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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Into Change....

CHANGE...... This is the most feared word in Any language. We all like to stay in our comfort zone and just mosey along. For me this a word that I like in some ways and completely fear in other ways.

Let's look at change in clothing. Losing weight opens up a fear of changing the types of clothing one wears. We hide our bodies for years and then there is a more curvy one emerging. What to do, What do we buy , What do we show. These questions all weighing hard on me. For I am a late 50 year old. However do not feel that, maybe around 30.So, do you think dressing 30ish is right?

Next we look at Family Changes. Hubby's health is going down hill. Daughter is looking at a new college life. Driving and moving out of state. Ya the empty nest has arrived. Do I go back to school? Perhaps to update my education. Do I look into going back to work. Then there is my Father...I really want to be with him and support him in his life. Looks like I have a lot to consider.

Right now I am working on Changing the color hue of the Home. Painting the kitchen and then the dinning room. Looking at flooring to change the look. Still deciding what to do with all these rooms. Soon to be empty. Do I get rid of furniture , or just downsize. Hubby wants to buy a new house where ever daughter decides to go to school. Am I ready for that Change?

On to the yard.....A new Rose garden to put in. So many changes to make outside. The porch needs a new color, the driveway needs to be resurfaced, and our Spa house needs painting. Now to decide on the color.

As you can see Change is all around me. And some time I am overwhelmed with it! I need to start this blogging thing again so I can have an outlet to this madness. So, How do you Handle Change?

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