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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time to travel: Headed Northeast

For this trip we will be headed up North. Covering the northeastern states, along the coast line and inlet to the mountains.
First stop will be Andover Massachusetts. 30 miles west of Boston,this town is a small one with a population of about 9,000.
I like the smaller towns as well as the city. Each one has it charm. Traveling by car will give us a chance to cope out the area.
The next stop will be Prospect Harbor Maine. A quaint town in the Acadia Forest. We will be stay at a B&B that was built i the 1800,s and was a place for the elite to visit and watch the ocean front.
We will spend a day in Bar Harbour. Plan on Whale watching and enjoying the views and food. This will be our 36th Wedding Anniversary so,we are eating at a place with a water view and great local catches. Will be meeting up with family who are also traveling in the area.
The next day Onto New Hampshire and Vermont. Never been to those places. this will be a great place to see the covered bridges and great history of the area. After a week there, we will head to  Saracuse, New York. There is a great resturant we are eager to eat at.
All our adventures will be posted here on this blog. Maybe even a couple on the On the Go blog in real time. be sure to follow to see the shares and details of our trip.