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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Questions- Celebration time....

It is time for the yearly celebration of our Nations' Liberty. The Fourth of July, a day we flock to the parks and enjoy family, friends, Music and Fireworks. This year we are going to celebrate in Williamsburg, Virginia. Now how authentic is that! We went a few years ago and really enjoyed the activities. It was like stepping back in time. I am looking forward to revisiting that feeling this year. I will be posting on my "Auntie E's On The Go" blog, a real time photo story blog ( see link on side bar).

Here the question for you:

How do you celebrate your Nations Liberty Day?
Share with me a memorable time.

This is also part of Aloha Friday Post participation.
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  1. We will be heading up to our family's lake place to celebrate with family and friends.

    My favorite memory is when we were kids and would get to sit outside watching the fireworks across the river.

  2. Williamsburg for fireworks sounds so nice! We spend our holiday at my parents lake house and see fireworks over the lake.


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