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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday News-We're on the road again.

We had a pretty good weekend. First off No Snow! So we were able to dig out more. Daughter and I got out of the house and went shopping, yes shopping. With Valentine's Day on Sunday I needed to go to the stores. It really wasn't bad at the stores, but the Traffic was a nightmare. With all the snow road lanes just disappeared and then there were all those folks who had cabin fever getting out.
Our Church was out for two weeks, yesterday was the first day back. It felt good. We got to see Critter and the family. The sermon was great and the minister was glad to see everyone back. I think the numbers were down a bit still, because some roads are still not dug out. But then again with a church of over 10,000 member it's hard to tell. Although there were some empty seats around us. Hopefully the absentees were able to join by Live Internet Service. I really love that service since sometimes we are not able to get there due to sick or vacation. They also rebroadcast on Monday nights for those who are working Sundays.
Valentine's Day was Great. I received flowers from hubby and a singing bear. One of the gift from hubby is snowed in at the Shed. We will get it when it thaws or we dig it out of 4+feet of packed heavyweight snow. My daughters present to me in still in the UPS hub, due to the storm. She told me it's an engraved box. Can't wait to get it. We had a great dinner at home. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Live Internet church services sounds like a great idea. We'll probably not do that at our small country church. Some of us have high-speed connections, but most use dial-up or don't do computers and Internet.

  2. Stay warm! We're all bound to thaw out soon. . . . I mean, we are, aren't we???!!!!!


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