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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday News- Holiday Times

It has been an emotional few weeks for us. However we are doing better now. The election is over, decisions have been made in my family and I think I am doing better with the upcoming changes.

It is now time to get ready for the holidays. Decorating and cooking are on top of my list. I also have a few gifts to make. We have a new Baby in the family on the way and I am looking forward to Meeting him. Thanksgiving is the holiday I am preparing for now.

Going to get my Dad and looking forward to having him with us. I wish he would live closer. However I love the time I have with him. We will be having my daughter back from college for the holiday. Loving that! Then we are going to have Critter and his family with us. Oh I am so excited about all of this. Even though, I am cooking the time will be great with them.

 I will be sharing the recipes on my Kitchen Blog and family moments on this one. The Review blog will have some new additions. And I will be sharing the healthier side of things on the Living Healthy with Auntie E site. For those following my garden blog.. we will be sharing the yard decorations. I will still be blogging in my  Health Journal , although that one is like a diary of my weight journey. So I think the time is back to blogging. As the time becomes colder and the winter storms are great, Blogging will be my outlet.

So, Hope you will be able to stop by and sit awhile, Let's share  our Holiday and Winter times.

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