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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Game Plan is What?

What a weekend! I started out learning I need to change my view on Solar Power (you can read about that Here). Then I visited the Entrecard blog to find out about the change on the changes. I got upset about not being allow to comment, that got ironed out. My daughter was not thinking right, what happened..Oh yeah she's a teen! I made a great dinner in the slow cooker. No one wanted to eat when dinner was ready, how frustrating is that. I did get the laundry done, listened to the sermon, play a couple games of Scrabble and Uno with the family and managed to put together a porch rocking chair and table. They have been setting in the Garage for only about 5 months! Cleaned out a bedroom for my daughter to have a sleep over, Aren't I a great Mom? Now here comes the game plan.
I need to paint the cleaned out bedroom, sort out the closet , get some thing together for Purple Heart and pay bills. One major thing on my list is to find out who is leaving Entrecard.....I am not sure if All my blogs will remain with them, still sorting that out. I do not want to loose the visitors I have. So If you are considering leaving Entrecard or just would like me to visit your blog, would you please leave your link below. That way I can still visit you and not have to search for hours to find your Blog.

To join us in the blog fun on Mondays go to My Meme Mania. Clara started this one for those to share their accomplishments on Mondays.


  1. I've stopped accepting Ads and have moved the EC widget lower on my blog. I expect that it will be gone next week. Have a great week.

  2. Sounds like you've been very busy! Thanks for joining us.

    I'm going to stick around with Entrecard for awhile. I'm in a wait and see mode. If ads start appearing that I'm unhappy with, I may still leave. But I missed the social parts so much when I left before that I'm willing to put up with the sponsor ads. But I'm NOT paying $50 a year.

  3. I love Entrecards and I hope they don't mess it all up with changes. I will not pay to be in Entrecards. I'm sure most of the people in Entrecards will leave then and I hope someone else will start something else up. I don't even go to my blog roll anymore. I just check out my fav's on Entrecards. It's easy and doesn't take much time. I should collect all my fav's addresses just in case something does happens.

  4. Definitely a great mom! I need to try the slow cooker - I have been frustrated way too often with cooking and having things be ready at the WRONG time... :)


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