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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday News-Our weekend update.

Hubby and I went to see Lightning Thief. It was a great movie, check out my review of it on Auntie E's Reviews. We want to see The Tooth Fairy sometime this week. I want to see the Rock as the Tooth Fairy. We watched Meet the Fockers on the TV. That movie is so funny each time I watch it.
The US curling team won Saturday and lost Sunday. I still enjoy watching it, now I will be watching the other teams. since we will not be in the finals.
Sunday we went out to Olive Garden, I love the restaurant. Daughter found out that she will be going to school for the two day that they were going to have off. No, she is not happy. the snow is almost going from the backyard, but the sides of the streets are still mountains of snow. We are expecting some weather, snow or ice rain sometime today. If she misses school they will forgive those days. So will this winter be over soon. I think we have til mid march according the Mr Groundhog.

If you were here yesterday you probably saw the post-"You be the Judge". I removed it by request of the e-mail sender. She felt that it Painted her in a bad light. I never intended for it to come across as that. I am truly sorry if you the reader thought that also.
The e-mail had to do with a graphic I was using. I thought I had asked the right person for the permission to use it. They give me the permission to use it. Come to find out that person did not have the authority to give it to me. They did not own the graphics, so I was asked to take it off my site. Which I did, however it is still in the cache. It will take some time for it to be off the cache. I did try to get it off cache, just was unsuccessful.

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