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Friday, February 26, 2010

Aloha Friday-Fellow Bloggers

Kailani over it An Island Life is the original host of Aloha Friday, A day to take it easy a surf the air waves answering question. Because there are so many linked on her site I have a Mcklinky so I can visit those who visit me.I try to visit all links on her site however I found that some do not like to visit others. Therefore I visit those who have visited me in the past and those who leave their link.

Today's question:

Do you know any bloggers who live around you and have you met them?

I have been blogging now for just over one year. I have met many bloggers from all over the nations. Just recently I have come across some that live close by. I never thought I would say this but, my friends are not bloggers. They just do not get why I love blogging. They joke about it or just make a comment like: "Are you going to blog about this?". I have on occasion said to them I think I'll blog about this so be careful,hehehe.
The real story is I just love to blog and read other blogs. There seems to be a common thread with bloggers. Kind of like a job and being friends with the workers. Blogging has been a God send to me. After losing my Mother a void was there. Blogging helped filled that void and now it has become a joy for me. /some bloggers are planning a meet and greet. I am looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers and growing a friendship.
The icon is courtesy of An Island Life

This Post is also a Friday Follow blog hop
to link up for Fridays Follow go to, One 2 Try, Hearts Make Family or Midday Escapades . Go each week to link up you Friday Follow Post. This is my first time with them ,I'm looking forward to many Fridays and meeting new blogger Friends.


  1. Hi! I found you on Friday Follow and am now following! I am numbers 132, 134 and 136!

    I am an older mom-forties-and my friends do not really "get" my writing from home. They wonder why I am not out getting a real job (I do work on the weekend for a real paycheck).

    I enjoy the creative outlet blogging gives me!


  2. Glad I found you! Now following from Friday Follow - hope you'll drop by soon!

  3. I'm new at blogging and none of my local friends blog either. So no, I have not met any fellow bloggers.

  4. Yes, I have a very good blogging friend. The sad thing is we had not seen each other in months and met up at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Since then we have gotten together and are working on two big projects together, including a blogging meet-up where everyone can have more time to network.

  5. I have been tweeting with one that lives 2.5 hours away but we haven't met yet. But when I went to Florida I met with 2 bloggers and it was a blast!

  6. I have a couple of friends. One I met before I started blogging and the other one was a coincidence .

  7. no I haven't hopefully 1 day
    I know a few bloggers who r in the same state as me. Meet and great sounds like fun

  8. Thanks for coming by my blog. Friday Following you back! :)
    As for your question...my friends don't really blog either. I'm hoping to meet my first bloggy friend this summer ~ can't wait!
    Have a GREAT weekend!!
    Cindy :)

  9. I do know one blogger that lives near me and I have met her a few times. She is really nice!! It is so fun to connect my online world with my real life world. :)

  10. Since I started book blogging I have found one person who lives in the same state...maybe someday I will invite her for coffee and talk about books.

  11. Hello! I'm following your blog from Friday Follow now! Please follow me! :D
    I know of a few bloggers that are in my area! I have one good friend that blogs as well! I don't think others would understand me blogging! Many don't know I do it because I'm new to blogging! Keep on blogging and have fun! I'm glad you found an outlet for yourself during a hard time in your life!
    Thanks for visiting my Aloha Friday!

  12. I haven't met any bloggers as of yet.

    I happened to mention that I blog once to my family but yea they don't get it..but that's ok cause I found a positive thing in which I could pour myself into in my spare time, and it makes me happy =)

    Following you back from FF
    Much Luv,

  13. Following back from FF! Have a great weekend!

  14. I could have written your post! I have maybe 3 friends that talk to me about my blog and actually get that I love blogging. The others just don't get it. They ask for pictures of my girls and I say "check my blog!" and they just say "oh." and it flies right over their heads. Anyways, I would love to meet some local bloggers, just trying to figure out how to meet them without looking like a stalker hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  15. Following you back! Nice to meet you :-)

  16. Happy Aloha Friday! I do not know any bloggers near me nor have I met anyone in person yet.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. Have a wonderful weekend and pleasure to meet ya.

    ~ Lynn

  17. Aloha!
    I have talked with one lady that lives about 45 minutes from me, but we have yet to meet.. Maybe someday. :)

  18. I have only met one blogger who lives a couple of towns over. No one I know blogs. They all think the internet is peopled by crazy people.

    One Single Impression - Insomnia

  19. Yeah! I know a number of my bloggy friends...but I'm on the west coast and for some reason most of my blog friends are on the east coast:)

  20. The only one I know is an old friend from when I was a teenager. I actually saw an article about her blogging in the local paper and that's what got me started.

    I'm already a follower :)
    Have a great weekend!

  21. No I haven't met any bloggers who live around me. That sounds like fun. Hope you can meet some people you have something in common with.

    Thanks for following me - following you too.

    P.S. We didn't get to see the "Percy Jackson" movie after all - we went to the theater and there was no electricity - due to high winds we had here last night!

  22. One of my neighbors is blogger Meghan. My sister, Clara, and her daughter, Mikki, also blog.

  23. I have never met any bloggers in person but I would love to in the future.

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  24. Hi, found your great blog through Fri Follow. Now following!


  25. Hi there! I like blogging so much that I have to have two blogs! The people I know, like playing games on Facebook or elsewhere for entertainment. Why? Blogging is so much more fun! So check one of my two blogs out and hope to get to know you better! See you around bloggy land!

  26. Actually just recently I found a blogger that lives in the next town over from me. We plan on doing lunch come Spring (nicer weather).

  27. i like to blog and a lot of my friends blog too but they are all over the world. i think we all started the same - blogging as a way to keep in touch and then it just exploded into all the possible reasons you could think of.

    I don't know anyone locally who blogs, and the people i've know after i started blogging, who've never heard of blogging before, actually thought i was kind'a weird to write my life online, but then they are the ones who can't get enough of facebook, that they update their facebook profile status almost every hour.

  28. have not met any of the bloggers that i did not know before i started blogging...
    would love to though!

  29. Happy Friday Follow!! I'm following you back :-)


    PS I'd love to do a button swap. I couldn't see one on your page, but if you email me the html code or a site where I can grab it from, I'll add you to my page.


  30. Thanks for visiting me at Good Goog! I'm now following - have a great weekend.

  31. I didn't know any bloggers till I started blogging. Just last weekend I met two bloggers that live nearby for lunch - we hadn't met before only talked on Twitter and blog comments. It was fun!

  32. There are some bloggers near me, but I haven't met any of them yet. I've been blogging for almost two years!

  33. Stopping by from Friday Follow and No, I haven't met any bloggers.

  34. I'm a new follower. My 3 year old asks if I'm going to blog about stuff all the time! lol But I've never met a fellow blogger before.

  35. I think there is a blogger that lives in my town but I don't know her. so no.

    And I"m your new follower through follow friday!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  36. I know of some bloggers in my area but have never met them personally. We do communicate by email. Thanks for supporting Friday Follow. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita @ http://one2try.blogspot.com/

  37. Thanks for following me, I am now following you from FF!
    I know of some bloggers that live somewhere around here, but I don't know any of them. I do have a really good friend who also blogs..so that's a lot of fun!

  38. Hi!
    Stopping by from Fri Follow to say Hi!
    Im a follower so I'll be back to read more!

  39. I have a few that are in the same state but they are several hours away

  40. Hey There! Im a new follower from Friday Follow. I hope to see you around my blog sometime! And please feel free to check out my most recent giveaway for Crazy Dog Tshirts, and a $25 Walmart giftcard!
    Take care.
    -Amanda T


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