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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forever Young?

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Here is a question for you...... How Old Do You Feel?
In this century it seems that we hear all kinds of things. I remember My Grandmother on my Fathers side, saying" Act You Age". She use to say it to my Granfather. They Both have passed on, however those words stayed with me.
Here I am in my late fifties, however I do not feel like or act like that age. According to my grandmother measurement of age I think I would hear her words. I think I feel like I am in my thirties, and sometimes in my twenties. At time I wish I could just go back to that time.

Perhaps it's the music, a piece of clothing, a movie, or a smell in the air. Whatever it is, my mind will retreat to that time in my life. For that moment in time I feel young again. Do you think that is what keeps us young?

I have read where it is thought that keeping the mind working and learning new things keeps us young. There are so many fifty and sixty year old doing all kind of new things. Somethings that the teens like to do. Then the teens are wondering why these older folks are there. Oh they will find out later in life. We are as old as we let ourselves be. I Love that commercial that has the college boy saying " I moved back home ......, And my parents went to bed early and did not leave me any dinner, this is not what I expected..... get older to not fun......." Meantime the commercial show the parents out partying! OH YEAH I LOVE THAT.... The boy thinks they are asleep in their room. Now that being young again.

Well, all I can say is feeling young will keep us living longer. I have a 94 year old Granny, from my mothers side, and she is always saying "I can still dance and do not feel old". Now that's how I want to be in my 90's!

Now is is time for you to answer the Question..... How Old Do You Feel?

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  1. Good question..long answer lol. I am also in my 50s. Physically, there are days I feel many, many years older due to complications of 5 spinal operations. However, mentally, I feel like I am in my late 20s/early 30s, which were the best times of my life.

  2. OH, this is a tough one...
    I would normally say I feel like I am in my early 20's...
    BUT, with my stepsons here, they have been giving me a run for my money...
    So, at this moment...
    I feel like I am in my 70's!
    I am only 31

  3. First off thanks for stopping by. How old do I feel? Actually it depends what day it is. Due to medical problems there are days I feel like I'm 110 yrs. old, but there are days I look in the mirror and I see me when I was in my early 30's so in my mind yes that's where I'm at in my 30's. The happier times of my life was late 30's early 40's and I'm still there. That's when my life did an about face when I met my soulmate.

  4. I think I feel younger than I am because I get shocked whenever I hear my actual age or see someone who is my age or younger and I think they look ancient.

    Have a great Friday!

  5. Aloha from Hawaii!!! New follower here via the blog hop.... Hope you have an amazing weekend!!! :) - http://www.OliviaBlueMusic.com/

  6. I feel like a teenager many times, or just like a little girl.
    Now a mid aged woman.

  7. I definitely don't feel my age, and often shock myself when I do think about how old I am. ;) Luckily people always mistake me for 10-15 years younger than I am, so I must be doing something right...or maybe I'm just not acting my age. ;)

    Aloha: Back to School Shopping - Let the Foraging Begin!

  8. I feel younger than I am...I guess that's a good thing! :)

  9. Im in my late 20s....I feel super young except when I try to go without enough sleep. I can't do that very well anymore! :/

  10. I don't feel as old as I am but definitely older than last year! :-)

    Aloha - Kailani
    An Island Life


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