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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Empty Nest Syndrome : Sewing Returns With Help!

With my daughter off to College, I have decided to pick up the craft of the Thread and Needles. One thing I really enjoyed doing was Sewing, needle point, knitting and quilting. Even though I did do some Quilting with my daughter, she wasn't into the Sewing thing.

I decided to rekindle the Sewing part of my past. In  recent times I have made some Costume for Critter and Daughter. However the clothing was something that really stop when my daughter no longer wanted to wear dresses and home made things.  You know the tweens years. Everything was black with little color.

I can remember making dresses for her and my niece Diana, what a joy. With today clothing cost so high , it is time to start again. So, I finally ordered a Dress Form. Have always wanted one, never was able to afford it. Or maybe just thought it was a luxury. Either way never purchased one. Today I made the decision to buy one.

My daughter will be in a Wedding and I had to , of course, order a Dress that was larger than her measurements. That means it will need to be altered. Felt like that is something I am really able to do. The problem is she is , as many of you know, away in college. This makes is difficult to tailor the Dress. Now with the Dress Form I will be able to Tailor it with out her being here. Of Course that will save money  in the future and it might even be cheaper than have it altered by a dress maker.

Recently  I was with the Bride when they told her the alteration would be around 300 dollars. The dress was under 600.00. That meant almost half  the cost to do the alteration and we are only talking about Hemming!  Maybe I should get back in the alterations business again.

Well there you have it, My sewing days have returned. Stay tune to see what  turns out in the near future.