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Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday News--A New Year....New Beginnings

 With the New year Comes new postings. Since the Kids are growing up and no longer wish to be highlighted on this blog, the format will change. This New Monday post will be about my week in review. However I will start this one with my year in review. So many thoughts of how to continue this home blog. Look for a new format and design to follow. Will be working on that, need to also work on a new widget. New things to come for a New beginning.

With a New year upon us comes New Beginnings. We look forward to great new experiences.  There are Babies on their way and New folks that we meet. My hope is that this year will be a great experience.

Two Thousand Twelve was a rough year. In that year our daughter graduated high school and went off to college. Hubby had so many surgeries, and some major infections. Health wise it was not a good year for him. We were told we would have to relocate to a different state. I started having ocular migraines.  Thinking that I am so happy that year is behind us.

What to look forward to.... In the New Year Hubby found out the new relocation date is beyond his retirement year. So that means we will not have to move. His health is under control now and he is making the decision no more  surgeries. Although he is still under the care of the Infectious Disease Association doctors care. Will be for the next year, however that is a good thing. My Daughter is starting to grow up. She has a lot of new things beginning in her life.  With all things comes new experiences. Some would say a new chapter in ones life. My hope is that this new chapter will be a pleasant reading one.

We have so much to be thankful for. To be alive in Two Thousand Thirteen is so surreal. Being a Kid in the Nineteen sixties I never thought much about this year date. We just were wishing to make it to  year Two Thousand. Now I look forward to more years. Think I will make it to Two Thousand Fifty? I am planning on it. Granny is now ninety-five and still going. Hoping is it in the gene poll for me.

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