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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday News- Weekend with Daughter

So, this weekend we went to see our daughter at the University. It was Parent and Friend weekend. She has been at the University since the end of August. Never knew I would miss her so much.

You know how the teens go... when it is time for them to leave for college, we parents are eager to have the house quiet again. Then the silence isn't as golden as we thought. However they have to grow up.

She is having a hard time with her Room mate. However being an only child and not having to ever share a room with some one can make it  rough when you have to at her age. If your value system is not the same it can be a really hard time. I hope and pray she will be able to work out an  agreement with her room mate. But perhaps a third party will have to assist them in an agreement.

I remember having to share a  room and house with another girl. Being the only girl in my family it was a  difficult task.  Had to just work it out until I could get a place of my own. That was the light in the tunnel for me.

We did get to meet some parents of one of her floor friends. They seemed very nice, We hope to work out a car pool for the girls to go to and from school on the breaks. The drive is about 5 hours for us both.

There was a Pet parade in the town. I posted some photos on my On the Go  blog. We saw some really strange things. The town center is a very small place, about three blocks long. The university and town is very hilly so we walked a lot. Hubby had a hard time. We really should have taken the wheelchair. He just can not take the walking.

So how was your weekend? Anything interesting in your neck of the woods?

Here's a blue note for you. My daughter and her friends all in blue at the University.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your blues. College is a big adjustment--for parents and for "children." I think that most struggle with roommates.

    I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday, E.

  2. sharing a room,we had to share growing up,there is eight in our family,sharing was just life...hope it works out for the roomies.

  3. You never know how much you will miss someone until they are not around anymore. In time, things will work out.

  4. For me it is hard to share one room with somebody you really don't know much. But for sure they will adjust to each other kids are flexible. ^_^


  5. Beautifully captured.

    Catching up with Blue Monday.
    It would be great if you can comment on My BLUE as well. Thanks!

  6. This post is so sweet! Nice photos too :) I would appreciate if you can visit mine too My Blue


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