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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cyber Bulling at the WorkPlace

It is so hard now a days with all this social media connections. Workers have found a new way to harass  follow workers. There are many ways to control this. However, most workers fear job retaliation if they block the boss or worker.

My thought is  do not have office workers as Followers or Facebook Friends. We use to  go to work and leave all the work saga in the office. Now it goes home with us by means of the Internet. So, by not having them as friends or followers they go home to there domain and you to yours. With no 24 hours monitoring.

I also think that one needs their own space to interact in things that interest them with out comments from the office. When Managers start Stalking your Social Media pages leaving comments about office stuff, that is just meddling and  is verging on Cyber stalking or Bulling. Come on folks you need to not be obsessed with that. By the way it is a criminal offense in the United States!

Many folks have side businesses as well as a corporate job. One  does as a  start up hoping to some day be able to make a living just doing what they Love.  There is nothing wrong with that. I would say over 50% of American hold down two jobs, Just to make ends meet. This is the American Way and Right. No longer can a institution dicate to you that you can not work another job. Those times of Slavery has ended. No job holds Sole Ownership of a person in America!

So, If you are one that is being Cyber stalked or one that is The Stalker, Take action. Being Stalked, Unfriend them, Block them or Report them. What ever action you need to take.  Now if you are the Stalker, Stop and think How would you like to be Monitored 24/7? Do you think it will make the work place enviroment any better, Or the relationship with your workers better? You need to let them have their life outside of the work place and stop the madness. Just do not join groups or friend pages of workers. Make it a point not to look at what they are doing out side work. In other words Mind your own business and leave your workers alone. Make it a policy you have that you do not have worker associates as friends in you Social Media world.

Workers and Managers do what we use to do before Social Media....... Ask what did you do yesterday, last night , over the weekend. We use to talk about the things at work and not have everyone know everything in real time! This social Media can be great but also a curse.

In Closing, Just think about how it affects you in your life. We do not need more stress that last 24/7! there needs to be down time to do want we like without others from the work place Meddling.