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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday Tell All : Update, long time awaiting

Long time since I have given an update. Life has been so busy and a lot has been happening. The Holidays were rough last year.Sometimes things do not go as one wishes.

My Daughter Husband left her in October. It was hard on everyone. Seeing these thing happening and not being able to help your child is hard. Children  Grow up and have to  search their own  self to find out how they are to live. As a Parent letting Go is Hard. We have had to do that. It is a process, we are  learning as we go. Moved her out of the apartment this past week. Another Chapter is starting for her and us.

My Brother who had ALS was on Vacation in Virginia  in December. The Lord decided to take him home while they were there. It was  hard  on the family. We knew his Days were numbered.  Never thought he would leave us so fast. The family decided to  get through Christmas and then have the  final good bye. I had my Older brother come here for the funeral. He is  living in Ohio.  Of course it was during the snow season. So the trip was rough getting him here.  He stayed through the New Year due to the weather. We could not get him back. Airports where closed due to snow storms.

My Dad had a Doctors appointment in February. So we heading to Virginia for a few weeks. Yes we had snow storms even then. Once we got at the Virginia house  we learned that the Geothermal unit had caught fire. Causing it to not be working.  The house was 54 degrees. We had to use electric heater to stay warm. It took a few day to repair it. We were able to  get some more work done in the attic and some cleaning done.  My  other brother help repair a  roof that needed support. Dad got a  Good report from the Doctor. He is doing well  with the diabetes, numbers our looking good. His kidneys are showing improvement also.

I Got back to Maryland in March. Just in time for my daughter Birthday. We were able to celebrate the weekend of her birthday. Then we had to start cleaning and moving out the  apartment stuff in West Virginia.  Rented a storage facility and a truck to move her. Days of cleaning and fighting the weather. She was living  one and a half hours from us. Finally out of the place. Today I just  finished  having things  turned off. So much to do when moving out of a place.

 It is April now and we are getting ready for tax season for business  and home. Plus I do my Fathers. So I am still busy. We did get to spend Easter with the  Family. Went to the Fort for Easter Brunch and got to  attend church together. Was a nice time.

Like I said it has been a busy time  since I last wrote here. We are planning a trip in the Next  Few months to Virginia and North Carolina. So the summer traveling will be starting soon. Plus I will be doing some yard work preparing for the summer months.  I am looking forward to sitting out and enjoying the summer time.