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Friday, July 31, 2009

Aloha Friday#18 -Fascinating Characters

Are you attracted to some fascinating Character in a movie, So much that you just need to watch it over and over again....just to daydream it's you in the movie with the Character....tell me who is it?
It's okay to daydream I have had quite a few. Let's see here a list of a few; Charles Bronson...Robert Wagner.. James Bond 007...Batman (Bruce Wayne).. Christopher Reeves(as Superman or any other movie he stared in)... Edward Cullen...... Yes and Jack Sparrow. Must be a theme here; danger and intrigue. The other side of me,lol.

Now tell me yours.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

If I Could blog Back Time-Date Character

So here it is: while in Las Vegas we were walking to the Mirage, when behold there he was Jack Sparrow or was it John Depp? Anyway he was standing right out side Treasure Island, and why wouldn't he be, he's always looking for the treasure. I quickly got out my camera, it was around my neck, and snapped the shot. As I posted in a "GoWestMyFriend" Post I wanted to see Him on this trip. However I thought it would be at Universal Studios. Who knew he would be waiting for me in Vegas. Well that's the story. Now it is time for:

Today's Topic is: Worst Dating Disasters
I have always been attracted to characters like Jack Sparrow. I do not know why, must be some gene/hormone in me. So as a teen I dated many Characters. Back then (1960's) we had The Hells Angels and the Hackers, they were rivals. They seems to always hang out at my high school. There was one hacker named Pilgrim, I know a popular name in the biker world. He seem to like me, so his group followed me home. I guess he called this a Date, I called it a Nightmare!
My Parents were not home, My girlfriend and I were hanging out of my room window. Oh yes that's right out of the window. Isn't that what girls did? So, Pilgrim and his Boys were on their bikes and stopped at the house. Asked if we could come with them. I wasn't really keen to the idea, but thought if I ask my older brother, He would differently said NO, once he saw his looks! Somewhat like Jack Sparrow. But to my surprise my Brother said that would be okay!! So off we went.
Once at their House the drinks came out and guys started saying things like...No going back now, come on you belong to us now, we'll have a great time.. and so on. I really wanted to, at the point, go home, just a few block away was my home. They all had Guns and riffles, so the plan to walk out was out the window. isn't that what got me into this mess?
Unbeknown to me my middle brother, the one with the sense, had followed on his bike and left to call my Mom. So not too long there was my Mom banging at the Front door. Telling the guys to open it up. She knew Pilgrims name and call it out. The other guys where concerned about that fact. So, my girlfriend and I left with my Mother. Walked Home and never was approached by Pilgrim and his group again. I believe my Mom threatened them.
Yes is was embarrassing to be rescued by Mom. The Neighbors were shock that she would do that. However we all survived and I was grounded for a long time, along with my girlfriend. We never talked about it again for some years. I think it came up sometime in 1990 and we all laughed about it.
My dating Days are over, married now. Not to a Jack Sparrow, boy My Mom was glad about that! My advice to other girls today JUST SAY NO! Stand up for yourself, and don't hang out windows.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WW #17- Yep, I Did! But Where Did I?

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Stay tune for tomorrows Post. Details to following.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

A little about -At Home with Auntie E

I became an Aunt in 1978 my older brother had a baby boy. I went to spend some time with them just before the birth and during the birth. That little boy did not make it to his first birthday. I was very sadden at this event. My husband and I tried to have a child but I was never able to carry to full term. In 1982 my middle brother had a baby girl. Then in 1984 my baby brother had a baby girl. After that there were four more boys and one more girl born into my family clan. All the children called my Aunt E. Now in 2004 one of the girls had a baby boy and that made me a Great Aunt. That little boy, I call Critter , calls me Auntie E. I am not ready to be called Great Aunt E yet, so this names suits me fine.
I started writing this Blog during the time I was with Critter. He loved to visit me at my home. My Mother had just passed away and I was feeling low. So I originally named the blog "2 Good 2 Bee". It represented the way I was feeling about life. I blogged about my life with out Mom, and most of the time things I would of talked to Mom about. Eventually the blog changed, I was starting to talking about Critter , his visits and time sent with him. That made me rethink the Blogs' name, I changed it to" At Home with Auntie E" at that point. Life Goes on after loss.
At this point I have Posted 108 articles on this blog. It has really help me in dealing with the death of Mom as well as viewing new life in the Children eyes. Life is good, I hope to have many more things to share from my home.
I was on vacation when I published the 100th Post. So, I thought I would introduce the blog to many of my followers. This blog have evolved into Publishing life as I see it, traveling through life with my eyes wide open so not to miss out on the happiest moments. From my Home to your I wish you all many more years to blog and surf others.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Lodging.

Our first stop was Colorado. We stayed with friends, Deb and Troy. They posed and wanted me to tell you, their little fixer upper was great.
As you can see we had plenty of space and the outdoorsy feeling was truly great.

So now that the laughs have stopped (they are truly Jokesters) Here is the real Log home. We really enjoyed ourselves with them. They have a lovely home. Plus a wonderful sound system. Listening to music every night. Hubby and Troy picked up where they left off some 30 years ago. I thought they grew up,Hehehe.

Next stop LasVegas. We stayed at the Venetian. I really loved this place it reminded me of Venice Itlay.

Our trip took us to Legency Bed and Breakfast. The owners were friends of my Moms'. We decided to stay with them on our Grand Canyon part of the trip.

We stayed in the Route 66 Room and my Dad stayed in the Virginian Room
Breakfast was good and different each day. We had dinner twice with them. the food and lodging was great.

Once we dropped Dad off to the Vegas airport, the family continued to Camp Pendleton, California. We stayed at the New South Mesa lodge.

The view and room was great. We could see the Ocean and had plenty of space in the room. Breakfast was not so good. A lot of pastries with no taste and the coffee was terrible. So we did not eat there much.

Drove back to Vegas and Stayed at the Excalibur.

as you can see it is a Castle looking hotel.The outside is impressive with it's Castle and Moat Glandular appearance.

Once we arrived the knights were not friendly. We sat in our car waiting for asistance in parking and luggage. They assisted the cars behind us. Got out of the car an stood there for 5 minutes. Finally decided to get our own luggage carrier, we loaded all our luggage on it and started to push it when a valet came over and told us we could not do that. Then finally they took our car and luggage. On our way to the room there was a stripper/pole dancer in plain view, we ask if there was another way to the room and to the pools and was told no you have to go through the casino/ club area. As to the rooms, all I can say is if you want to stay in a turn of the century castle with a 50's feel and in a 50's-60's room this is your place! There was only a shower and the water did not drain at all. When you picked up the phone, one of the option was "if you want a room change press 3". The TV was ready to fall over and was an old large tube one with hole in the case. Picture very grainy. Smoke filled hallways and lobbies. This was the worst place we stayed at!! We did not stay very long in that place, one night only to sleep with eyes wide open!
early morning we were out, did not stop for anyone, run out, got car and drove away! Never looked back!

Next stop Bloomington Minnesota. We stayed at the Cambria Suites. A lovely place, much better then the last one. The suite had it own tv room with a couch and chair. I really liked that. Down time watching a Flatscreen large TV. The sleeping area was spacious and had a flat screen TV also. Every thing was modern even the bathroom was great.

In all having only one bad place was not a disaster. We only had to stay there one night.
All the other lodging were great!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"GoWestMyFriend" Monday update

This GoWestMyFriend vacation is coming to an end. We have been to Colorado, Nevada, Arizona , California, and a Mystery State( soon to be revealed). We have stayed in Old and New Hotels, a Bed and breakfast Inn, and a Military facility. Our flights have been on two different airlines, through Five different terminals. Oh and we needed to buy more luggage to get everything back home. Eating out has been interesting to say the least.We have eaten in a vineyard, on a riverbank, in the Grand Canyon, and in the parking garage at the airport. Restaurants on Route 66, in theme Parks and Malls. Rented a Car and drove over 2000 miles in the desert in 115+ heat. Learn a lot of things to help us in our next long term trip. All of these things I will be sharing as the summer continues. some I have already shared and some I am saving for my return.
We have really had a lot of fun. Even traveling with A Teen has not be bad, although the texting and computers and cell phones have kept her in touch with boyfriend and friends. She got homesick into the second week! Well now she is ready to return, already making arrangements with friends. As for me; I could keep going to places. I really like this traveling,hehehe, No housework or cooking!! Shopping and sight seeing. Okay off to the Stores now, More shopping.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Aloha Friday#16 -Returning

Aloha Friday's a Day to take it easy, to visit other blogs and answer simple questions.
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I am on Vacation, Now in California. We started out in Colorado,then to Las Vegas, picked up Dad at Airport and Drove to Arizona. Then we took Dad back to Airport and Drove to California. Today we will Drive back to Las Vegas and Tomorrow we will take a Plane to a surprise Location. While we are on this vacation I Revisited places a visited as a Child and Young Adult. Most of the places I visited really changed! Some Remained the same. Today's Question is:

Ever Revisited a Vacation place later in life? What did you find, was it the same or different? Were you Pleased or disappointed?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WW#16- A Rare Sighting

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This was a wild bird that one rarely see in the wide open spaces. While in the Grand Canyon I was able the get a sighting and Photograph a California Condor. Please Click on the photo for a larger view. You will be able to see his wing number. They only inhibit in the Grand Canyon area. It is rare to see one for there are not not many in existence in the wild. As of April 2009, there are 322 condors known to be living, including 172 in the wild. They have the largest wingspan of any bird in North America. The life span is 50 years and the most interesting thing to me is their skin color changes with their mood! I sure would not want to meet one with a RED Head!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grand Canyon views-"Go West My Friend"

We are getting ready to leave for California today. They have been having fires and part of the Freeway was closed down yesterday. The Heat here in Arizona is breaking normal records. We have spent our week in the Grand Canyon and some areas has been Cooler for us( temps in the low 90's). It's the 100's that are the hard ones. I have a few photos I will post today as we leave this area.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mines of Colorado

We visited some mines in the Colorado Mountains. Some were old mines of the early 1800 and some where working ones today. The old saying " There's gold in them hills" seem to go through my mind as I took pictures and pondered on the life back then.

The first mine we visited was the Stratton's Independence Mine, the Gold mine. They mined 1,350,000 troy ounce in gold or about 28,000,000 dollars in gold in their time.You can click to enlarge the photo to read more. some of the mine equipment was still intact.

This is the old sorter used to separate the big rocks from little ones. it is one of the original tools.
This is Hubby and Friend, they are taking a closer look at the sorter.

This is the American Eagles Mine. Built in the 1800's mainly for mining Ore. The mine is part of Cripple Creek Mining project sitting at 10,750 feet above sea level. The American Eagles Mine had 3 shafts underground being at 1540 feet below ground by 1902. In that time it was the Deepest Shaft. Ore was struck in abundant in 1936 and the Ore sold for 7 dollars per pound. To learn more click in photo to enlarge.

The mines' old site.

My Daughter is standing next to the wheel the drives the pully system. Just to show how large the wheels are.

The American Eagles Mine is still a working Ore Mine today. Here is a photo of the work going on now.

Monday, July 6, 2009

An Old Fashion July 4th

We spent the Fourth in Colorado. Monument Park was the destination selected. Our process was to pick A place that advertised in the local paper, An old fashioned celebration. since rain was in the forecast we chose a place close to where we were staying. This is a log of the Old Fashion July 4th Celebration we attended. The rain did come, however we managed to leave just before it poured.

In the evening we were able to see the fireworks. We parked in a place were we could see fireworks Display from seven Towns plus the Airforce Academy. at was really great. No music but, maybe next year. All the photos we took did not come out. We are just to far away for the camera viewer. I was able to upload dome photos from local newspapers. Denver Post and the Gazette. this is some like we saw.

"Our Rafting adventure is posted on my Ready 2 Get Fit site, the link in on the side bar" look for the GoWestMyFriend Icon.