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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ramblings of My Thoughts

I have for some time visited Blogs who participate in this Meme. Today I just wanted to ramble so thought I would join in all the Randomness going on. If you need to read more random thoughts go to TheUnmom

What a weekend I had! daughter not felling well, invited to nieces for a meal, all the saga of that trip, cooking for Rosh Hashana. Attending a small festival, wanting to pick apples...and on and on.
I use to be able to talk to Mom about everything. We just rambled on about the happenings.
Friday started out good. I cooked and cooked. The food was great according to the family. We brought in the Jewish New Year like never before. Change is good and I really need that!
Saturday I was so excited to see my niece. I hadn't seen her new house so that was something I was looking forward to. When we arrived ,my nephew and his wife pulled up be hind us. I was so pleased. Hadn't seen them in a long time. He had some surgery and I was eager to find out about it. I really do not know his wife well,but I was eager to find out about her comings and goings. I thought what a great time I would have. My brother and his younger family arrived. I was not expecting them either. My thought was great I'll get to talk to him finally. I had been trying to talk to him for weeks, he never would return my calls. so I hugged him and said" You need to call me More" in a lighthearted way. He did not take it well and lashed out at me. My heart sunk and I really just wanted to leave. I stayed but did not get to talk with any one like I wanted to. All I really want is for my brother to give me some respect and show he loves me. I do not think I will ever see that.
Daughter was not felling well so no picking apples on Sunday. Hubby and I did go to the end of Summer jam. I got to see people I haven't seen for a year. That was great.
Daughter finally got into see a doctor. I really do not know why I bother to go. They did very little and say she just has a virus. Huh, I knew that! If it doesn't get any better in two week bring her back. Well now I know (the new government medicine rules) if she is sick for longer than two weeks, take her to the doctors.So no school for two days and then back to the books. I am keeping my distance, do not want that virus.
I spoke with Dad last night is was great! I Love talking to him. We could have talked all night. I use to have all nighters with him. Mom would say aren't you to going to bed. I would laugh. I still love talking to him.
Granny took a fall over the weekend. she is doing okay. Did not go to the doctors, I don't blame her.
My baby brother, well he's not a baby, as you can see. Is still struggling in the job market. He is in to every thing. trying New stuff all the time. Now he is looking into selling some kind a new heat pumps. I would like to see more of him but we live so far away.
Oh, my County Taxes are due and now I will have to go pay them. A new building they are now in. I was thinking about joining the indoor pools. since the association is in the same building. that way I can still do my water aerobics in the winter.
thanks for reading this rambling and pertaining to be my Mom. Have a nice day. Oh yeah you can comment,my Mom would.


  1. HA! I have to go pay our auto taxes, so we can renew our tags!! I hate going there!

  2. That is the hardest thing about sick children. If you don't take them, they become really sick. If you do, they don't.


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