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Sunday, December 16, 2012

So, When It Rains it Pours.....

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer and Peace. Family together and enjoying the sounds and spirits of the seasons. Well my came to a screeching halt. It went like this........

Thanksgiving had my Dad and family here, it started out great. Family, Food and Fun. Then we packed the car to take my daughter back to college. All in the car ready to go, opened the garage door and then turned the key........ No starting up the car. Not sure what was going on. Had to change cars and take the four wheel drive, unpack and repack the cars. Now we ran into snow so we thought it was a blessing that the other Car had broke down.

Once we got back, found out it was the battery. We replaced it and then my headlights shorted out. I replaced them. Now we did some decorations and got ready to take Dad back to Virginia. I spent a week there.

While at Dad's Granny and Grandpa were to move to Arizona. Grandpa was trying to ship the Car. That was a nightmare. Meanwhile he lost his phone charger and we need to try to find one. However the are not available except thought the phone company and would take 7 days to get. So Dad and I figured out how to rig one up for him. Now Grandpa, five day late leaving and two airplanes cancelled, decided to drive the Car to Raleigh North Carolina to be shipped out, and catch a flight out there. Once there he found out it would cost more, so they decided to drive to Arizona. A 95 year old and 87 year old and a Cat, it took them  days to get there.

Now I stayed at Dad for over a week. Help him with something at the house. Hubby was not feeling well. He had started to have a therapy on his hand.  The pain in the hand was getting worst. Went to a couple doctors, all said he just needed some more therapy. By the time I got home it had gotten worst. We ended up going to the ER and he had emergency surgery. Turns out that the hand had a bacteria infection that was very rare. Called Nocardia, So now it is six days later and he is still in the hospital.

I had to go pick my daughter up from College and while there I had a card decline. When I return home the next day, there was a message that the card had been compromised. So the account was closed.

It has been one thing after another. Not sure why all this is happening now. I only know " When it Rains it Pours..."

However I am still planing to have a Disney Vacation Holiday. Hubby might have a pic-line but we will have a wheelchair and enjoy the time together. And I will be the Caretaker once more during the holidays! Oh Lord just take all this and solve all the things, so we can celebrate this time together.

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