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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Weekend Movie Time.- Hawkman

Last week we saw Hawkman help Buck escape to earth to prove his innocence . Where did Hawkman come from? I thought this week I would Post "Time of the Hawk", part 1 and part2. Part one is 47 minutes, Part two is right under it.

Part 2 "time of the Hawk" (running time 47.18 minutes).


  1. We used to watch Buck Rogers all of the time. A great show.

    A Boy and His Toy

  2. Wow. I watch both and I really liked the ending. I try not to watch them before I post it so that It will be a true family weekend movie for the family. Hope you enjoyed it. Remember you can go full screen once the movie starts by moving your cursor into the screen field and clicking the upper right directional button.


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