my brain to remember some past experiences. Some I have shared on my blogs this week.

My Question to you:

What is the one memory you have weather wise that sticks out in your mind?

My Dad reminded me of the time we lived in Belmont New York. It was the first time I really saw a large amount of snow. We lived in the snow belt. He stated, us kids had to shovel the snow. I also remember My Mom making Snow-cream, It was so good! Of course the snow-cream could have been in Rochester New york. We also had a lot of snow there also.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cancel Valentine Day--What!

Yesterday the kids wanted to know, Are we canceling Valentine's Day. I just laughed, How can we do that, it 's a day and it will still come even with the snow. I think the kids were excited about the snow at first, no school and all. However now that we are receiving it every few day, and a lot of it if I might add, they are tired of it. The trouble with this snow is you can not sled in it. Yesterday the blizzard condition made it impossible and the snow needs to settle before they can sled. We have a great hill in our backyard, however we can not get to the backyard. Today will be the day to try. Want to see more of this historical Maryland storm? I posted photos and a video over at my garden Blog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Snowmen Visitation

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Right in the middle of the storm we looked outside and saw snowmen sitting on the swings. No, we did not make them, we couldn't even get up the hill! At that point there was 27 inches on the ground! They just blew in and enjoyed a swing. I grab the camera opened the window and zoom in for the video. So for this Almost Wordless Wednesday a video of the Snowmen having fun. Of course they were wordless.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday News-Snowed In!

Been busy this past weekend, digging ourselves out of our house. We received 38.3 inches of snow according to the national numbers. Our little town received more snow then the entire state of Maryland.
We had Thunder snow of about 3am Saturday morning, that was very strange it was only over our little town. I do not know whether to be honored or considered cursed. By 5 pm on Saturday we were out of the storm/ blizzard.

This is what the view was from my front door....

This is what it looks like this Morning,
we still have some digging to do...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Weekend Movie Time.- Hawkman

Last week we saw Hawkman help Buck escape to earth to prove his innocence . Where did Hawkman come from? I thought this week I would Post "Time of the Hawk", part 1 and part2. Part one is 47 minutes, Part two is right under it.

Part 2 "time of the Hawk" (running time 47.18 minutes).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Aloha Friday-Collections?

It's Friday again, time for a simple question. One to answer to as you Surf by. Ride the wave in and please leave your two cents and Beach front address so I can surf to you.

The Question:

Collections, we all have one. One of mine is aprons, it just happened. Tell me please what is one of yours?

Today is the first day of my Apron Collection series on Auntie E's Kitchen. Some of you asked for it...."This is the year of the Aprons".... I always wanted to say that.

Please leave your answer and then link up, Have a great surfer day!!

Kailani over it An Island Life is the original host of Aloha Friday, A day to take it easy a surf the air waves answering question.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Tubing Fun

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We went tubing in Pennsylvania over the weekend. Daughter met up with some friends. Her friend Squiggles had his birthday party there. Hubby and I, still not feeling well, did not tube. We stayed in the lodge a drank Hot chocolate. I went out to take some snap shots of the snow fun.

Last year was our first time seeing the escalator for the tubes and riders. Now that's the easy way to get back up the hill.

Daughter and Boyfriend waiting in line to go back up to the top.

The ride down. Tubing is so much fun! They tubed for two hours.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday's News-Our weekend update....

Still under the weather a bit. This virus has got me down. I think this is the longest I have had a Head cold.
Saturday it Snowed all day.We ended up with about 10 inches of snow, we weren't suppose to have much about 2 inches. I'm starting to not listen to those weathermen anymore. They tend to get it wrong. It snows when they say it won't hit us and when we are expecting it, we don't see it. The snow was nice though. My Dad in Chesapeake, near Virginia beach, got a lot of snow. They seldom see that much.
Sunday we went to Pennsylvania to go Tubing and snowshoeing. Well there was no snow! Only the Man made kind and that wasn't very good. Daughter went Tubing with her friends, wasn't that great. Hubby and I hung out in the lodge, No snow to go Snowshoeing. For three hours we just People watched. Saw some great boots and strange clothing. Saw a hat I loved, need to find one, think it would look nice on me. There were all kinds of folks there, different nationalities and sizes. People watching can be a great pastime. We talked about stuff and just drank Hot chocolate. Took some photos, I'll post them on Wednesday.
One things of importance that happened this weekend was, hubby pick up some new wood Pellets for the stove on Friday. The Brand is "Freedom Fuel" out of North Carolina. Our Pellet Stove is not conducive to it. The burn is okay but the pellets do not burn down causing them to cake in the grate. Therefore I have to clean the grate out every six hours. In the morning after about 8 hours the grate in filled and burning and there are some smaller fires in the box. I have to turn off the stove and clean out the grate. What a hassle, we need not buy these anymore. Today we will go out to get our old brands, they are mostly from the Northern States. The burn is good and I only have to clean the stove every other day. No build up in the grate and no fires in the box. The Brands do make a difference in the burn and care of the Pellet Stove.