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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forever Young?

c John Wagner
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Here is a question for you...... How Old Do You Feel?
In this century it seems that we hear all kinds of things. I remember My Grandmother on my Fathers side, saying" Act You Age". She use to say it to my Granfather. They Both have passed on, however those words stayed with me.
Here I am in my late fifties, however I do not feel like or act like that age. According to my grandmother measurement of age I think I would hear her words. I think I feel like I am in my thirties, and sometimes in my twenties. At time I wish I could just go back to that time.

Perhaps it's the music, a piece of clothing, a movie, or a smell in the air. Whatever it is, my mind will retreat to that time in my life. For that moment in time I feel young again. Do you think that is what keeps us young?

I have read where it is thought that keeping the mind working and learning new things keeps us young. There are so many fifty and sixty year old doing all kind of new things. Somethings that the teens like to do. Then the teens are wondering why these older folks are there. Oh they will find out later in life. We are as old as we let ourselves be. I Love that commercial that has the college boy saying " I moved back home ......, And my parents went to bed early and did not leave me any dinner, this is not what I expected..... get older to not fun......." Meantime the commercial show the parents out partying! OH YEAH I LOVE THAT.... The boy thinks they are asleep in their room. Now that being young again.

Well, all I can say is feeling young will keep us living longer. I have a 94 year old Granny, from my mothers side, and she is always saying "I can still dance and do not feel old". Now that's how I want to be in my 90's!

Now is is time for you to answer the Question..... How Old Do You Feel?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WW- Photo Journey of Summer

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A continuous photo look at our summer ....

Above, Family and friends at Water Country USA
Below, the Wave pool....

The Summer time night sky

Our cool pool for the high heat days!

Our Blueberry Breakfast Bake
for recipe see side bar, Auntie E's Kitchen

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday News.. A Quiet one.

Well we really did not do much over the weekend. Daughter was not happy, she is one teen that love to be going out or busy.

Hubby did work on the side of the house. He is upgrading the walk. Taking it easy and doing a little at a time.

Daughter went out driving a little, she is getting ready to take that drivers test. Friday she was out with the driving instructor, learning how to parallel park. Doing pretty good. Friday She drove to her friends house with me in my car. She did well. Saturday she drove a lot with her Dad and praticed the parking. Sunday she went out with her Dad on the highway. Also working on her photo techniques. Was working on night shots and day airplane one. I am sure she will be posting them on her blog( link on bottom of this page).

As for me I went swimming, Cooked breakfast, made lunch and dinner all weekend. I am reading my Kindle also. Love the Times magazine. Been reading about Murdoch and his dilemmas with the Britain government. My Dad use to work fior the Fox network, so I find his climb to the higher levels in Media interesting. One thing I like about the Kindle is the delivering of the magazines early. the one I was reading is dated for the 26 of July. They are delivered to the Kindle on the Sunday before. I have a few books I am reading on my Kindle.Will be doing some reviews on them soon.

Sunday I watched some Mystery Movies. I really like mysteries. Hallmark channel seems to have Music problems. One thing I do not like is that the music is too loud for the movie. We try to adjust the sound however nothing we did seem to help. It is only on that Channel.

Well that was my weekend. I will be posting photos on Wednesday this week. Be sure to stop by to see the progress of the walk. Also I posted the recipe for a breakfast dish I made over the weekend. it is on the Kitchen site. Hint do you love blueberries?

So how was your weekend?

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday News..A Couple Busy Weekends.

Well I should say that my household has been on the move!! For the 4th of July weekend it was off to Chesapeake, Virginia. We left on Saturday. The drive was long and we even went the back route. It seems with the new GPS map system, folks have forgotten about the back routes. I learned how to read a map in the 1970's. thank god I did! This is one thing I should teach my daughter,now that she is learning to drive. After standing in traffic for about 30 minutes, we pulled out the atlas and found a different way. Oh yes I had to turn off the GPS, our guide kept trying to turn us around. She would be constantly saying... turn right, turn left turn right..., turning us around. We just would say, do not pay attention to that Lady in the box,hehehe. I turned it to map mode to stoop the talking directions.

We stopped at Shoneys in Tappahannock to eat. My phone rang and it showed my Granny was calling. You remember her, 93 years old still living. Yes She has a Cell phone. It was however my Grandpa, he is in his late 80's, he wanted to know where we were. He wanted us to help repair his computer when we arrived. Now those are some mod grandparent! That's must be how you stay young forever!

The weekend was a very busy one. Once we arrived, we took dad out to dinner at Texas Road House. Then off to see a movie. we saw "Mr Poppers Penguins". I really enjoyed that show. I wonder how they got those many penguins to act like that. that is one DVD we will have to get.

On Sunday we went to the Water park. there we hooked up with Critter and the family. What a fun day! Critter now 7, kept me hopping. We played in the wave pool, and walked to the Huba Huba Highway. The latter is a moving current river.

Critter loved that one. after a long day there. We headed be to Dads.

Monday the 4 of July we went to Williamsburg to enjoy a great dinner and shop to old town. Later we met up with Critters family and waited to watch the fireworks. However it was rain out. A big thunder storm came through. We all sat in the van and talked. we did have a great time even with out fireworks.
So I will post one from our Pennsylvania trip.

Last weekend we worked out in the yard. Swam in the pool and just hung out. the weather here has been rainy and hot. Our pool has been filled by Mother Nature. We have some white frogs that live up by the pool. Yesterday we saw where they are living. Very interesting Frogs.
My theory is that they are being bleached my the pool chemicals. However my daughter did some research and found out they are indigenous to the area.

We also watched a 3D movie on our New TV. It was called "Yogi Bear" . I remember as a child watching yogi and boo-boo on the TV. Loved that show. The movie was great and we loved the 3D view.

So how was your weekend?

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I add this post to Blue Monday this week, you can see more Blue Photos at Smiling Sally Smiling Sally is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I wish her well and pray she return soon to her blogging and home. Her granddaughter are posting Blue Mondays for her and keeping us updated.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Questions- Celebration time....

It is time for the yearly celebration of our Nations' Liberty. The Fourth of July, a day we flock to the parks and enjoy family, friends, Music and Fireworks. This year we are going to celebrate in Williamsburg, Virginia. Now how authentic is that! We went a few years ago and really enjoyed the activities. It was like stepping back in time. I am looking forward to revisiting that feeling this year. I will be posting on my "Auntie E's On The Go" blog, a real time photo story blog ( see link on side bar).

Here the question for you:

How do you celebrate your Nations Liberty Day?
Share with me a memorable time.

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