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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Voting Day= a Party vote or not

So this is the Day that one gets to put their two cents in. I love that we are able to vote on items in our nation and state. As a young girl in the 1960, the thought of voting did not mean too much. Guess the thought that one could change something just wasn't in the teen mind. I think times have changed. In this century it seems that the younger voters are realizing they can put their ideas and thought out there.

This is a season of changes in the voters mind. Just think we are a nation of are you Democrat or Republican. However that mind set is changing. One might be one party affiliate but vote another. This is what I feel is the right of the people. We are starting to look at the person and not the party. A good thing in my opinion. The Right the Left are not assured in the century. One can not predict the outcome based on the voters registration affiliate.

So, I have a question for you all..... Did you vote your Party Affiliate? Please do  not post who you voted for or what your Party affiliate is, just if you stayed true to party or voted outside of the party.

As you me I did not vote my party, I voted based on the people and issues that were important to me and seem to be important to the candidate.

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