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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Favorite of Mine.

Over the weekend hubby had more flowers sent to me.
They arrived late at night by UPS.

I like all the different colors of these.
The yellow with burgundy tips, is just gorgeous in my opinion.

I put these lovely assortment in my favorite Vase. I got the vase in Europe when there was a West Germany.I really love the gold birds against the white, It reminds me of Spring.....it will be here soon.
Kaiser (W Germany)
Pattern "Melodie",
designed by k Nossek.


  1. They are gorgeous! I love yellow and orange roses. So pretty :D

  2. Maroon and yellow are the primary colors in my flower gardens. Nice!

  3. They are beautiful, very beautiful and you are so lucky to have a hubby that treasures you.

  4. I love your multicolored roses, they look beautiful. is the scent beautiful too??

  5. These roses are absolutely beautiful! You are so lucky to have received them. I wish I could smell them through the computer. I enjoy your blog and have given you a blog award. You can check it out on my blog.


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