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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday News-Snowed In!

Been busy this past weekend, digging ourselves out of our house. We received 38.3 inches of snow according to the national numbers. Our little town received more snow then the entire state of Maryland.
We had Thunder snow of about 3am Saturday morning, that was very strange it was only over our little town. I do not know whether to be honored or considered cursed. By 5 pm on Saturday we were out of the storm/ blizzard.

This is what the view was from my front door....

This is what it looks like this Morning,
we still have some digging to do...


  1. Wow. You got smack. It's pretty though isn't it.


  2. Beautiful scene .... but I can see it would be a challenge just getting out your door.

  3. You really got wacked. It just missed Connecticut. We are suppose to get some on Wed. I am afraid you might get zapped also.

  4. Oh my gosh - you guys are really "swamped" with snow!!!!
    Thanks for popping by and yr comment
    Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio

  5. Brace yourself for the next round, Snowmageddon is striking back again this week. I'm still waiting on all this global warming I keep hearing about.

  6. I feel your pain...literally! Oh my aching back! And are we ready to do it again?

  7. I'm watching the weather reports on the news right now. It looks like nearly a quarter of the country is getting hit hard with snow today. It is partly sunny here, no snow. I can't wait for warmer weather!


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